I guess Negrotears work. Maybe if U cry hard enough, U2 can be chosen by wypipo. Thats what VanJones did& the nutrients of those blacktears fertilized a garden of whiteguilt so rich that it just netted him a $100M gift from JeffBezos.
And isnt that the whole point of black life on American soil? 2 B chosen by whitepeople? Is there really any other way for a blackperson 2 make it other than acrobatically genuflecting to some white gatekeeper? Do that well enough & white doors will open wide. Just Ask Van Jones.
1 problem tho. Van Jones is benefitting from a fight that he didn't wage. That fight is being waged in the street by black people at the bottom. Hence, Dave Chappelle's vicious takedown of Don Lemon for injecting celebrity into the George Floyd protests.
Van Jones & other respectability politics charlatans are peddling a dangerous blueprint & Jeff Bezos & other rich wypipo like him are virtue signaling 2 all other black people what behavior will be rewarded & what behavior will be punished.

I call this America's racial 2-step.
Black people behave. Wypipo reward. This dance has being going on since slavery& Stephen, I meant Van Jones, is clasping tightly 2 da whitehands that feed him. But dis aint Candyland nigga. This type of acrobatic genuflection 2 whiteness has serious consequences 4da rest of "Us."
U cant dance this dance w/2 left feet & should all black life be reduced 2 every Negro running around trying 2 find a rich white person 2 hug & cozy up to? If the answer is yes, then this means all black people are forever sandwiched b/t white charity & black respectability.
Hence my previouspost entitled "Why We Cant Win." How can U win when on 1side there are whitebillionaires writing bigchecks 2 a fewNegroes 2 lecture all da rest of usdarkies on how 2behave& on da otherside are a sea of blackpeople so damaged by whitesupremacy u cant build w/them?
I'll place my Vega bet on white supremacy winning alldayeveryday. When white carrots are dangled b4 begging blackhands, there will always B a fewNegroes willing 2take bait. Thus, black begging & the black tears that go w/them will always serve to further entrench white supremacy.
Now these willing Negroes will always try 2 convince U that their taking white bait is for the greater good of black people. Bullshit. Van Jones just received an unrestricted $100M dollar gift from a white billionaire to spend as he sees fit, but check out the name of the award.
"Civility"=Respectability. Translation. Amazonfounder JeffBezos, the richest man in the world, just spent $100M to ensure respectability politics lasts another generation. Or better yet, Bezos just gave 1 black man a $100M to make sure all other black people behave& stay in line.
Put dis in the same category as Howard, Morehouse, & Spelman reaping da lion's share of donations b/c of fights 4 blackpeople going on at the street level. College negroes are NOT representative of MOST black people, but they are benefitting from a fight-
most of them arent a part of, which leads me 2this point: richwypipo are NOT trying 2 help ALL blackpeople. They are only trying 2 help a FEW- only particular types pf blackpeople who represent a deferential genteel version of blackness wypipo can tolerate& are not threatened by.
Let's just call them Preferred Negroes or PNs. Thus, the analysis of every so-called black leader in the public square should start w/the question: Are they a Preferred Negro & does the net result of their efforts benefit most black people or a FEW black people?
Case in point: in Ohio right now, the respectability brigade is lining up behind Shontel Brown against Nina Turner in their Congressional race to succeed Marcia Fudge. This brigade includes black preachers, black elected officials & pro-Israel Democrats.
Oh& dont 4get Biden kingmaker, the Oracle of Clyburnia, who has the Midas touch in deciding which Negroes get to climb the political ladder & who does not. Allow me 2 offer U a litmus test into determining which black folk are the Preferred Negroes.
In any opendebate in da publicsquare, pay close attention 2 who is policing tone, language& behavior. In fact, show dem this video. If they zero in on Nina Turners tone, inflection, volume& language, U know automatically they are either a Preferred Negro-
OR they are a black person angling for white folk's affection. Pay close attention 2 the black people that white people praise. Be very leery in trusting anyNegro who routinely receives white pats on the head. Be very suspicious of all blackpeople who are praised by white people.
Remember, white people prefer their Negroes soft spoken, nonthreatening, assimilating, deferential & most of all CRYING. Cue Van Jones tears. This is why someone like Nina Turner will NEVER win the 'JEFF BEZOS COURAGE & CIVILITY AWARD" & Negroes like Van Jones will.
Wealthy wypipo like Bezo will always filter black people like Nina Turner through a Van Jones strainer. Imagine the level of racial contortion required 2 pull that off. This is why I think we should stop telling black kids 2 just work hard & go to school. Why not cut 2 the chase?
Maybe DrKing was right in "Strength 2 Love" in reducing the aim of all blacklife 2 "winning the affection of wypipo." 4get everything else. From this day on, we need 2 teach our kids that their raison dêtre, the meaning of their entire existence is:

