Tiny A/B/O thoughts, "sexy Namjoon!" edition:

The pack has been together too long for hotness to always be the first thing they think about when they look at each other.

They're all objectively attractive. It's a fact. A part of life, like breathing, or doing the dishes.
But loving someone across the years changes the way they appear. Their faces take on a beauty that's not physical, and when the pack look at each other, they see long nights in the studio, kisses in the kitchen, fights, reconciliations, learning and change. History.
So the fact that Jimin looks like an angel fallen to earth, or that Jin's face was clearly sculpted by the hand of god, and that Hoseok's eyes are enough to stop people in their tracks, sometimes, just...isn't what they always think about.
Namjoon is always busy. As the pack alpha, he's moving in a hundred directions at once, all the time. Sometimes, Yoongi looks at him, watching out for all of them, and thinks about partnership and respect, and Jungkook thinks about destiny, and Taehyung thinks about forever.
But sometimes, they're also reminded that Namjoon is...just really, really hot.

He'll do something small, clench his jaw in concentration, or stroke his fingers around the shell of his ear, or smile without thinking, and the others will collectively lose their shit. A little.
The pack attends an award show, once, and Namjoon presents, and they all have to watch him stand on the stage in a sleek, black suit, with blonde hair slicked back, towering over his co-presenter, looking confident and in-control.

"Emergency pack meeting," Jin says.
The pack huddles around, as tightly as they can in their seats.

"I'm concerned I'm having a heart attack," Hoseok says. "Someone take my pulse."

"Who let him wear that suit?" Taehyung says.

"Sorry," Jimin says. "He had options from the stylists and I told him to pick it."
"No advice next time, please," Taehyung says. "I'm in real pain."

"Why is he so tall," Yoongi says. "He's...so fucking tall. That asshole."

Jungkook reaches for Jin's hand, holds it tight, pleads with his eyes.
"Hyung," he says. "Help."

"Just don't look, baby," Jin says. "I'll tell you when it's over."

(Jungkook does look, but he breathes carefully in through his nose and out through his mouth, and tries to think unsexy thoughts.)
(When Namjoon comes back to join them, he's sweating a little from the lights, and his skin is glistening, and it's ridiculous, really. They all stare at him, as he settles in, and he frowns.

"What?" he says. "Is everything okay?")
(He opens his suit jacket, and the buttons on his shirt pull a little as he leans forward to tuck one of Taehyung's curls behind his ear, out of his eyes.

Jungkook whimpers in envy.

"We'll talk about it when we get home," Jin says, firmly.)
(There is no talking, when they get home. There's only Jimin pulling off that goddamn suit jacket as soon as they're in the door, and Jungkook dropping down to his knees right in the hallway, the pack crowding around to make sure Namjoon knows exactly what he makes them feel.)
(Jimin's more careful, the next time he helps Namjoon pick a suit. He's got the health of the pack to consider.

They all still lose their shit, obviously, but at least this time they make it all the way to a bedroom before they strip him down and have their way with him.)

• • •

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13 Jul
A/B/O thoughts, bad porn fantasies edition:

It starts when Yoongi remembers a song.

An old one, just a first draft, that he and Namjoon had written years ago. The lyrics hadn't been great, but the beat was good, and he can't quite replicate it from memory, so he goes looking.
He can't locate the original track on any of his old hard drives, so asks to go through Namjoon's old laptop. The pack alpha smiles, says, "Right, sure," and hands it over.

Yoongi does find the song, but he also finds little soundbites of the pack talking, singing, playing.
The memories are good, and so Yoongi listens to them all, one after another. Their voices sound so young. He can hear how little they know one another, a hesitancy, a formality in the way they speak.

He copies the files to his own computer. He wants to keep them forever.
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12 Jul
Hi everyone! I missed you. 💕I'm back from vacation, and I'd like to get something started to thank you all for 5000 followers! I've compiled a list of the most common requests I get and created a poll in the next tweet. What would you most like to see?
1. The pack being possessive/protective of the alphas.
2. Tae's first heat, with Yoongi as his first heat-mate, fluff and smut.
3. Vmin's first meeting, and following the development of their special bond.
4. Another outside perspective story, like the thread for Hoseok's mother.
Also, would you prefer this as an epic thread on Twitter, or as a oneshot (or twoshot) on AO3?
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4 Jul
A/B/O AU thoughts, everyone-loves-Yoongi edition:

Yoongi puts off the surgery for years. He can bear the pain in his shoulder, and he thinks that someday there'll be a good time, a break.

There never is, their schedules never-ending, and eventually, Jin puts his foot down.
"No more," he says. "We'll just have to make it work, but it needs to happen."

"I don't like it," Jungkook says. "When you smell hurt."

The whole pack looks at him, and Taehyung and Jimin do that face, the one where their eyes get big and they seem small and cute and sad.
"Fine," Yoongi says, because what else is he supposed to do, when he's being looked at that way. "I'll figure it out."

The surgeon gives them a date, and they work even more than they usually do, extra filming, photoshoots, content for the fans while he's gone.
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28 Jun
A/B/O AU thoughts, fanservice edition:

The idea is weird.

"It's weird," Yoongi says.

"It's what the fans want," Hoseok says.

"I love it, personally," Jungkook says.

"You would," Yoongi says. "Being half-choked in front of a stadium full of people is your dream."
Jungkook shrugs. "I'd trade places with Tae if I could, but the choreographer thinks he's better for it."

"Because you'd go all starry-eyed the second one of your alphas got their hand around your neck," Jimin says. "Let's be honest."

"I would," Jungkook says, wistfully.
"We'll be doing it together," Hoseok says. "If that's any consolation."

"It isn't," Yoongi says.

"I think it's good choreography," Hoseok says. "Compelling. I don't think we should drop it. But if you aren't comfortable, we could see if Namjoon could take your place?"
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21 Jun
A/B/O AU thoughts, soft pre-debut edition:

When Jungkook first comes to join them in the dorms, it's like living with a ghost. He slips in and out of rooms as quietly as he can, waits until the middle of the night to shower. He stays out of the way.

Jin hates it.
Jin sees hints, sometimes, of who Jungkook is, and what he wants. He's incredibly focused, when it comes to music. He likes to draw. Jin finds little scribbles, once, on napkins in the trash, and he fishes them out, keeps them for years and years inside his wallet.
The rest of the group already feels like they're Jin's. He's got the alphas figured out, Namjoon and Hoseok and Yoongi. They accept him into their space, let him get close. Taehyung sleeps in Jin's bed, a lot (the omega takes all the blankets, but he doesn't really mind).
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6 Jun
A/B/O thoughts, Namkook kiss-and-make up edition:

The argument grows from something so small, Namjoon doesn't even notice it, really. Their management team calls with a photoshoot schedule. Jungkook's concept is floral, and they want him first, a full day in some fancy garden.
Namjoon takes the call, so he's the one who says no.

The shoot is slated to be the morning right after they film a commercial that will almost definitely go for half the night. Jungkook will have to run on a couple hours of sleep, probably won't even make it home at all.
Which, Namjoon knows, he's perfectly able to do. But they have the power and the clout to ask for things, now. Namjoon can take care of Jungkook, can make sure he gets to rest, to relax, that he doesn't have to work himself to the bone, anymore. "Another day," he says.
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