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20 Jul, 14 tweets, 3 min read
Instead of wasting even more energy explaining why this out-of-touch former lawyer was wildly off the mark in her advice to young women - let's have a thread of helpful career advice to working mom lawyers (and who knows if we have to limit it to lawyers, tbh). I'll start below.
The best advice, which isn't always feasible, is to work somewhere that values lawyers with families and some semblance of work/life balance.

Inherent in being a lawyer is that your life will be unbalanced at times. There are seasons where your job will take some priority.
But they should only be *seasons* and not permanent. Work somewhere that recognizes that. Talk is cheap - money talks. Work somewhere that is willing to reward achievement with more money.
Have mentors, but have champions and sponsors. Cultivate relationships where people will spend political capital on your behalf. That might mean you have to do it in return, so be willing to stand up for people.
One way to cultivate those relationships is to look out for other people. Be sensitive to politics and give people a head's up on things before they're blindsided (to the extent you can).
I've twice had to lead our HR department in between CHRO hirings, and both during some very turbulent corporate times. It requires admitting that I need to rely on my team to execute things, and to invest in them so they know their work is appreciated.
If you are working in an all-boys-club, to an extent you may have to play the game. Be among them, but not of them. And when you gain credibility and power, that's when you can force changes. Play the long game for yourself and for those who come after you.
As lawyers, we are naturally Type-A and driven individuals. You will feel like you're failing everything, a lot of the time.

You aren't. And you're showing your kids that it's possible to be a badass and a mom at the same time.
As a parent, you will have emergencies. LIFE consists of emergencies and find a way to work with people who understand that. Knowing I can tell my boss, "My son broke his femur; I'll be pretty scarce for a few days while we sort this out," just means one less source of stress.
I'm honest about when my commitments are related to my kids. I don't hide them. I work with amazing female executives in the C-suite who are moms and not only do they understand, they've been confidants, mentors, and supporters.
I purposely haven't said anything about having a partner until now, because I know that isn't the case for everyone. BUT - for many people, it's better to have no partner than one who requires just as much work and emotional labor as your kids.
Having a true supportive partner in this is invaluable, but it absolutely can be done without one.
My last piece of advice, which seems antithetical to this thread I know, is to not take advice from more experienced lawyers as gospel. There are SO many variables at play that works for one person may not for another.
Take advice from people whose careers you admire or want to emulate. Discount advice from those whose lives or careers don't appeal to you. Advice is only worth the quality of the person giving it.

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