🔞 that a/a namkook bit i posted last week has like, multiple little story parts that i tend to intermittently write at random times, but a concept i’ve been fixated on is omegas vmin who are their pack’s main attraction through their synced preheats
(for note, namkook are alphas, vmin are omegas, yoon2seok are betas)

like, preheats are always a spectacle, especially since vmin had regulated their cycles so they could just get their seasonly heat out of the way at once
& they don’t let anyone else near them in preheat, when the itch starts to set in they just turn to each other (although their pack is welcome to watch, of course)

building a big nest together, bickering over placements, eventually giving up and rolling together in the mess,
kissing each other—they smell all heady and sweet, their scents are at the strongest when the need really builds up. so it’s the two of them completely naked in the middle of their nest, rubbing necks and wrists and mouth all over each other
jm’s the one who’s always in a frenzy with it, tae’s honestly fine to just lay back & let himself get scented, rubbed all over, rearranged in the best to jm’s liking, sometimes jm hates it when tae’s head is “facing the wrong way,” he says, shifting th’s entire body til satisfied
& it’s like a routine for them, they feed off each other’s cycles so when preheat strikes one of them & the other gets a whiff they immediately start to get restless, and in a few hours the pack’ll find them tumbling all over each other, kissing & scenting, wet already
& they’re good at taking care of each other—they did it even before they presented, so they’re even better at it now…jm interchangeably riding or fucking th whenever he feels like it, constantly sweaty & just rolling around
th’s like, “shh, shh, you can have me whichever way you want,” when jm mouthing sloppily at taehyung’s thighs, growling in frustration bc he can’t do everything at once,

but sometimes jm’s the settled one & th’s the one feeling needy, & jm can’t stand to see his mate unsatisfied
so he takes care of th, tides the rises and falls of preheat til th can’t think about the discomfort, can’t think about the itch or pain or restlessness & can only think about the pleasure, the heavy thrum of rightness it gives to be taken care of by his favorite person
(not sure where this is going tbh)

but also constantly have just had the image in mind of jm lying on top of tae, bellies pressed together, rutting against each other, legs spread enough so the rest of the pack can see the slick shining on their thighs—but they can’t join,
the omegas won’t let them. & jm & th, obviously, get off on that /so hard/, on being alluring, the main attraction at the center of their nest, pressed together while the rest of their mates watch with both awe & envy, & fondness, too. like this is Their Time To Shine
and damn, they’re good at it. they’re good at making each other feel good, and they know it, and everyone knows it, but they just have to watch.

well, until their heats really start, at least.

• • •

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🔞 “love yourself”—sj, solo (inspired entirely by that one vid of sj checking himself out in a mirror)

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thinking about transmasc yoongi…yoongi coming out to seokjin, shakily, at night, in their room. the next morning, as yg struggles to reach the cereal in the top shelf, sj comes up next to him as says, “yg-yah, wait! hyung will do it.”


silently, yg bursts into tears.
cue sj, worried, flapping about, “aigoo, are you okay? yg-yah, what did i do? what did hyung do?”

anyway, yg gives him a hug & promptly pretends nothing happened (although, he does clear his throat that night, when he thinks sj’s asleep, & whispers quietly, “thank you, hyung.”)
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🔞 hey let’s think abt, jk just rubbing over nj’s cock & groin with his mouth, tongue.

“big,” jk breathes, when he first peels nj’s boxers off, awed and hushed.

he keeps touching nj, can’t stop running his hands over nj’s cock. rubs beneath the tip of it, gets it a bit wet.
“get it more wet,” nj says, low.

jk blinks at him and looks back down, and then leans over and purses his mouth, drooling right over nj’s dick.

jk bounces a little in delight after, on his own thighs, his whole body moving up-down on the bed.
just, jk rubbing nj’s cock all over his mouth and cheeks, messy and open. it doesn’t even feel good because of the friction or anything, purely from the overwhelming visual, his pink, wet mouth and little tongue stuck out enough to lap over nj’s cock.
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🔞 think it would be super hot if th made jk hold a fleshlight between his thighs and fucked that instead of fucking him
jk’s muscles tremble from holding the hard silicone between his thighs, his aching, neglected cock tucked up along the length of the fleshlight, weeping precome onto the toy.
& the sight & sound of th fucking hard into the clear fleshlight is /right there/, he can see it & hear it, driving him crazy.

the wet squelch of it, the swollen length of th’s cock driving into the toy over & over again. the heat of th’s body pressed all over his.
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🔞alright y'all, vmin thread based on @yeongwonhanrain 's "omegas slick up on both ends" concept. (this has had my balls in a vice grip for the past day)

w/ a/b/o, puppy play, degradation, praise kink, mouth knotting and just. an obscene amount of drool. like just so much slick
Taehyung squirms. And then he squirms a little bit more. There’s a tail plug sitting in his ass; he’d put it there himself earlier. He’d really dressed up this time (or at least as much as he could, considering that he’s currently naked).
His wrists are tied together behind his back, and a leather collar sits snugly around his neck. Really, it’s more of a choker, since there’s no leash for a ring, but the sentiment still counts.
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