How to Show Your Cards: An Introduction…
We are finally getting to what white supremacists have wanted all along...

To have it accepted that their position is debatable and worthy of consideration.
If you want to know what someone REALLY wants, watch what they do once they feel that they are beyond the reach of criticism or consequence.
The fact that the State of Texas is officially now "both sidesing" the Ku Klux Klan is a direct result of years of mainstream society "both sidesing" fascism.

"Let's just hear them out. They have a right to be heard too!"

We already heard them. And we already suffered for it.
"Eh. It's just Texas" you may say.

However, Texas due to its educational purchasing power, sets the standards for educational materials nationwide.

So expect things that Texas doesn't like to disappear from schoolbooks soon.

Like the Klan being a bad idea.
The rationale behind Abbot's move is gaslighting of the highest order:

1) White people designated other races in America "Lesser"
2) They then enshrined this in law
3) Now teaching that white people invented white supremacy is wrong, because this is is anti-white which is racist
This is the same logic:

1) I steal your wallet
2) You take it back
3) I accuse you of theft because "taking money from someone" is theft. And we all know theft is wrong, so I call the cops and have you arrested.
What is maddening is that most of this country will shrug at best and nod along at worst.

It is infuriating in a way that is difficult to express without setting something ablaze.

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21 Jul
White guilt is useless to Black people. It just centers the feelings of those who cause the harm over those who are being harmed. Black people don't care if white people FEEL bad.

It's the accountability and desire to repair damage done that concerns us.
I was raised in Biblcal scholarship. I've held some of the principles closely (not that they're unique to Christianity at all) but certain truisms rattle around my head even now.

One of those is 2 Corinthians where it talks about the difference between godly and worldy sorrow.
In this context, "Godly" sorrow is how one acts when one truly acknowledges their faults

"Worldy" sorrow on the other hand is shame and guilt and distress that ones actions were exposed.
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21 Jul
Accountability is always derided as "guilting" or "demonization" or "hatred"

The simple fact is that if you do something harmful or continue to benefit from someone else doing something harmful, you recognize it, change and make amends.

Who teaches their kids otherwise?
Someone saying "You hurt me and it's important that you recognize that and make it right" shouldn't be controversial.

The only people who argue about such interactions are those who know they are in the wrong and don't want to acknowledge it.
If calling someone out for their harmful behavior and expecting them to act like an adult about it is some sort of grave insult, then that says more about how that person handles personal responsibility and accountability than it says about the person calling out harm.
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4 Jul
Something something created equal.

Happy Independence Day!
It's kinda tempting to think that this isn't really relevant because it mentions Trump and we have a new President now

But Trumpism continues proudly. Its adherents still run the Legislative branch they tried to destroy six months ago

Trump was a symptom

The disease rages on
Even though the Declaration of Independence was written by genocidal white supremaicists with a penchant for human trafficking, its words speak to a universal truth...

One that its authors didn't actually want applied to them.
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3 Jul
So you want to be able to hit kids cause they make you feel rejected and disempowered?

This is your issue, not theirs. And if violence is the answer to feeling rejected and dusempowered, then the cycle just continues

Cause violence against kids makes them feel like that.
But once again.

I don't "demand to correct behavior" I provide my kids with the information and context they need to correct their own behavior.

Conflict resolution skills, compassion, self-soothing

My youngest is already learning to take deep breaths rather than lashing out.
My children's growth and development isn't about my feelings. It's about them.

They do stuff that upsets or angers me or hurts my feelings, but my job as a parent is to communicate that to them without lashing out at them.

To teach them how to do and be better to everyone.
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1 Jul
Rich people get carrots.
Sticks are saved for the poor.
We have twisted the narrative such that those who work 80 hours a week for a pittance "don't respect and understand the value of money"

While those who have had wealth lavished upon them from birth, understand and appreciate it.

Despite these positions being ass backwards.
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1 Jul
Yep. TONS.

And the rest of this statement doesn't pan out given the evidence.

For instance, evidence shows that giving people in poverty money for free is literally the best way to get people out of poverty.

Likewise homes to the homeless.
Instead though, we as a society are hyperfocused on what we think others DESERVE, (a calculation by the way that is almost always way way off) and instead of doing what works we do what makes us feel better about our preconceptions of worthiness.
What is truly maddening is that many of the solutions to our deepest social problems are incredibly simple.

Like "Wait, that worked?!" simple.

And we deliberately add complexity so that the problem never gets solved, but we feel better about ourselves.
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