Nearly every single thing Cummings has said, I said three years ago when I blew the whistle. And the journalists that have been beaten over and over again by this country’s political class. Lauded as conspiracy theorists and charlatans. By the same people performing outrage now.
And Laura Kuenssberg helped stop that information from spreading in coordination with Cummings’ Vote Leave. Fact.
All of this as well as the vilification of my work by the BBC News executive team is in the public realm. I can’t keep tweeting the same stuff over and over. Please use Google to your advantage. That interview was a strategic manoeuvre. Not journalism in the public interest.

• • •

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12 Jul
This narrative that racism ‘isn’t English’ rather than stating clearly that racism is a systemic problem is a well versed tactic of white supremacy, and wholly adopted by white liberals not serious about racial justice. Something our ancestors repeatedly warned us about.
“This isn’t the English thing to do.” “They do not represent all of us.” “This is a violent minority.” Are all TACTICS to absolve oneself of responsibility and ensure that no systemic changes are made because the reality of giving up power is too uncomfortable.
And fundamentally when you look at the way people in the public eye and of influence are talking about these racist incidents, they are always ensuring they do not appear critical of a countrywide, deeply ingrained problem. And instead make racist bald dudes the enemy.
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11 Jul
Anyway whatever Italy can have it. The England team should be very proud of themselves. They came this far despite such a violent onslaught from their OWN country’s press & politicians and their gammon supporters. Shows their strength, their skill and their resilience. 🤍
But also don’t underestimate the power of an inshAllah.
Anyone talking shit about that cute 19 year old baby on that last penalty is getting bottled. On sight.
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6 Jul
The Punjab government ministry in Pakistan is setting up schools for transgender people in several cities so that they can learn & study in a safe environment without transphobic violence. MashAllah!…
Although integration, acceptance and education of the khwaja sira community should be implemented within every school in Pakistan...this is a good step toward further empowerment of the Pakistani transgender community. @GovtofPunjabPK
This goes without saying but this is only happening because of the relentless campaigning, mobilising and grassroots work of the khwaja sira across Pakistan and their allies, both queer and not.
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6 Jul
The only legitimate response to your government saying ‘hundreds of you will die but it’s worth it for our donors.’ is revolution.
If I’m being frank, it is entitlement & arrogance that makes you still believe that this government’s corruption is not worth immediate, serious action. Pontification & elaborate articles & videos aren’t going to stop them.
Other countries have done so over far less than their government saying we should let people die to line our own pockets and satisfy billionaires. Wake up bill & stacy we need you to pick yourselves up by the bootstraps & demand more from your country! x 🤍
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6 Jul
Actually am a really chill and nice person irl
My Twitter persona is gay bitter bitch but irl I’m doing bits u know let me pretend to be overconfident, a little up my ass but for a good cause and super sexual on here please
My Twitter is a performance art piece
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20 Jun
This country is so, so, so lucky that the foreign doctors and nurses that perform surgery, give life-saving medicine & save peoples lives don’t hold resentment in their hearts like their Dido Harding counterparts. So, so lucky.
As always, we have to be the bigger people because we know compassion is more powerful than racism, bigotry & hatred. If we returned 1/10th of the energy of these people that show us no respect - this country would collapse.
Harding should be on her knees grateful & thankful for the foreigners patience & kindness & lack of resentment for the corruption and bigotry she holds in her dark heart. A heart which allowed thousands of British people to die and still thought herself worthy of this position.
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