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21 Jul, 14 tweets, 3 min read
It's very difficult to talk concisely about politics when the reality of it is so multifaceted that summarizing it with simple, neat labels would be impossible even *if* universal acceptance of those label's definitions existed.

For instance, "neoliberal" and "left."
"Left" describes political theory founded in Rousseau's conception of a social contract, which is fundamentally different (and thus irrevocably incompatible with) theory founded in Locke's vision of a social contract (called "liberalism.")

Half the time I mention "neo-liberalism" I'm not necessarily describing people who are liberals in any sense of the term. They *profess* to be, but the sincerity of that ranges from a self-serving, lobotomized conception (i.e. GOP party line) to mere lip service (DNC party line.)
With the GOP and its ilk, "neoliberal" means "liberalism with any parts that conflict with the wealth-amassing corporate state's best interests conveniently left out." Thus they lecture at length about free markets but omit liberalism's own common-good arguments (which DO exist!)
For the DNC, professions of liberalism are mere lip service; a flesh-mask worn by a party which has moved past mere route political hypocrisy and into pure contempt for liberal mores and institutions as evidenced by attacking them whenever they prove inconvenient (e.g. SCOTUS).
Hence the confusion - there is, obviously and evidently, a stronger and more devoted "left" than the DNC side of the neoliberal establishment (so called because neoliberals constitute America's political establishment - which is also an elite class unto itself - almost entire.)
Examples of this left would be Bernie Sanders, lifelong Communist fan and apologist, and Ocasio-Cortez and her ebullience for a "Green New Deal" which is just a greenwashed socialist wish-list.

The "neoliberal" side, however, obviously cleave to Rousseau far more than Locke.
An academic who's name escapes me once said that the most useful working definition of a Marxist-Leninist state is one where a Marxist-Leninist party holds complete control. The Democratic side of the neoliberal establishment demonstrates the truth of this.
This is why I prefer to use "collectivism" so much - it is the most accurate identifier available. Like the leadership of so many Communist states before it, the neoliberal-left in America adheres to Rousseauian collectivism long after Marxist ideas are discarded.
In politics 101 I was taught that politics means "who rules, and to what end?" This is the most fundamental level of politics; the one answered by social contracts. Hence why the defining trait of a Communist government is not economic policy, but totalitarianism.
Conservatism has predictable failure modes as well; namely "old boy's clubs." Anyone from a small town or south of the Mason-Dixon - or even anyone who reads their local small-town paper - is familiar with this. When the Police Chief, Judge and Mayor all golf together... well.
And conservatism displays this same failure mode at the American Federal level, just at-scale. In-group wagon circling, self-reinforcing class divisions, Planck's Principle and simple self-delusion all contribute incentives to maintain their delusions.
Hence they continue to champion Reagan's policies despite being four decades removed from the global reality Reagan lived in; because their continued existence as important, wealthy and powerful people both depends upon and is vindicated by it.
I posit only that the left-wing side of this equation demonstrates the same trend; of the failure modes intrinsic to their political theory and social contract upon which it is founded rearing its head.

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22 Jul
This is the Secretary of Defense talking about how the Taliban can achieve "legitimacy."

This is tantamount to having accepted the Taliban's retaking of Afghanistan before they've even completed the takeover.…
Think on what the rapidity of this change of posture means.

It means that the Pentagon and upper echelons of the American foreign policy establishment - a big chunk of the nation's ruling oligarchy entire - accepted that this would be the inevitable outcome long ago.
They all have degrees. Some of them even have intellect. And they have all the intel and classified reports they could want.

If we could see the writing on the wall, it beggars belief that they couldn't.
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21 Jul
Guys I need to tell you all something shocking, but true. Only I have the courage to utter these edgy Truth Words.

The Space Shuttle was BAD.

ohhhhh snaaaaaaaap
Here's another one! Aircraft carriers... are VULNERABLE AND HARD TO DEFEND!

I know. Shocking.
Hey. Hey. Did you know the US Government basically gave no fucks about developing rockets until the Russians put a little beep beep boi into orbit and only THEN did they really start quizzing that German rocket scientist they'd hoovered up after WWII?

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21 Jul
The Shuttle certainly had drawbacks but every time I see takes like this I want to shake the person making them and ask them if the Hubble's neat fit into the Shuttle's bay strikes them as coincidence or design. They know it was based on a KH-11 spy satellite, right?
For that matter, statements like this imply that "civilizational ambition" put us on the Moon and not a strong desire to dunk on the Soviet Union. It smacks far, far too much of this "RETVRN" bullshit; glorifying motives that NEVER FUCKING EXISTED

I am with you on most of this, I am with most all of you on most all of this, but for fucks god-damned sake stop pretending like national leadership was inspired by Glorious Western Culture's Inevitable Call To Greatness because we fucking KNOW it wasn't.
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21 Jul
Just checked the Outsider forums and saw the author expressing polite restrained surprise that his Epic Quest Hero's Journey story pisses off knuckle-dragging chuds judging it with 4X videogames as their sci-fi benchmark and omg space elf aliens SO OP pls nerf.

And I was like:
Doesn't matter if you have ten readers or ten million - there is always that tiny minority, that background noise, who just fundamentally *cannot get it.*
I wrote him a nice long post politely explaining why he did nothing wrong and why this should be obvious to a 60 IQ Stellaris player, without calling anyone a 60 IQ Stellaris player.

But they ARE. They ARE, they are STUPID and they HAVE TO FUCKING KNOW

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21 Jul
Clown theater. Suggesting that highly trained Secret Service agents armed with magazine-fed fully automatic weapons were in any way in danger from an unarmed mob of civilians is complete clown theater.

Honk honk! Image
Aside from the clown theater aspect, this could also be part of the existing movement to strip the President of his unilateral nuclear release authority, which has already been floated by powerful Federal politicians (e.g. Speaker Pelosi) before now.
Don't write it off simply as performative umbrage from the Trump era, either - it's persisted into Biden's administration.

And don't assume that it's solely a reaction to Biden's obviously degraded cognitive capacity, either.

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20 Jul
" some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI... had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot... The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them."

I emphasize, once again: *with sources.* This is not "dude trust me." Every claim is accompanied with a hyperlink to openly available, non-classified documents; which (almost) all seem to be public court filings or press releases.

This is devastating.
The dreadful thing about this isn't the entrapment per-se: as the article itself notes in detail the FBI has been known to do this. But given how Federal prosecutors have drawn a straight line between this incident and Jan. 6th, and the FBI's own recent history...
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