If you've followed the story closely, this is a pretty horrifying interview.
I know no one is gonna care about what happens to 16,000 women in uniform, because that's apparently irrelevant or something, but again, the PMO DID INDEED KNOW that it was a sexual misconduct issue. Anyone, from Trudeau on down, who says otherwise, is lying.
Did they know the details? Probably not. Did they know it was a matter of sexual misconduct? Yes. We know that. There's documents. Internal emails sent to the PMO described it as such.
If the PM isn't mad that no one told him that Canada's top military officer was accused of sexual misconduct, well, OK. Duly noted!

If the PM tells you that the nature of the allegation was a total mystery, he's lying to you. That's it. Full stop.
The documents that prove this is a lie, by the way, are already public. They're out there. The PM and his advisors have cleared concluded it's safe to lie about this because not enough people have read about this issue and retain the core information.

Probably a safe bet, tbh.
Hey, it's up to you all to decide whether it's good that the PM is lying about what his office knew about a sexual misconduct scandal that has now resulted in criminal charges against Canada's former top soldier.

I'd vote no, but what do I know about anything.

• • •

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29 Jun
I should probably save this for a later column, but there's one short point I'm going to make here before consigning myself to interview-transcribing hell.

The scale of the changes Ontario will need to make to its long-term-care system is gonna melt a lot of brains. It's HUGE. +
There's about 115,000 people in the system — plus (as per Phillips' presser today) about 40,000 on the waitlist. So imagine taking the entire existing system and just expanding it by about a third. That's a LOT of new beds and buildings and staff.

But it's worse than that. +
First, one of the things that became clear during the pandemic was that many of the existing beds and facilities are inadequate. And staffing levels at existing facilities at WOEFULLY inadequate. So we could do a TON of building and add a TON of staff and not actually advance. +
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28 Jun
Kids are fed and outside so I'll follow up on something I said earlier that drew an interesting reaction — not bad! Just interesting. I'd said, in my view, there were three politicians who'd faced the worst online abuse: Catherine McKenna, Michelle Rempel...and Dalton McGuinty.+
Citing the two women drew predictable scorn from partisan opponents of each — there's thousands of idiots here who go beyond policy disagreement into vile personal attacks and really do seem to not realize when they're doing it, or believe that it's fine when they or others do.+
You know, because it's vile when X is abused online, but when Y is abused online, well, it's because [insert reason here]. This is bad folks. You should stop it.

But the interesting reaction was that people were surprised I hadn't put Kathleen Wynne on my list. +
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26 Jun
I don't know if that Canadian Press report about an assistant to National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan is getting the attention it should. Two reasons for that: military stories have (unfortunately) narrow appeal to the public, and, well, it was published late Friday evening. +
The story does not claim or imply any specific wrongdoing on the part of Minister Sajjan. Let's be clear about that from the outset. The crux of it is this: a major in the CF reserves, whose full-time job is as a police officer in Vancouver, was suspended several years ago. +
The reason for the suspension was sexual misconduct with a female subordinate officer. This was in his job as a police officer, to be clear, not in the armed forces.

The female officer later took her own life. I don't know if this is connected, but it's in the CP report. +
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25 Jun
Because my mentions aren't enough of a mess, I want to pick up on a point some of the LPCs, uhh, fans (and maybe some other people in good faith) have made to me since yesterday's flareup between JWR and Bennett.

They say it's a distraction from the real issue.

Nope. Wrong. +
It is, maybe, at worst, a distraction from the particular announcement of the apparent 751 bodies at the former IRS site in Saskatchewan. I don't think it was MUCH of a distraction, given that that story was all over the news and remains so. But that's the WORST it could be. +
That's not a distraction from the real issue, though. The real issue is that this is a government that pledged a full focus and major effort on reconciliation in general — and has not done enough. And now the key minister is MAKING IT WORSE. +
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30 Apr
Reupping my column from today's Post, with a thread to go with it! Yay! A Twitter thread!

In order to understand why what the Liberals are doing is outrageous, you need to understand that the sexual misconduct scandal is actually two different scandals.
The first scandal is the one inside the armed forces, where too many of our service members — not all of them women, but many of them — are subjected to harassment and even outright sexual violence by fellow service members, and can't access justice or find protection. +
I'm not going to expound on this at length, because there are smarter people who have said it better than I could. But this is the first scandal: the one inside the CAF, the one that has been carefully and recently studied, and the one that needs actions.

That's Scandal 1. +
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20 Apr
I'm increasingly worried we won't learn anything from COVID-19. I think we're going to have a perfect political storm where both Liberal and Conservative voters — between them, basically a supermajority of the total population — refuse to accept any blame or learn any lessons. +
The very real failures at the provincial levels (not just the ones run by Tories) will be blamed, by Conservatives, entirely on the Liberals. Borders. Vaccines. Lack of early warning.

There will be truth to this. And it will be used to absolve provincial failures.

Meanwhile, the real failures at the federal level will be blamed on the provinces screwing up what would otherwise have been as strong federal response (or so Trudeau's fanbase will insist).

Introspection is hard. Admitting you failed is hard. Criticizing your tribe is hard. +
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