My nephew also (apparently) has Covid. He’s a liberal shrink. We just had an uncomfortable conversation… He got it by going to Vegas. “I’m vaxxed,” he said. It’s weird though, 1/2 the people I was with got it.
Me: “they were all vaxxed too.”
Him: “yeah.”

Me: “the 1/2 who didn’t weren’t vaxxed, we’re they.”

Him: “Whatever. Doesn’t mean anything. I had 11 houseguests after who were all vaxxed & exposed to me & they didn’t get sick.”

Me: “Interesting. They must’ve been vaxxed against your Delta variant.”

Him: “<long pause> I’m not going to convince you, but it is effective against the variant.”

Me: “seems like a lot of vaxed people are getting sick.”

Him: “that’s going to need to be addressed, but it’s still 88% effective.”

Me: “yet you’re sick & your unvaxxed friends aren’t.”
It’s so freaking exhausting.

So … OF COURSE, this vaccinated arrogant lib is pissed off at his unvaccinated mother because THAT’s why she’s sick ….

While he’s quarantined in his fekking basement … vaccinated and sick.

Stop the world I want to get off.

• • •

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21 Jul
It’s true.

The problem with all the “non servium” is not that they’re anger is unjustified. It is. The problem is that a valid pope must be given respect & obeyed. But a valid pope wouldn’t do these things. So, they insist he’s a valid pope, while insisting he’s irrelevant. 1/
This is neither an organic rumor, nor a Catholic opinion. This schizophrenia has been pushed, gaslighted, & repeated to the level of mind control by the Trad Incs you’re making wealthy.

And it’s a lie. It’s a HUGE LIE.

They’ll scour history for a valid pope who once did 2/
a thing. Slam it in your face & gaslight you into silence.

Do you not remember what it used to be like to be a grownup in polite society? People don’t act like that unless they’re profoundly insecure and desperate to be right.

But they’re wrong.

Guys, it’s so simple. 3/
Read 5 tweets
20 Jul
The Jews are happy. The NO doesn’t pray for their conversion or to end their blindness.

They also take offense that the Traditional Rite quotes scriptures that assign responsibility for Christ’s murder to the Jews, & they “lobbied” to have it removed in the New Rite. But what does the Talmud say about it? According to Israel Shahak (a Jew) happily take credit. 2/
What else does the Talmud say? A lot of shocking things, such as claiming that Jesus is in hell boiling in excrement, & quotes like “The best among the gentiles should be slain.” That doesn’t begin to approach the crimes they’re “allowed” to commit against us. Here’s a PG summary
Read 4 tweets
20 Jul
With no recourse.

It seems clear how they want this to go. They’ve been *training* Republicans for 5 years.

Here’s 1 scenario: they dribble out information & “expose” that the election was “stolen.” Then they say there’s no legal way to over turn it, while CoIntel 1/
foments rioting & revolution.

If you’re Russia/China playing a long game against the USA, how do you end the Republic? Destroy confidence in representative self govt.

Get the people with moral fiber to tear it down themselves, in favor of localizing power into the hands 2/
of someone they trust. You don’t even have to call him a dictator (or Fuhrer) so long as he brings the iron fist to restore order, exactly like the people of the Weimar Republic demanded in 1932.

Look, for you Trump apologists, let me throw you a bone - they wouldn’t even

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19 Jul
Hey Catholic MAGA hypocrites who are against ineffective poison derived from murdered babies. Trumplicans who rail against the Bidenbot while foaming at the mouth defending your lord & savior, Trumpus: Here’s your Moshiach complaining that you’re not getting poisoned fast enough.
There’s no rational defense to this.

Any defense of this man is religious at this point.

Reason and rationality are inimical to your position, which is how you can tell that your religion is false.
Own it, MAGA - your Messiah is literally begging you to give him credit for this genocide.

You’re absolute despicable liars if you don’t own the fact that you adore the “Father” of this atrocity.

That level of dishonesty renders you unworthy of respect or polite regard.
Read 7 tweets
13 Jul
We're trained to feel confident about opinions when many people, or people we respect agree. Blogs & Podcasts have this training confirmed via subscriptions, click fees, & sponsors. We're told, essentially, that the voice of Truth, the Holy Ghost resonates via the vox populi. 1/
The vox populi is a lie spewed by programed fools blinded by sin. John the Baptist didn't give a crap about the vox populi, & it seems that he completely ignored the Sanhedrin, which was the Magisterium of his time, and Caiaphas, who was essentially the pope of the 12 tribes. 2/
You're not St. John, & neither am I. But you shouldn't be surprised to feel isolated & alone amongst the entire world when you are desperately and honestly seeking the twin aims of humility & Truth, like St. John.

This is not a numbers game. 3/
Read 4 tweets

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