Just got this vm: "Good morning. This is [name]. I'm with the federal government at [number]. Thank you. And have a great day. Bye now."

Yeah I think I'll be hiding my caller id when I call you back dude. Nothing smells right about this, but it could also be a squirrelly wber.
LOL it was a squirrelly security officer. So I was close.
The call literally went like this:

Him: Hello this is [name].
Me: Hi, you called me earlier but you left a cryptic message. What agency are you with please?
Him: Who am I speaking to?
Me: Sorry, I'm not going to confirm who you successfully reached until I know who you are.
This went on for a few rounds before he finally gave me enough information to deduce who he was calling from.

• • •

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19 Jul
I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that this lawyer is representing someone besides his client. At first I thought it was a little weird that he made a point of saying that he didn't contribute to his client's statement, but this solidifies my belief.
When your client is falling on his sword and basically asking for leniency because he was an idiot, you do NOT start polemicizing about the controversial talking points that will make good soundbites on Tucker Carlson. You fucking STFU and support YOUR CLIENT.
Am I wrong here @greg_doucette
Read 5 tweets
19 Jul
Interestingly, @markscialla was chasing records about NSO Group and Pegasus back in 2019.
This also reminds me of this story I was part of in late 2019. I wonder if NSO Group is doing the same thing Cyberpoint was doing. It would be interesting to find out if any of their employees still had clearances. reuters.com/article/us-usa…
And by interesting I of course mean a valuable citation for legislators who are interested in reforming the totally-up-to-the-agency's-discretion clearance system. @RonWyden
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18 Jul
As a rule I dislike the idea of collective punishment. But god DAMN does it seem like it would be super productive in some scenarios.

Take mask wearing. If everyone was required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status in areas with middling rates (but not awful), I ...
have a feeling the non-insane Republicans in that region might be less willing to keep turning a blind eye to their more extreme neighbors. I would think the desire to avoid confrontation or keep political power would be eroded if you personally were forced to do something ...
obnoxious like wear a mask just because your friend down the street watches too much Fox News.

It obviously wouldn't work in areas with awful rates because there ARE no non-insane Republicans in those areas (a natural deduction from the awful rates), & doing it in a region ...
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7 Jul
While the rest of the country does FOIA the normal way (more or less) here’s what DOJ argued in the 5th Circuit yesterday. This is @bstautberg here for a thread summarizing some pretty out-there FOIA arguments that your government is making on your behalf.
@bstautberg For background, this is the case Kel argued in NOLA yesterday, Rutila v. Dep’t of Transportation. A recording of the oral arguments is available here: ca5.uscourts.gov/OralArgRecordi…
@bstautberg First, the reason the case is in the 5th Cir. is because DOJ successfully convinced a federal magistrate judge in TX that there was no subject matter jurisdiction (SMJ) over the suit. It’s quite a reach of an argument, but it needs some background to appreciate the extent of it.
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29 Jun
OK, just for a moment, let's think about what Tucker Carlson did today, & let's assume what he said is true.

We don't even need to assume that the NSA was spying on him for the point I'm going to make. All we have to do is assume that someone claiming to be a whistleblower ...
told him they were, & provided the information he said they did. And that he then filed a FOIA request for it.

Hit pause here for a minute & rewind a few years, to the halcyon days of 2017. Someone claiming to be a whistleblower contacted a media outlet with classified ...
information, & that media outlet so bungled the followup that they burned their source, who was then arrested & thrown in jail.

I'm talking of course about Reality Winner, & how the Intercept allowed the NSA & FBI to track her down when they sought to corroborate the story.
Read 11 tweets

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