Just reading the US Attorneys' letter request to keep Barrack in custody in EDNY. It's pretty nice. A THREAD.
Dear MAGA, the Barrack that got arrested today for being a foreign agent of a Muslim nation was Trump's dude Thomas Barrack. Not the other one. Sorry about that.
4 count indictment: unregistered foreign agent; conspiracy; obstruction of justice; and false statements to investigators. For those keeping score, twitter was enraged about not charging rich white dudes with obstruction of justice yesterday.
Speaking of rich white dudes: here is RWD as a flight risk because he has planes and contacts in foreign nations without extradition treaties.
If he wants to see the light of day again, he has to give up his passports and his planes; disclose all of his foreign assets (under penalty of perjury); pledge his assets and submit to monitoring. Sucks to suck corrupt trumper.
Dumbass apparently used one of those specially encrypted FBI phones to take orders from his foreign employers ... sucks to suck Trumper ...
HOLY SHITBALLS. Part of Barrack's job was to stop a Camp David meeting with Qatar (our ally) over the blockade. THE BLOCKADE WAS ORCHESTRATED BY KUSHNER.
Kushner orchestrated the blockade of Qatar, and then took a bribe to lift it. Barrack ran interference against Qatar in their efforts to lift the blockade. THE SHARKS ARE CIRCLING, JARED. washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
The UAE blockades an ally - Qatar - where we have a major military base. Barrack serves as a secret agent for the UAE, and promises to serve the UAE against the US and its ally Qatar. Hmmm ... that kinda sounds like treason.
They interviewed him about it 2 years later, and he lied like the lying sack of shit he is. Sucks to suck, Trumper.
I have no quarrel with the people of Lebannon, but I have a problem with the fact that top Republican is actually a citizen of Lebannon.
The flight risk is not theoretical - one of Barrack's conspirators fled, leaving him holding the bag.
If you dig this kind of thing. Please follow. I try to go to original source documents and give a little truth.

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21 Jul
Since we are piling on Thomas Barrack, I want to take a moment to talk about what is mostly absent from the indictment: ACTS BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. washingtonpost.com/context/indict…
In the indictment, there is a lot of talk about Barrack getting meetings with people in the Trump admin as requested by UAE officials.
There is talk of getting preferred candidates placed in the Trump administration, including placement of an unidentified member of Congress as an ambassador (that did not happen).
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20 Jul
Reading through the docs obtained by CREW (we all owe a debt of gratitude to CREW), there are a lot of redactions, but also some noteworthy items. THREAD
News to me: there were multiple reports of explosions and other potential bombs beyond the two at the DNC and RNC. Those weren't cleared until 4:48PM
The Secret Service advised personnel to telework or work from home due to crowds. (This seems a mistake)
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11 Jul
Projection - that's what they do - they accuse us of doing the evil things that they actually do. I previously wrote about Ruben Verastugui - evil incarnate - but I missed this story about his buddy Adam Hageman. politico.com/news/2021/03/0…
Verastugui is the most evil thing I have ever tweeted about, and of course he was part of the RNC and Repub Senate media teams, as well as a big figure in the youth "pro-life" movement.
Verastugui pleaded guilty yesterday, admitting the facts in the charging affidavit that he fantasized about raping and killing infants. The Politico story included new facts: the chat group included 18 people; one of them was Hageman. politico.com/news/2021/07/0…
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1 Jul
If Weisselberg and his son were being paid off books ... what are the chances that Trump and his sons (and Ivanqa) were being paid off books?
Come to think of it, don't ALL the executives of Trump Org live in housing owned by Trump Org? It seems like that might be a tangible, taxable perquisite. businessinsider.com/donald-trump-p…
Just as I thought (now that I'm thinking about it) - housing is a taxable fringe benefit unless fairly strict exceptions apply. corporatehousing.com/blog/corporate…
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9 Jun
Here is my response to everyone's ridiculous takes about how the DoJ shouldn't defend the office of the POTUS from sex assault allegations. The evils are ALREADY teeing up sex assault allegations against Biden. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Biden…
And it's not even sex assault allegations that are being defended. It's the denial - the words - which every politician has to be entitled to do if someone makes an allegation against them.
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8 Jun
@BarbMcQuade is a formidable legal mind and this article is quite good. Nevertheless, here is DIRK'S HOT TAKE EXPLAINING WHY THE TWITTER MOB AND BARB ARE WRONG ON THIS POINT.
(I nevertheless take a moment to note I too am frustrated with the glacial pace of justice regarding the obvious trumpist crime wave of the past couple of years)
Key Point One: Ms. Carrol's suit is not about the attack she endured at Trump's hands back in the day. It alleges that Trump lied about the attack when she came forward about it in 2019. THE DOJ IS NOT DEFENDING A RAPE CASE.
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