When an innocent speechless animal is to abt be k!lled, it witnesses Agony

1. It becomes aware the death is approaching. Tears start Rolling down eyes
2. It keeps a continuous gaze of deep shock
3. The Heart beat increases out of fear
4. The Animal trembles & passes urine. 1/3
5. Then when the blade is kept on its neck, with legs held by the kasai, it experiences the fear of choking

6. Slowly the blade is plunged into the neck and a surge of unbearable pain crushes the soul

7. With Each breath , it suffocates more and the Jet of Blood oozes out
8. While it is in senses, the pain is like operating without an Anesthesia

9. Poor Animal witnesses itself Die slowly as the Heartbeat starts Sinking.

10. The sinking feeling of death & the crushing pain of being Cut Alive cannot Please any one

11. How can this please a God?
Yes due to High Stress, before death the Animal releases various Acids and Toxins which translate into negative emotions captured in Meat.

Such Meat is extremely harmful for the Consumer and then it is said

"We become what we Eat "

Here we r discussing an enmass round the year slaughtr.. we dilute and deviate a topic by bringing in "Whatabouterry".

आखेट by Kings had 2 purpose:
-Practise to be battle ready
-Killing man-eaters & dangerous animals based on Village complaints.

Slaughter is Slaughter. We don't hav right to take away, what we cannot give.
Purpose of Eid Al Adah was that muslim brother sacrifices something dear(tangible/intangible) asset to Allah (swt) as a mark of Devotion

How does a 1hour Purchase become Dear?

@jytkoul ji This Logic is Given by Many not aware of जड़ & चेतन

There is a difference in Killing an Insect unknowingly Vs Killing a Cow Knowingly

The more evolved an organism, the more emotions it has , the more it's actions are tied with Karmic Cycle

• • •

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19 Jul
Today a lady came to us for Maid Job

Wife: ur name
Maid: Kusum
Wife: Where do u live
Maid: Near colony of Kasim Builders
Wife: (Noticed she doesn't hav sindur/mangalsutra)
Wife: Ur Husband name
Maid: Kamal
Maid: (mum)
Wife: How many kids u have?
Maid: 5

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19 Jul
Let's challenge anything that doesn't fit the rationale of Human mind & can't be explained logically.

The Nature/Creation is governed by rules that are woven with logic thru maths&science

Ramanujan once said "an equation is meaningless until it represents the Idea of God"
Einstein once famously said "God doesn't play dice."
Yes it's True. Currently some undiscovered maths/science may be beyond our comprehension, but it certainly does Exist in creation

Dont underestimate the Human mind and Sense Organs. An evolved mind & organs is that of a Yogi
Evolved Sense Organs will help you to find True Evidence the Pratyaksha Pramana tearing thru the Maya.

The concept that was Shown with Neo in Matrix

That's why Santanis have always been Seekers of Pratyaksha Pramana and Not mere Believers of Shabd Pramana
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12 Jun
Ancient Science #मनुSmriti 3.49

•In a Man, more Male Sperms (with 'Y' chromosomes) than Female Sperms (with 'X' chromosms)enhance chance of Boy &ViceVersa for Girl

•Similar chromosomes increase chances of havin "Third S3x"

•Less or unenergetic Sperms don't cause Conception
Y chromosomes are only in Male. Hence Man ONLY is responsible for Boy and Not Wife.

Y chromosomes are Shorter in Length & have lesser life. Hence they need to swim faster to reach Female Ovum

Men with more sperm Motility and high Sperm Count have High chances of having a Boy
Our Ancestors Knew that Only Men are responsible for Male Child, hence the concept of Gotra Came. That's why after marriage a ladies Gotra Changes .

Marrying in same Gotra leads to child abnormalities outcome autism, having Third S3x etc

ManuSmriti 3.5 says on Gotra &Marriage👇🏻
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11 Jun
SANTOSHI MATA is Divine Manifestation by Shree Ganesha & Riddhi/Siddhi

One of the Strongest Forces,
I've seen it Personally many times,
संतोषी माता Fills all the Wishes Fastest.

If u observe, Weekly 16 Fasts,
by 3rd Week u results start 100%


In 1975, Movie on Santoshi Mata was released, despite clash with 'Sholay', it Went on to become Highest Grosser.

Such was the blessing of Santoshi Mata, that it broke all records. No Dharmic movie has come close to such success


Today is FRIDAY & FRIDAY is her Day
She Just needs Jaggery and Chana
As Offering.

जय संतोषी माता।
Any Santoshi Mata Devotees here, can share their Experience.
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10 Jun
Question for All Bollywood Lovers

What is "Common" in all these pics?
Do you see a plot? What is it?

@GemsOfBollywood ImageImage
@GemsOfBollywood @MIB_India @BOC_MIB @PMOIndia @PrakashJavdekar @KapilMishra_IND @DrRPNishank @Rajput_Ramesh @KiritSomaiya @SrBachchan CLICK for Full Pic.

अब भी जिसका खून न खोला,
खून नहीं वो, पानी है
धर्म के अपने काम न आये,
बेकार वो जवानी है Image
Bollywood is Financed by ______??

They are so much in Love with TILAK
that it even showcased Villain
'Christian Bob Christo' with Big TILAK

•While They play with our psyche
•We Pay to be their Target Image
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14 Apr
While Today is Baba Saheb's Birthday

Today 14th April = 1st April (Julian)


Let that Sink in !

(#Thread : Read Slowly Till End)
Most have Heard about MAKAR Sankranti
Sankranti means Transit from One Rashi to Other

There are "12 Sankrantis" in a Year
as there are 12 Rashis.

Today 14th April is "Mesh Sankranti"
Sun Transits from "Miina to Mesh Rashi"
MESH is 1st Month of Solar Year
Ancient Romans , branded Pagans & very similar to Vedic Hindus Worshipped SUN. New SOLAR YR around 1st April was Big EVENT
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