Reviewing this video & the reactions to it, I see two worlds:

One in which the good Dr Fauci with Saintly patience has finally had it w/ right wing populist & borderline nutcase Sen Paul.

The other in which Dr Paul confronts naked Emperor Fauci on GoFR.

My read on this is different. Fauci is a system creature which entails responsibilities that may take him into biowarfare. I see him as saying “You’re outside the system. This is some set of super complicated relationships I have to manage. And I act properly within that sphere.”
I hear Rand Paul saying “I don’t don’t bow down to the system you live within. I am here to call it into question: did NIH do something as psychotic as fund GoFR in our strategic rival’s Wuhan Lab??”

I hear Fauci saying “This is part of a large strategy. You can’t break it out!”
Then I hear RP saying: “I’m a US Senator & MD who doesn’t believe in your system’s grand strategy of funding Gain of Function through the CCP as part of 12D chess. Answer the F’ing Question, Doctor.”

Fauci says “I don’t have to take this sh-t. We evaded this issue technically.”
Paul insinuates “You may have a lot of blood on your hands Dr. As SARS CoV-2 most likely came from the lab you and NIH funded.”

Fauci: “There are MANY things that would HAVE to be true for that wild of an accusation to tie me and NIH to COVID-19,and you don’t have them. F off.”
Essentially, Paul is outraged by the 12D chess official system and wants to break out one question. Fauci wants to protect that system which probably believes that it’s safer to be in bed w/ CCP than to be shut out. Fauci is playing dumb on GoFR and Rand is insinuating too much.
In the end the system creatures are correct that we need grand strategies that are at times counter intuitive.

The populists are correct that many grand strategies are batshit crazy.

Hence the two incompatible world views. I expect this thread to be popular with neither. Alas..

• • •

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20 Jul
The cognitive tools for understanding any rationale behind NIH funded Gain of Function Research in China are almost certainly being withheld.

Look at it from the point of a true believer in the system. “We have to not lose the bioweapon arms race & should keep our rivals close.”
“But the public will never understand a partnership with our main rival as being safer than being frozen out of all CCP decisions. On the other hand we can’t be seen as engaging in a bioweapons arms race. So we had myriad ways to evade the optics of what we were actually doing.”
“Then COVID got out. Suddenly the whole world was talking about zoonotic bat respiratory Corona viruses: a subject the public had never heard of before. Our excuses & proxies for what is essentially military strategy for containment of CCP biowarfare ambitions were center stage.”
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16 Jul
The point is who labels others crackpots. Or haven’t we noticed?

It’s the class who said Hilary would win easily. That we’d banished volatility before 2008. That the Wuhan Lab Leak was racism. That labor shortages exist in mkt economies. That carbs are good, while fat is bad.
Those who believe Jeffery Epstein was a “disgraced financier” rather than a construct of an Intelligence Community & who never ran a billion $ forex hedge fund. People who think String Theory is our leading theory of physics. Or who said NAFTA lifts all boats like a rising tide.
People who believe an octave has 12 notes, but can’t say why 12. Those who think MSNBC just kept misreporting Andrew Yang’s candidacy by accident over and over again. At some point you just have to realize that those who can’t think for themselves HAVE to call those who do names.
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15 Jul
The even tempered major 3rd is an absolute abomination. And only @jacobcollier really complains about it.

Pythagorean v Even tempered:

Maj 3rd: 5/2 vs 2^(16/12)=2.52 (approx)
5th: 3 vs 2^(19/12)=2.9967 (approx)

We totally sacrificed the 3rd for the 5th:
So why do we need the genius of @jacobcollier to tell us this? My theory is that he is the only musician alive who could lead us to the 53 note scale which is the first even tempered scale with a perfect octave, and better approximations to **both** the Pythagorean 3rd and 5th.
If there weren’t 12 but 53 notes in the even tempered octave? Suddenly everything changes! For the 1st time your even tempered triad becomes shockingly good:

Pythagorean vs Even tempered:

Maj 3rd: 5/2 vs 2^(70/53)=2.498 (approx)
5th: 3 vs 2^(84/53)=2.9999 (approx)
Octave: 2 v 2
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14 Jul
It is hard to read this story of Epstein’s inexplicable deal with prosecutors without specialized vocabulary not meant for the public. The magical words are likely to be “event deconfliction” and “blue on blue incident”.

Otherwise you would think that this is about Ken Starr.
If any reporters want to ask about the history of deconfliction between the Federal and International IC and local law enforcement they can contact these entities listed by the DOJ.

This lists the three major deconfliction database systems: SAFETNet, RISsafe, and Case Explorer:
I just called to ask CaseExplorer for South Florida about the history and federal participation in deconfliction circa 2000-2008. I was getting the history going back to 1990.

Then I mentioned a Jeffrey Epstein.

“Sir, I am now going to terminate this call.”

Reporters? Anyone?
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14 Jul
Then listen closely.

A) You stop giving CEO’s an ear when they whine about labor shortages. Cut off the visas.

B) You *spend* on STEM R&D. Sky-High Compensation w High Standards.

C) You purge *everything* that says “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” anywhere close to a STEM kid.
D) Kick the CCP out of US labs. Make them do their own scientific research, as to do it well requires freedom. Force CCP towards freedom through science & STEM rather than letting them pick the fruits of our freedom to challenge and question orthodoxy.

E) Hire our own heterodox.
F) Incentivize the leadership of our most critical institutions to promote people who won’t play well with others who are captured by groupthink. Earmark money to promote those who won’t easily get along with co-workers when their co-workers are standing in the way of progress.
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12 Jul
I don’t feel this to be a genuine question. We all get your argument if that’s what you are asking.

Allow me to reframe. Your and my California votes were dwarfed in their direct importance by what they meant to any people following us. So your vote said “It’s time for Trump.”
All the world knows about my vote is that I couldn’t vote for a 78 year old with serious cognitive decline nor a 74 year old shredding the best parts of our civic culture and our very ability to process reality together as a nation. Who I voted for is irrelevant: what did it say?
A) There was no mature way out of the 2020 election. Two unworkable elderly candidates and parties plus the Time Magazine article? It was a disaster.

B) I said clearly: “You will fail to find a solution in 2020. Have compassion for your loved ones who will also fail as you did.”
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