"Shouldn't we just devote our time to making the Novus Ordo done beautifully?"

A thread:
1) When comparing the two liturgies, it is vital to recognize that the aesthetic level and the theological level are distinct.

Even if a NO was done according to the rubrics, with chant, done ad orientem, the whole nine yards, the ritual is still fundamentally different.
No amount of chant, incense, lace, smells, and/or bells will ever procure the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Last Gospel, the Offertory prayers, or St. Paul's warning against sacrilegious Communions into the Novus Ordo.
In fact, the reformers of the liturgy themselves recognized just how sloppily the reform was carried out.
Further, Cardinal Ottaviani, the former Head of the Holy Office (now known at the CDF) presumed that the NO would be done in a most traditional way. He only saw and knew the rubrics.

Even so, he warned Pope Paul VI, calling its promulgation "an incalculable error."
2) Even if the theological level was a moot point, the odds of finding a NO done in the style of a High Mass is next to none. This is for a few reasons.
2a) Given all of the options, in the Novus Ordo, those calling the shots would need to get a far higher number of things right for it to be done in a traditional manner. In the TLM, you have no option but to do it in the traditional way.
The upshot of this is that, to get a traditional-looking Novus Ordo, you'd need to exert an enormous amount of energy onto shaping the liturgy, when the liturgy should be shaping you.
Further, as these options are *not* required in the Novus Ordo and *are* required in the TLM, it predisposes people to being more upset that their "ideal options" weren't picked.
2b) The liturgical reformers did not envision the Novus Ordo to be done this way. This is evidenced by their own action.

-- Pope Paul VI celebrated the NO facing the people and in Italian.
-- The Vatican's Masses have recently been mandated to exclude Latin except for the most basic parts, the Kyriale and the Pater Noster.
3) My first responsibility as a father is to my children, not my parish.

If I decided that I was going to try to make the NO traditional at a parish, it would take years -- years that I would be subjecting my children to practices that I would not want them regularly seeing.
To be clear: This is not a "holier than thou" bit, nor am I judging those who disagree.

However, I simply cannot bring myself to raise my son around immodest dressing in Mass, laypeople handing out The Most Holy Eucharist to people standing, and really horrible music...
... especially during their critical years, all to attempt to make the Novus Ordo there more traditionally styled.
In this, I'm not looking to wrap this thread around a brick and toss it through the window of the Twittersphere.

I am, however, looking for it to start an intellectually-honest conversation about how we can give God the best that we can absolutely give Him.

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