One major source of confusion is so-called experts who keep giving totally incorrect messaging, like Dr. Gandhi, who predicted that COVID was over in India in February due to herd immunity she said was achieved through asymptomatic infections. 2.5 million Indians have died since.
It should be noted that herd immunity has never been achieved through infection alone, so regardless of the fact that there was no data to support it, it has never been known to be possible in human history.
Things an infectious disease doctor should know…
Some of her recent unsupportable hot takes

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20 Mar
Recently had a patient who was really suffering from very miserable opioid withdrawal after stopping heroin (on top of some other unpleasant things) tell me their family had convinced them not to start buprenorphine (suboxone) therapy because “it’s just legal heroin”

A thread...
Withdrawal from opioids is classically taught as “not life threatening” bc the direct effects are rarely fatal (unlike alcohol for example).

1) This is a dumb take like “but did you die?” because suffering is still suffering & we can very easily treat this misery

2) Withdrawal is associated with some of the highest rates of overdose & death, most likely *because* it is so painful & miserable. Not that it should matter, but there is great evidence that people who use heroin, etc. every day are treating withdrawal & not “just getting high.”
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15 Mar
Medical toxicologist here to correct the anti-drug zealot with no science background:

There are none of the same ingredients in the COVID vaccines as there are in antifreeze.

Polyethylene glycol is not in antifreeze but it is in ice cream!
Ice cream: surprising also just proprietary ingredients mixed into lipids, sugars, and polyethylene glycol, and requiring subzero temperatures for storage
Yes, I meant polyethylene glycol and not propylene glycol (structurally, physically and chemically very similar though). Propylene glycol is probably more common in commercial ice cream ingredients if I were to guess but polyethylene glycol is also in frozen desserts. And MiraLax
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18 Nov 20
Republican politicians who keep catching coronavirus as Leo Spaceman, a thread:
That annoying guy getting put in place by the amazing Sherrod Brown:
Rand Paul trying to remember the phone number for medical emergencies:
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10 Oct 20
Frontline healthcare workers literally still don’t even have PPE ten months into a pandemic and the fed gov is spending millions on a vaccine against “fentanyl exposure?”

I love preventing overdoses & I love vaccines, & I am saying this is fucking stupid.…
1) “Fentanyl exposure” (even carfentanil!) is not a real thing. All those reports on the news? They are completely inaccurate. It isn’t possible & bc it’s impossible it’s never really happened. Just a lot of scared people get scared by more fearmongering.…
2) If you want to stop ODs then getting dangerous things like fentanyl, carfentanil, etc out of the drug supply is a great way to start. How? Vaccinating people against fentanyl wouldn’t be a sure thing & wouldn’t protect against whatever comes next (like how fentanyl showed up)
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7 Oct 20
As gov, Pence diverted federal $ provided to Indiana for HIV treatment & prevention -that he considered “immoral”- to instead fund gay conversion therapy (considered a form of torture by UN) & caused one of the worst HIV outbreaks in US history. #VPDebate…
As VP, he was put in charge of federal COVID response. Here’s the result of his efforts: Image
Mike Pence has repeatedly made choices that harmed and killed the people he was supposed to be protecting.

If you care about other people, and if you care about the importance of science and reason over extremism then he’s not a good fit.…
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25 Sep 20
For those not familiar, Eugene is a doctor who was fired after his first year of residency and never completed training. He has a lot of problematic (like criminal) behaviors and he blocks people in medicine because we know he is a fraud and a very bad guy…
Correction: he was fired after 3 years (out of 5). Still never completed.
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