To be chosen by white people.
This way we can just cut out da farce of what the respectability mantra of "working hard" really means. No more lying 2 blackchildren. The only thing left 2do is run dig up an old instrumental sample of "When Dove's Cry" by Van Jones' mentor Prince& sing the next 3 posts over it:
Dig if you will the picture,
Of niggas getting left behind
Then comes along Obama,
He tells niggas
Yall gone be all right
But den da police come killin'
Shootin' us dead in da street,
Obama said "stop complaining"
Can you my niggas
Can you picture?
Dream if you can, insurrection,
capital filled w/confederate flags
Racists demanding dey country back
Dey fill da Streets
Da streets between me & U,
How could Obama leave niggas
After all we did for him?
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Maybe I’m just like Jim Clyburn, TOO OLD,
Maybe I'm like Maxine Waters
She's always reclaiming time,
Why can’t niggas get nowhere
This is what it sounds like:

[Prince melody, sing along]
Thank U kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka AHAM.

If you dig the content, please feel free to support us via CashApp: $ahamllc

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22 Jul

So here's the charge by President Biden, other politicians& vaccine proponents:

the reason Americas vaccine rates are so low& we haven't reached our vaccine benchmarks 4 herd immunity is b/c of the disinformation spread by Facebook& other socialmedia outlets.
Or as Joe Biden puts it: "Facebook is killing people." In the minds of hardcore vaccine proponents, there is no way a person can reach the conclusion of NOT getting vaccinated on their own unless they have some how been infected w/disinformation on the internet.
It is as if no one is capable of thinking on their own to reach healthcare decisions they feel are best for them & their family. In the minds of many pro-vaxxers, you must be an idiot, seriously misinformed or somehow living under a cloud of disinformation 2 NOT want the vaccine.
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What's the difference between this:

and this:

If transgendered people can demand to be called by their chosen pronouns and gender, then dammit black people have the right to be called by their chosen professional title that THEY EARNED. And it's not just white people who do this. Black people do this too.
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15 Jul

Check out how dis article starts:

"W/only days remaining be4 most NFL training camps open, some players have been making news 4 all da wrong reasons."

What dafuck? This violent woman knocked his tooth out& somehow he is blamed?
This was like all the articles regarding Atlanta Braves outfield Marcell Ozuna allegedly threatening to "kill his wife," but failing to mention his wife was arrested a year prior for trying to kill him. Now think of all the outrage about Ray Rice-
knocking out his wife in dat elevator but ignoring her kicking, elbowing, punching& spitting on him all across dacasino be4 he landed 1blow. Or what about SolangeKnowles beating JayZ in dat elevator while Beyonce texted on her phone like shit wasnt going on? 2 elevators. 1 smoke.
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13 Jul

Lottaniggas celebrating. As a HU doublealum, trust me when I say: if mental health is da goal 4 HannahJ, Howard is da wrong place 2go. Da only thing worse than being treated likeshit by wypipo is being treated likeshit by yo own people.
Nicole Hannah-Jones & Ta-Nehisi Coates are in 4 a rude awakening. Howard is NOT da place where slaves go to get freedom. Howard is the the place where slaves go to learn how to be better slaves. Welcome 2 slave finishing school. Not 2 say they're no good Howard alums but it is 2-
say that the negroes who manage 2 get thru Howard unindoctrinated by all that black intelligentsia respectability politics bullshit often live a life alienated from the institution. Some of Howard's most successful graduates don't have a goddam thing to do with the institution.
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10 Jul

Here's another reason why social media companies may need 2B regulated like public utilities& subjected to strict 1stAmendment protections. I'm no Trump fan but hes right on dis 1. Social media companies are picking winners&losers.
As WaPost Editor Fred Hiatt says,

"Most people understand that they are private companies but also that, in today’s America, if [Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube] are silencing you, you are being excluded in a serious way from the public square."

We went from 3 TV networks & an oligopoly of radio stations & record companies controlling what we listen & watch 2 a few social media companies controlling who gets to be seen, heard & read. I've been censored so much on FB that I just stop posting & start removing my content.
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8 Jul

The actual title of dis video should be "when niggas go broke." Put dis in da same category as my previous post on JimmieWalker doing Medicare infomercials or KendrickPerkins defending RachelNichols b/c "yall cant expect me 2 risk my job"
Hear me well. Trust no nigga whose aim is all about money for dey will always be willing 2 sacrifice their own people 2 "get the bag." History is filled w/a few niggas getting rich at the expense of a ton of udder niggas. Think Jay-Z saying "we past kneeling" after-
getting that new multimillion dollar NFL partnership deal. Fuck Kaepernick & da rest of yall. HOVA gotta get paid. Dis why black people must corporately divest of celebrity. ALL CELEBRITY. We are the shoes everyone else wears to a life of celebrity, fame & fortune. Think Obamas.
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