After attempting and failing to make the rounds in left political circles (he was viscerally rejected on account of being a well-documented fascist), Matt Heimbach has apparently returned to form, using explicitly violent language
Heimbach also attempted to do the “reformed white supremacist” circuit and was met with rightful skepticism. Extremist movements are a pit of vipers and that prior skepticism feels particularly spot-on given this development.
Formers can be powerful figures for speaking truth to hate. Heimbach wasn’t that. Skepticism for those who publicly repent is warranted and a step in the process. Unfortunately, there were orgs who attempted to give Heimbach a pass before he proved he deserved it.
In the broad scheme of things, it will be curious to see how Heimbach’s latest turn plays out. Even within extremist movements he is a bit of a running joke at this point. Time will tell if points to a larger trend, or if any danger will come out of this. Let’s hope not.
Closing with the defining moment of Heimbach’s modern reputation via @KELLYWEILL…

• • •

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21 Jul
Some 35mm film scans from a rangefinder camera I scooped up when I got to Chicago.
I’ve been shooting through a Leica lens from the 50s I found in a shop here and it is always remarkable to me how little photography has changed. Most of the upgrades of the era involve phasing out film and introducing autofocus/software. Fundamentally it is the same practice
This is why so many photographers will tell you the line that the best camera you can get “is the one you will use.” For most now, that’s a phone. A lot of phone cameras are good! The important thing is taking photos to begin with and storing them with care so you don’t lose them
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15 Jul
A young MAGA guy has started hawking “freedom phones” to his fan base and bigger right-wing influencers have been promoting them with discount codes. There’s a video that came out as part of his sales pitch and I’m stuck on this part.
Second time I’ve shared this recently but this is all my brain does when I hear lines like this:
*waving my hands through a thick layer of dorm room pot smoke*

“Like, when you think about it, man, the Ottoman Empire probably would have been shadowbanned. No doubt.”
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12 Jul
The owner of Kiwifarms, a message board notorious for its community's tendency to harass, dox, and stalk the subjects of its mockery, shared a message to the board today informing users that the site has lost its domain registrar. They've been given 14 days to find a new one.
Yesterday I tweeted (left) that Kiwifarms was headed to Cloudflare to solve its domain hosting problem, based on a message the site owner posted (right). I’m deleting it because more clarity is warranted on how Cloudfare interacts with this issue. It’s a little bit less simple.
The nuance is small but worth splitting. Cloudflare does have the capabilities to adopt the domain.…

Though from what I understand, there's still some functionality that Cloudflare won't be able to offer Kiwifarms compared to its old host.
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26 May
NEW from @maxbrizzuto and I:

We analyzed 45+ million appearances of QAnon community catchphrases and related terms to see how the conspiracy has weathered deplatforming, the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, and more. Some of what we found actually surprised us!…
Write-up in Axios…
Forbes cites our study…
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15 May
Anyone who tells you the user base on Gab is a bunch of “normal Americans” has obviously not used the site in any meaningful way.
When Gab launched, some of the larger figures who joined were giving their audiences warnings. E.g., I remember specifically Jerome Corsi (then at Infowars) telling viewers the site was a rough experience and that they’d come across a lot of awful stuff if they joined him there.
Not much about the site has meaningfully changed. Gab has been far too toxic to attract a broader audience and its owner is a completely nut who openly courts extremist communities. When Parler rolled out, it almost instantly topped Gab’s traffic.
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29 Apr
The intention behind stuff like this is good. We should minimize our impact on the Earth at individual levels. But also, individual actions really don’t dent the needle. The heaviest polluters are a handful of industries no one wants to touch because the obscene $$$ they generate
I want to make sure I’m clear: It’s wrong to think about this as an either/or. Culling down impact of both is good and consumer behavior can motivate larger change. But changes that indvs. make ~must~ be paired with larger calls for gov/reg action if we want a fighting chance
Also the Vox article is actually a cartoon that’s as informative as it is cute! It got me thinking about this stuff again, so I used a screenshot of it as an example, but I’m using it to talk generally. Not trying to pretend to be mad about this specific cartoon
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