Let us know history of Raj Kundra ??

Raj Kundra is typical example of everything that is wrong with Urduwood.

Raj Kundra dad was in Punjab he migrated to UK and become a bus conductor. His mom was a working as an assistant sales girl. #RajKundraArrest

Raj hardly had any education and left his home at 18 and went to Dubai and started doing all sorts of business to make money.

Though officially he was in Pashmina shawl import business we all know no one makes millions by importing shawls and sweaters.

He was a front man of DGang & was doing money laundering for them esp Iqbal 🌶

Iqbal mirchi was right hand man of D@₩00d in London & was doing drug trafficking & extortion.

He had huge properties in Mumbai & was into real estate in India also
So our boy was his Right hand.
Mirchi died in 2013 and Raj became his own boss.

Raj Kundra was earlier married to Kavita in 2005 and they divorced in 2007
And who know the reason Raj gave for divorce ? My wife has an affair with my sister’s husband..

Well the reason for divorce was his affair with Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty whose career ended in Hindi and so she went to UK to join Bigg boss and got Hooked up with DGang chota boss there.

She as many Bollywood heroines yet another home breaker.

Bollytards love experienced hubbies hence they always settle for second marriages by breaking homes.

Kareena Karishma Rani Sridevi you take anyone and their life story is same.

In 2004 he was declared as 198th richest British but he doesn’t do any thing in Britain.

All his business is in a Dubai and India.

So he divorced his wife when their first child was only a month old and flies off to Dubai with Shilpa and buys her a top class apartment in Burj Khalifa

Then they come to India buy a sprawling 20000sq ft sea facing home in Juhu and start investing in Bollywood and cricket.

Yeah DGang wanted a pie in IPL betting and again Kundra is their front man.

So an unknown entity buys Rajasthan Royals and he becomes an owner of IPL team.
The CEO of Rajasthan cricket association IAS officer Sanjay Dikshit has been on record saying Raj Kundra approached me for Match fixing in IPL

Later Kundra was caught with N Srivinasan son in law, many Bollywood actors like Vidhoo singh, Arbaaz Khan and Sanjay Kapoor..

in IPL betting scam and came out scot free
IPL betting is going unabated even now and totally controlled by DGang and those matches are just joke. I can only pity people who take them seriously

And to run that drama we lost World test championship as we didn’t prepare well for England and were playing IPL

While NZ was playing England in tests to get adopted to English conditions
Hence we lost to a tiny country of 50 lakhs people

Everyone loved IPL as there is huge money for BCCI tv Channels, sponsors, advertising, Players, teams and last DGang

So cricket has become a joke

Then this kind of thugs make tv series and movies with drug money extortion money and Betting money to make it white

Hence Hindi movies are so bad and so sad,

They are just made to lose money not for sake of art or cinema.

Hence Bollywood stars don’t even worry about story or script.

Hence flop stars like Sanjay Kapoor live like prince and retired stars like Anil Kapoor give 1000 crore Bussiness to their son in laws.

And when so much is there how can Paxtaan be far way..

Imran’s right hand man, ISI agent and chief sponsor is the gang leader of this gang and so it is Bollywood Cricket Drugs Paxtaan all who work together
And we call them celebrities

Now u know why Bollywood hates Modi

And for such a ac0undrel making a p0rn intimidating wannabe actress is nothing but a habit

I don’t think he even bothers about that chillar money

He might have done it out of sheer habit

As most of these criminals start life by p1mping
Source : Via WhatsApp

• • •

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Congress thought that India would become an Isl@mic nation by 2020-22, so from 2011 to 2013, Congress introduced the Communal Violence Law thrice in the Lok Sabha, but BJP strongly opposed it in the Lok Sabha, due to which it enslaved Hindus.

Cont 👇
The law that made could not be passed, if the law was passed, then the Hindu would definitely have become a slave. So already the Gandhi family named Priyanka Vadra's son as Rehan, which is a Mu$lim name so that the people of Congress can say..

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Interesting facts of Oxygen.

Scientists claim that there was oxygen in the atmosphere 2.48 billion years ago today, let's read the interesting facts about oxygen.

1.Oxygen is the third most abundant element on earth. Hydrogen on the 1st and Helium on the second.
2. Having 21% oxygen in the atmosphere is not less than a boon for us, because 300 million years ago, when oxygen was 35%, then the size of small insects started becoming very big.

3. Oxygen gas is colourless, tasteless and odorless..

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but liquid and solid oxygen are pale blue in colour.

4. 90% of our body's energy comes due to oxygen. Only 10% is available from food and water.

5. We breathe about 23,000 times a day. Meaning, we inhale 23 times more air than the food we eat and 8 times more air than we drink.
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Q: Who is the founder of Christianity?
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Q: Who is the founder of Hinduism?

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founder and hence, Hinduism is not a religion or Dharma at all.

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She did not understand that.
Swamiji put some more questions to her.

Q: Who is the founder of Physics?
Ans: No one person.
Q. Who is the founder of Chemistry
Ans: No one person.

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