On September 11, 2019, I started a petition appealing to NPR to demonstrate greater journalistic integrity in their reportage on Hindus, Hinduism, and India. The petition quickly gained support, reaching nearly 10,000 signatures within a few weeks.

"There are growing and substantiated concerns that NPR reporting and podcasts are distinctly and consistently biased against Hindus and Hinduism. A quick search of “Hinduism” on NPR’s website produces a long list of results that clearly sustains a very particular narrative about
Hinduism. NPR does not even attempt to include a diversity of perspectives or counternarratives in any substantial way.

There is little to no mention or consideration of the massive violence done to Hindus (in India & other parts of South Asia, including Bangladesh and Pakistan)
systemic or historical oppression of Hinduism, or any kind of investigative journalism about the impact and influence of foreign funding on missionaries and jihadists in India."

(The petition's four demands are in the photos.)
A couple of weeks later, I analyzed the comments on the petition, to determine if they were motivated by a "Hindu nationalist agenda" or if petition supporters' requests were reasonable.

I made sure to make my methodology transparent in this report, so that the results could be replicated. No information was obscured.

The results were clear. (See images.)
5 days later, I emailed @NPR both the petition and the analysis. Nancy Barnes, their SVP of News, responded the same day (September 30, 2019) that she and her team took our concerns seriously and were planning on review the issues we had raised. She said this would take time.
It has been 659 days since Ms. Barnes assured me - in writing - that her team was taking our concerns seriously. Despite several attempts to contact her (as she informed me she would be my point person), she has still not responded.
Meanwhile, NPR continues to produce and reproduce the same biased, single story about Hindus & India with no attempt at balanced reporting or alternate analyses.

All in the name of "creating a more informed public."

I think what they mean is "creating manufactured consent."
Now, they're using their platform to promote a bigoted, fragile white, tenured white female scholar who has made a career out of erasing Hindu genocide. WNYC (a member of NPR) corroborates her claim that SHE's under threat. She. Is. A. Genocide. Denier.

As if there is not a centuries'-long legacy of white scholars using their power to demonize, gaslight, erase, lie about, and distort communities and civilizations of color.

As if those communities do not have a legitimate right to call those scholars out.
As if those entitled, fragile colonizing scholars have not demonized the communities that call them out, invoking racist, orientalist tropes and decontextualize reactions that come from understandable rage at the injustice and violence caused BY these scholars.
This scholar's claims of being attacked are "substantiated" by a curation of tweets and reactions that paint the picture that the ONLY Hindu rebuttal to her scholarship is dangerous, violent, etc. She erases or ignores any reasonable Hindu response.
But my analysis shows that the majority of Hindus who responded to the petition are asking for plurality, balance, and inclusion.

SHE is the one who erases and oppresses. SHE misrepresents the truth. SHE justifies colonization.
The only Hindus allowed on these platforms as "reasonable" voices are the ones who align with the Western supremacists and substantiate colonizer scholarship.

Look at the name of the interviewer. It's not shocking - it's how it's always been done.
659 Days, Nancy Barnes and @NPR.

Where is your report? Where is your review? Where is your journalistic integrity? Where is your response to reasonable, thoughtful Hindus who aren't threatening violence?

Which Hindu voices do you hear and amplify?

• • •

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15 Jul
Hindu American community organizations and students who are demonized and erased by the master narrative about Hinduism are troubled and somewhat bemused by the strange field manual from South Asian scholars who have institutional and discursive power and academic security.
Meanwhile, Hinduism’s own dedicated Barbecue Becky, aka South Asia Sally, keeps calling the police on Hindus who are simply asking for a seat at the table.

She reminds everyone that she has Hindu friends who agree with her and say she’s good in order to silence other Hindus.
The fragile, intolerant elitists who make bank perpetuating colonial Indology are acting out because their exclusivity and crappy, racist scholarship is finally being questioned.

They accuse Hindus who call them out of “harassment” and they use racist tropes to legitimize it.
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15 Jul
Imagine - IMAGINE!!! - a white American benefiting off of Black American culture and making a career out of it and refusing to investigate systemic racism in this country. Expecting Black folk to teach it to him and accusing them of spreading poisonous propaganda when they don’t.
It happens right? And people see how wrong it is right? We call that white supremacy right?

This white American man has built a life off of and is benefiting financially and otherwise from yoga while not taking the time to investigate WHY indigenous Hindus argue that …
secularism is actually not neutral and is particularly violent to Hinduism in India while simultaneously categorizing all those decolonial Hindus who problematize secularism and Indology as having succumbed to the “poison” of “nationalist propaganda.”

He expects to be taught.
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12 Jul
This clip is from the 2018 film "The Chaperone". It depicts Louise Brooks' first foray into NYC dance in the 1920s.

I recorded this clip because I was struck by how casually the Nataraja murti appears in the scene, an orientalist inspiration for a progressive dance studio.
1920s India was obviously still very much under the British Raj. This white space, this white story, this white music, and Nataraja is just a decoration in the window.

And then the nasty bullying of @NASA intern Pratima Roy started, and the hypocrisy hit me in the gut.
Progressive, artsy Westerners can whimsically display Hindu murtis as inspiration for their art and work with no expectation of reverence. In fact, Hindus that calls out the irreverence may be called "oppressive."
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30 Jun
How Hindu Genocide Gets Erased: A Master Class at NYU

From July 1 - 3, @nyuniversity is hosting a conference entitled "War, Violence, and Memory: Commemorating 50 Years of the Bangladeshi War of 1971."
Let's never stop reminding the world that before the British partitioned Bharat, what is now Bangladesh was a part of India and that Bangladesh is the ancestral land for many Hindus.
NEVER FORGET that in 1971, the Pakistani Army orchestrated a 10 MONTH CAMPAIGN OF genocide and ethnic cleansing of Bangladeshi Hindus, killing approximately 3 MILLION Hindus, raping 200,000-400,000 Hindu women, and displacing 10 MILLION Bengalis, the majority of whom were Hindu.
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28 Jun
For much of my adult life, the messaging I received from progressive media and ed. spaces convinced me that it would be self-indulgent for me to investigate and narrate the oppression in my ancestral history as the oppression experienced by others in the US was more important….
and Hindu Americans were wealthy, educated, and privileged. It was very easy to believe this narrow story and to be guilted into silence because it is hard and painful work to dig beneath dominant narratives when they are packaged as a moral good.
But I knew deep inside that something was wrong.

The truth of what Hindus have endured (and still do) remains absent from the collective Westernized consciousness, actively buried. It is so immense, so bloody, so horrific, I’m not sure everyone has the strength to handle it.
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27 Jun
I keep seeing people tweeting to not send 🕉 kids to Rutgers because it’s Hinduphobic.

I want to take a look at the logic there for a moment.

Yes, I understand wanting to prevent your child from experiencing the intense gaslighting and bigotry of Hinduphobia

Understanding Hinduphobia didn’t happen because Hindus boycotted Rutgers.

The Student Assembly didn’t ratify the working definition of Hinduphobia because Hindus boycotted Rutgers.

@HinduStudentsC @RutgersHSC
These pioneering steps happened BECAUSE Hindu Rutgers students said, “We’re not gonna take it anymore. We can’t afford to avoid this issue or complain in the shadows.”

Progress happened because of their CONVICTION, their FORTITUDE, their VOICE and their PRESENCE AS 🕉 STUDENTS.
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