'Author JK Rowling says-' This absolute horseshit phrasing is deliberate. There are multiple screenshot compilations. Many threatening tweets remain up. This is not something JKR 'says' happened. This is something that objectively, observably did happen to her.
They'll encourage you not to believe a woman, to question her motives, when the evidence of abuse is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

When the reality of the abuse becomes too evident, they'll simply claim that she deserved it. That she brought it on herself.
Ofc the word games don't stop there. Anyone following JKRs 'remarks' in earnest would know that she speaks on women's rights, not 'transgender rights,' that her views, that women are an oppressed sex class deserving of autonomy and boundaries, are anything but controversial.
But obviously, in a world so historically and thoroughly steeped in male supremacy that a males 'feeling' of womanhood now takes priority over a woman's *reality* of womanhood, reality will be seen as controversial.
All of this because a woman dared to speak on her own reality. All of this because a woman refused, kindly but firmly, to capitulate to a metaphysical belief system that would erase women in language and law, reduce womanhood to a nebulous feeling unanchored to material reality
- a goal that is fucking heinous in a world where girls are regularly raped, abused, mutilated, trafficked, subjugated, silenced and killed BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE.

Meanwhile, calling a male 'he' is considered an act of 'violence.' Fuck. Off.
There is a reason that lesbians, and not straight men, are being pressured into accepting dick into their sex life. There is a reason that women's sports are being destroyed while men's sports remain unscathed. There is a reason prisons are giving out birth control to women who
are now housed alongside male rapists. There is a reason female-only communal spaces are shut down after being deemed dangerous and hateful, while female-only porn sites depicting abuse and dehumanization of women are growing by the day, even celebrated.
There is a reason for the push to redefine motherhood via terms like 'chestfeeding,' 'mestruator,' 'birthing body,' while there is barely a shadow of a push to redefine men's anatomy or terminology. There is a reason so many young girls are trying to identify out of all of this.
It's because women are, and have always been, expected to be a support class for males first and foremost - even and especially at their own expense. Any woman who dares to call this bullshit dynamic out, no matter how kindly, suffers abuse, threats and violence as a consequence.
It's now a thought crime to acknowledge the truth of what a woman is, the reality of sex-based misogyny that every woman endures from the day they are born - because the truth undermines men's feelings.
All of this to say - JKR has shown more grace through all of this than any of you male supremacists fucks deserve.

• • •

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26 Jun
This bs of using gays as a shield to defend transing kids. There's nothing to conflate. Gay ppl don't alter any part of themselves to be gay. There is no lifetime of medicalization/pharmaceutical dependence, there's no unattainable endgoal prompting inevitable body modification.
There is no sacred 'kind' lie that every stranger in the world is expected to affirm, at the risk of the child's identity crumbling at the slightest mention of reality. Being gay, same-sex attracted, is just that: reality, not identity. It is predicated on the reality of sex.
'Gender identity' is predicated on a fantasy built from, and in service to, sexist stereotypes. It has absolutely *nothing* to do with being gay. A gay child does not require an affirmation cult and a fucking medical intervention to be gay.
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25 Jun
Women were not oppressed throughout all of recorded human history because they 'felt' female.

Women were, and are, oppressed because they *are* female.
Likewise, homosexuals were not murdered, mocked, correctively raped and subjected to conversion therapy because we 'identified' as gay.

We were, and are, oppressed on the basis of *being* same-sex attracted.
To deny the fact that dimorphic sex is the basis for so many of our human experiences, to deny the ways it shapes how we navigate the world and each other, is to deny material reality. It's silly. It's magical thinking. And it has real consequences, primarily for women.
Read 5 tweets
28 Feb
@jackappleby It's funny the other guy mentions Contra, because those videos contributed to me questioning the whole ideology too 😅

I was a full-on TRA for most of the 2010s. I learned the terms and 'eduated' myself on gender identity, pronouns, queer theory, the whole deal. I was excited /1
@jackappleby to be defending this marginalized group, because after all as a gay guy and a die-hard progressive, why wouldn't I pass it forward?

Then, it was kind of like an avalanche, slow at first, quickly becoming unavoidable. A couple of my trans/nb friends began detransitioning. /1
@jackappleby Some of the conversations I'd had with them shook me, finding out what was actually happening that whole time, but I got sucked into breadtube pretty hard (Contra/PhilosophyTube/Ellis etc) and thanks to a little cognitive dissonance I was as determined a TRA as ever. /3
Read 11 tweets

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