A crucial part of being accountable to harm is accepting and respecting the boundaries others put up in response to that harm.
Accountability is not about finding the quickest way to total forgiveness. Accountability is about recognizing the harm you did as real and significant, and doing what’s in your power to repair that harm.
When you take harm that you’ve done seriously, you don’t then go “oh it wasn’t *that* big of a deal” or “I already apologized, so they should just move on already.”

Those things reflect that you don’t actually take the harm that seriously, you just don’t like the consequences.
When you take the harm you’ve done seriously *as harm* you also recognize and respect that there are social consequences to that harm.

You’ve broken trust, and people understandably respond to broken trust with boundaries. Boundaries that accountable people honor.
This is why the idea that pushing harmful people out of spaces is counter to abolitionism is bogus.

If someone has done harm that makes people feel unsafe & they want to be accountable, they should willingly step back. If not? Then they aren’t accountable & should also leave.
Consequences for harm is not counter to accountability or abolitionism. In fact, it’s vital to them. Without the carceral state, we have to establish communal practices of protecting our communities from harm by creating strong expectations for accountability.
That means looking at people who do harm (or looking at ourselves when we do) and saying “you have made this space unsafe and you need to step back so we can establish safety for the people you hurt.”

Repair and possibilities for reintegration cannot happen without that.
Anyone who takes the harm they’ve done seriously will *want* to do that. The safety of the people they hurt—if they indeed do take their safety seriously—will be a priority.

If it isn’t, then they aren’t interested in accountability. They’re interested in dodging it.

• • •

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