My friend @KaoHua3 is a social worker and climate advocate. She is on the ground in the Sahel making real changes for villages to access fresh water and food. Every penny goes to getting the good job done. I am proud to support her work.
I have helped to provide funds to help plant trees thanks to @KaoHua3 and she does public awareness on issues of climate change, a topic under reported in Africa. She teaches solutions that can be made locally to help make positive changes happen.
The food program @KaoHua3 did was wonderful. She asked for help and people like me donated to buy seeds. It provided local healthy food and jobs. Food security is vital for all communities. The harvest was wonderful.
Whenever I hear @KaoHua3 needs help with a project, I feel happy because I know with supporting good people, good things happen!

• • •

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21 Jul
This is what Toronto Police did to Skyler Williams. I know this good man and I helped support his efforts in Cambridge to defend treaty laws. This is how the police treated Indigenous individuals in Toronto today who were defending the rights of the homeless people’s camp. Image
Previous Skyler Williams defended Caledonia and we saw that project cancelled under his leadership. Clan Mothers were behind his efforts. He won! He spoke truth, acted on it and this boondoggle ended.…
Indigenous people have always had duty to protect from the days of the Vatican Concordat onwards. The rainbow I saw in Caledonia I share with you today. Canada needs to work with all people of all backgrounds. Be more like the rainbow. Bring peace and stop the conflicts please. ImageImage
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21 Jul
I strongly support bill C-272 the right to repair. Appliances and devices shouldn’t be squandered. @BardishKW @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh @ElizabethMay @AnnamiePaul @erinotoole
I called my MP due to washing machine I named Lazarus. My washing machine died when Covid lockdown began. Dead for an entire year only to restart the next year working perfectly. To think it could have been replaced over software issue is crazy. It is running fine to this day. Image
I am Acadian and we were dirt poor but we repaired and reused everything from nails to wood to cloth. We even recycled thread. My aunt Malvina with the scarf, sewed all these children’s clothing, refabricated from men’s and woman’s clothes. Image
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21 Jul
As a person who had Covid 19 Delta version I do find this very disappointing to see you are on this list.
. My kid and I both had it. The shots helped to reduce my symptoms thank heavens but Covid 19 is real. I lost sense of smell and taste like my kid.
I cooked a trout and I could not smell it even though my nose and breathing were clear. I could only smell coffee. My kid had the fever and coughing. I had a post nasel drip and allergy like symptoms much milder with the two shots. My kid had one shot. We both had the delta one.
It upsets me to see people speaking on diseases they've never had. I had it. It delayed my husband's heart surgery. We were all in quarantine. My husband and other kid stayed fine because we isolated in the house eating and sleeping in different rooms. It helped protect him.
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19 Jul
Canada and US were both bound to British Empire policies when the 13 Colonies formed. I know Act of Settlement censored the history of both lands and Westminster has the power to change it by vote.…
How much does British Colonial power shape Indigenous and America. Policy and economics today?! The Queen said the deportation of Acadians was illegal. It involved Jeffrey Amherst who killed from Acadia to Standing Rock.…
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19 Jul
@cbcideas the circumcision is the ritual of the ring. It wasn’t THE ring. Understand the allegory. That is how we spoke. I am Acadian. I know that part.
The rings of Saturn is allegory. Saturn ate his children. As such the church was hijacked for political means to justify acts of war. They used relics to hold their physical claims but also used the line to justify acts of war. Jesus tried to undo the mess but they used it.
Constantinople was where the divinity of Christ was decided upon but Jesus didn’t claim divinity. He showed the path for individuals to reach God by the way they lived and how they treated each other. The oligarchy hijacked that for gain and power.
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19 Jul
@cbcradio I was listening to a radio show implying Filipinos drink. Nobody in my husband’s family did on either side. They have severe allergies to alcohol. It is remarkably dangerous for my husband to drink. Too much diabetes due to rice and high salt diet. They didn’t drink.
My husband can’t even taste fondue without his face going beet red and his entire body heats up. His family on both sides can’t physically drink.
I went to family reunions, weddings in Toronto, in Manila, Quezon City, Santa Rita and partook of many other festivities. Very few in our family drank. Only to toast at wedding perhaps but even then my husband used water.
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