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20 Jul, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Props to the barista who made shitty Hercules run away. #TeamXena
All these MAGA Alpha culture war types being hopelessly addicted to midday lattes was, in retrospect, a preview of how many of them would throw their doomsday prepper images away the second a genuine crisis meant they couldn't hold court at Applebee's.
the last year and a half really distinguished who is actually prepared for doomsday
Realizing now that the katana looks huge because it's normal-sized.

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20 Jul
haha it's for acting as agents of the UAE. Literally everyone around Trump was selling him out to foreign oligarchs. Flynn and Turkey. Bannon and the Guos. Rudy and Putin-friendly Ukrainians, Manafort and Russia etc etc etc.
AND the indictment is in Brooklyn which means it at least grew out of the Trump inaugural investigation.
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19 Jul
Been genuinely funny to see Clancy's meticulously cultivated brand as the godfather of realistic military thrillers now used to sell Ubisoft's market-demanded IP crossovers, battle royale games & generic alien invasion shooters.

The Chef Gusteau of Fortnite knockoffs.
Like one of the Ghost Recon games had a Predator The Movie DLC campaign and I'm just giggling at the thought of the big alien trophy hunter crashing Jack Ryan's Annapolis classroom and ripping the spines out of six cadets.
I'm pretty sure they did this! Like you could get Ezio skins for Rainbow Six or something
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19 Jul
is he....mad that people were denied all that fentanyl?
it's actually a handy reminder that the heaviest illicit trafficking happens at ports of entry. Someone lugging a package across desert on foot ain't gonna take it all the way to Chicago but a semitrailer damn sure will.

Walls & militarized border patrol are just racist theater.
Which reminds me of how Trump raided the Coast Guard budget to pay for his border stunts. A service...that does genuinely important work at stopping high-level, cartel-controlled trafficking...gutted so he could take kids away from parents. navytimes.com/news/your-navy…
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17 Jul
"Blue collar, above average income" just incredible
"our target demo is blue collar. He has a lease on a new F-150, and won't apologize to the hippies for the leather seats. He lives in suburban Dallas. His kids go to private school, away from the public teat. He took a gap year to follow Avenged Sevenfold on tour.'
The Wal-Mart/Target polarization is the most obvious sign of how beyond broken we are. It's the same store doing the same things but one has guns and some slightly cloying employees. For that there's a culture war, with battle flags and cringe Clint Eastwood memes.
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17 Jul
Normalize 75 minute kids' movies again
Yeah the Tasmanian Devil's 20 minute homage to the end of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is starting to seem indulgent.
I've deleted useful apps for having fewer ads than this.
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16 Jul
"that's some expendables stuff" is officially the saddest thing I've ever read in a federal indictment detailing a terrorist conspiracy.
I'm sure it's happened but desperate to find a MAGA guy who threw his whole future away in an FBI sting operation because he was inspired by Samurai Cop
my most ironic aesthetic is bad action movies that Republicans hold up as the height of cinema
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