Secular Talk is rejoicing that AOC is finally using the tactics of the Tea Party! Then asks her and the squad to call a press conference to demand that Joe Biden eliminates student loan, legalizes marijuana, frees every nonviolent drug offender he can.
Grifting commentator Kyle Kulinski, who speaks fondly of the Tea Party, thinks that AOC and progressive members of Congress threatening to withhold their vote from Biden by demanding a fantasy list of ten progressive polices will end in at least getting half of what they want.
Secular Talk on June 25 still thinking the Tea Party was this grassroots movement. It was funded by the Koch Brothers: "They were sent there to do Tea Party tactics. They're not doing Tea Party tactics."
E-celeb Hasan Piker: "True."
I wonder where Kyle got this shit from:
Kyle Kulinski, May 13: AOC should have thrown her lot in with the Left... she should have lived up to the idea of the Justice Democrats, which is to be a Tea Party of the Left. You made your bed and now you gotta sleep in it:
Kyle Kulinski called for an alliance with Rand Paul, Mike Lee, paleo-conservatives last summer: "Can we make a libertarian, Tea Party conservative/paleocon, and leftist alliance on ending the war? YES! YES! DO IT!"

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19 Jul
Why would I want to give more information so you can harass that person too? @TwitterSupport
How about you respond to the multiple times I’ve caught you lying - like here where your Islamophobic website accused an innocent man of being a terrorist:
Mate stood in the Douma ruins and claimed that chemical attacks were staged, then later admitted that he had no proof of staged chemical attacks, saying, "They didn't say it was not staged."

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17 Jul
Glenn Greenwald constructs alternate reality of Capitol insurrection, falsely claiming it only lasted three hours and killed nobody. It took over four hours to clear the mob, five people died. Glenn alleges insurrection was waged by about 700 gen x and boomers from Facebook.
Glenn Greenwald falsely suggests that 1/6 was not 'historically momentous,' dismisses white supremacy, the greatest domestic terror threat in the US, and complains that insurrectionists are being charged for the crimes they committed.
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15 Jul
Aaron Maté continues smear campaign that I'm not a real person, falsely claims I doctor videos: "I wouldn't assume that Matt Dimitri is actually a guy. It's a troll account... we have no idea who this person actually is and It might even be multiple people."
Dore agrees.
Jimmy Dore revives harassment campaign against me with lies: "Cenk just thanked Matt Dimitri for a video that is selectively edited, that's what this guy Matt Dimitri did. He's the one who did a doctored video of Aaron Maté..."
Note: This video Cenk thanks for me I did not make
Which is perfectly fine, mistakes happen, on Cenk's part.
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8 Jul
Greenwald smears the MeToo movement and attacks "this believe woman mantra": Even if it's true Jimmy did things inappropriate in that misogynistic's still the case that she weaponized and exploited things that she had in her pocket and deployed it opportunistically
Glenn Greenwald falsely claims that Ana Kasparian's message that Jimmy Dore sexually harassed her was ambiguous, and falsely thinks that she may have blackmailed Dore, repeating that "it's repugnant, even if the allegations are true."
Deleted earlier post because of typo with ambiguous.
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5 Jul
Jimmy Dore launches unhinged, misogynistic attack on Ana Kasparian, who he made inappropriate comments toward, falsely accusing her of coming up with "a bogus #MeToo" (suspiciously oscillating into 3rd person again) and calling her "a deeply narcissistic, jealous person."
Host asks if reported sexual harasser Jimmy Dore thought in retrospect that 'dressing inappropriately' was the wrong terminology to use.
Dore instantly flips out, directing potential violence towards Ana Kasparian and Cenk by suggesting that his followers punch them in the face.
Dore: He fucking ghosted me and not only did he not give me a phone call or an email or nothing. He just ghosted...him and Krystal, the most unprofessional fuckers in all of YouTube. That's horrible that they did that... I'm not gonna let anyone forget they did that
Host: I agree
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4 Jul
Secular Talk dismisses Jimmy Dore's inappropriate comments towards Ana Kasparian: What? You can't make a joke? So, I don't think that's misogyny... I'm in favor of jokes and I'm in favor of fucking around because I'm a big fan of political incorrectness.
"I'm losing a lot of friends over this," Kyle Kulinski reports. "It's not just Jimmy and Aaron who hate me now... also of course the people at the Young Turks would hate me now, because why wouldn't they? I'm saying I 90% disagree with them on the shit that's going on."
Kyle apologizes to Dore: We should have told him the day before...honestly, we were afraid of the argument that would come when we say we don't want to have you on.. we were very afraid..I figured I can keep my integrity because I'm not lying, I'm just not talking about the issue
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