This is an important question. One of the reasons I've been concerned about @NapaInstitute is that a number of its associates have been quietly acquiring data sets that could be combined with cellphone data of the type that The Pillar used to accuse a priest. ... (1 of 6)
For example, Napa's Frank J. Hanna III purchased the Official Catholic Directory several years ago. The directory's records include names, addresses, and phone numbers of thousands of US diocesan staff members. See my blog post:… ... (2 of 6)
See also my follow-up article for @Where_Peter_is:….

Other wealthy and influential Catholics with access to large data sets on the U.S. Catholic world include Sean Fieler, Steve Bannon, and CatholicVote's Brian Burch. ... (3 of 6)
It's not illegal to acquire large phone/email/address lists as these Napa-associated Catholics have done. But their ability to align their own data with other data sets--as Pillar did when it aligned a priest's data with Grindr--raises questions…(4 of 6)
One important question that Pillar doesn't answer is how it came to suspect the priest whose data it collected. The most likely explanation is that its editors have a large set of data on Catholic diocesan staff and compared the whole data set with the sex-app data. ... (5 of 6)
That brings us back to the question of who funds The Pillar. Such investigations don't come cheap. Do the site's funders have an enemies list? Do the editors choose to reveal dirt on some folks & not others? Why should we trust their good intentions without knowing their donors?

• • •

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21 Jul
On a related note:

I've long been researching efforts by the Napa Institute & its friends--that is, wealthy advocates of unbridled free-market capitalism--to gain power over the US Church.

In particular, I've researched their efforts to obtain data. ...

So the news that The Pillar used data to expose alleged gay activity by the USCCB's incoming general secretary doesn't surprise me. It was only a matter of time before those who owned such data would begin to use it to name and shame those whom they were willing to see fall. ...
As I've said, no one wants to see a priest who engages in scandalous behavior remain in ministry.

But what we're seeing with The Pillar is an anonymously funded media outlet engaging in expensive data mining that enables editors to choose whom to target & whom to ignore. ...
Read 38 tweets
20 Jul
Here's another important issue that I fear has been obscured amid the shock of the Pillar story:

The Pillar, in using mobile data to attempt to try and convict a priest, has entered into truly new territory for a Catholic media outlet claiming to do investigative journalism...
Say what you will about ChurchMilitant and LifeSite; I myself don't consider their articles to be journalism. But, for all the leaks and false accusations they've shared, they've never invested in a trove of cellphone data for the purpose of going on a fishing expedition. ...
The Pillar's article does more than claim a priest used a sex app or that he was in the vicinity of a place where gays assembled. It claims outright that he was "engaging in a pattern of high-risk sexual behavior"--without any evidence other than the "confirmed" phone data...
Read 9 tweets
12 Jul
Jesuit friends, you may know that William and John Markoe SJ signed a pledge in 1917 to dedicate their whole lives and all their energies to the salvation of African-Americans (see…). But did you know about the other Jesuit who signed that pledge?(1 of 5)
... It amazes me that the other Jesuit, Father Austin Bork SJ, is not better known. Not only did he, like the Markoe brothers, follow through in dedicating his life to ministry to Black Catholics, he literally gave his life to rescue a female parishioner. (2 of 5)
... It happened in 1952. Fr. Bork, who'd ministered to black Catholics for 26 yrs, went swimming in Alton Slough, near the Mississippi, with 4 parishioners. One of them was Dorothy Owens, a teacher unused to swimming. A male swimmer was towing her when his arm got tired. (3 of 5)
Read 5 tweets
16 Mar
@JasonSteidl @BeckySiscoe @FranSzpylczyn I'm sorry that my analogy didn't reflect the love that those with same-sex desire may feel for each other.

I meant only to point out that not every desire is God's best for us.

So I'll address sexual desire directly.

I think we can agree that desire is a personal feeling...
@JasonSteidl @BeckySiscoe @FranSzpylczyn That is, my desire is mine and no one else's; it expresses me.

Love is the deepest desire. And love, to be truly love, can't be merely mental; it must be embodied. That doesn't mean I have to enact it with sexual union--but it does mean I feel it in the deepest part of me. ...
@JasonSteidl @BeckySiscoe @FranSzpylczyn Jesus is our model of love. Jesus loved with his mind, heart, and body. He touched the sick, washed feet, embraced children. He didn't express love through sexual union, but neither did he despise sex; rather, he praised the man and woman who become "one flesh" in marriage. ...
Read 20 tweets
16 Mar
This is the point that is largely ignored. Although the Catholic understanding of sexuality will always engender opposition among many, we would not face the level of outcry that we do today had we emphasized that chastity is for EVERYONE according to their state of life. ...
In that sense, gay people have every right to feel singled out by the Church as though their conduct were uniquely sinful. The pastoral problem of heterosexual couples not knowing what marriage is--or not being willing to accept it--is far more widespread than gay unions. ...
Yet when have you ever heard a homilist speak on what marital love _is_? When have you heard one speak about what marital indissolubility is? Or what it means to be fruitful in marriage--and how it's not only physical but also spiritual (thus possible for infertile couples)?...
Read 17 tweets
15 Mar
I've followed Pope Francis's writings & speeches from his papal election, written a chapter on his theology in my SThD dissertation, and written a book on his spirituality (see…). So this news from his Vatican is no surprise to me:…
Those expressing shock that Francis approved the CDF's denial of blessings to same-sex unions are people who haven't read Amoris laetitia (which the CDF response cites twice). They likewise haven't read Francis's book on mercy (see…). ...
To put it simply, they are unaware that Francis's spirituality of mercy is founded upon a sharp and realistic understanding of our need for mercy--in other words, our need to repent of our sins (see…). ...
Read 6 tweets

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