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21 Jul, 43 tweets, 6 min read

SA Update 2(evening) July 21


6 cases linked to cluster hours ago and now 6 new cases so 12 in cluster

5 at the Tenafeate Winery
Exposure site from 1:45-4:30 pm Sunday afternoon
1 at the Greek restaurant
Most concerning is one works at Gawler and District B-12 school and once case was at one the sites yesterday

Getting in contact with all we can at the exposure sites
This is why we needed a lock down

Would have been very difficult if 6 cases in community
This disease thrives on indecision

Had to go hard and early
Prof Spurrier
Wouldn't do 2 pressers as gets confusing but needed to let people know

Highlighted Tenafeate Winery as a high risk site and when I got back to the office saw there were cases

Time of Exposure
1:45-4:30 pm
5 new cases at the winery

Can't tell you how many tests we have done of those at the winery
Popular place:
Outdoor and indoor dining area

Getting details but don't have them all

Woman and a man in 50s
Man in his 40s
Woman in 60s
Woman in 80s
People who QR coded in at winery received SMS Monday night

Many went into Q quire early

Man in 40s related to a school, Gawler and District College, attended Monday but in Q since then

But time from exposure to infectivity may be 24-36 hrs so very concerned
Very concerned between short time between
exposure on Sunday and now positive cases

Most important will be Monday before they went into Q
Also a case from Greek on Halifax who is under 5

Can't give clinical status of any of the cases

Interviewing people and getting them into Toms Court
School has been informed

M massive undertaking to get all tested

All at school required to Q and testing priority established
Priority test location set up with SA Path -not giving out location so it is not inundated as it is for priority cases

Extended hours for testing at Port Adelaide and Mile End both open to midnight
Tunundra looking at second drive thru lane

Extra staff from hospitals going to Vic Parkand agency staff being trained in PPE etc
Water being delivered to those in cars and coffee vans will be on site soon

If using bathrooms or getting coffee-distance and mask

Council toilets will be open extended hrs and more portable toilets and cleaning
Can send specimens interstate if need to keep turnaround times under control
All same party at winery?

Have given you all the info I have got

Know how many people were at the winery?

No not yet
Winery was notified and looking at QR codes

Please use QR - manual check in -handwriting hard to read to get peoples numbers correct
Child under 5 part of private birthday?

Given you all the details I have-reason only do one press conference usually so can answer questions
What do you want people who were at school to do?

Follow the information you receive from CDCB

Info also on website
Is this a super spreader and how concerned are you?

Both Greek on Halifax and the winery are examples of super spreader events

Yes it is serious and I am concerned and all very pleased that we put lock down ion place so quickly
Time to stay home and don't leave home

Know we have reasons to leave but minimise them
How many to track down still from winery and restaurant?

Need to check details

Very busy perils on a number of floors at the dept trying to track down everyone
When we feel there is potentially a gap, know not everyone has used QR -sometimes you QR in but rest of family haven't

So info is all on website

If can get hold of every at a small site may not put it on the website
But at winery maybe not all used QR, maybe just stopped for a tasting

Another reason having press conference to really let people know in SA that a if you were there and have had no SMS or contact-test and put yourself in Q

So very important
Expect more exposure sites and when will they go up?

Communicable disease doctors make the notification to patient to notify them of their results and check on them in terms of symptoms and organise required medical care
Then that is passed to contact tracers

Can take 2-3 hours to do contact tracing interview

Given only got results earlier today all is in train but sites will go up on website so expect it expand
Winery was busy and so was restaurant on Saturday

All need to prepare for more cases as I am
How is capacity at Tom's Court looking -looking to use extra 2 floors at the Pullman ?

Have team that runs the quarantine system and they will make sure all is prepared for increasing number of cases
Significant jump in cases today-expect dame tomorrow and in coming days?
Lockdown extended?

Very difficult to say
Did lock down early if there are more cases won't have been opportunity for exposure

If go out -masks and distance

If can preorder groceries do that
New test clinic at lot 14-daily capacity of that site?

(Oh good job saying what she was keeping on the low down)
Don't have details
Just being planned and for the priority risk cases

Need them to test promptly to get ahead of the curve

(Do not overwhelm them people, it is )
True can only do 40 people a day?

Seems low but haven't been given details
Any need hospital?

Don't have clinical status

Will have details tomorrow
Exposure site announced earlier today -current cases were already in Q and caught up in testing requirement or?

Can tell you SMS sent Monday night when recognised as potential exposure site to those who QRed in
QR on public transport but what if don't have mobile phone?

Will need to be a manual check in
All transferred to Toms Court?

What we normally do as safer and can provide medical care
How is capacity going there?

Not too bad because had reduction in flights but will keep monitoring
Huge demand in testing and people being turned away including those who have been to exposure site-advice to them?

Please go back

Look at website

Opened lot more testing between SA Health and private providers

look at extended times and please come back
Any exposure sites also super spreader events?

Not that I have been informed

Inlace down don't give the opportunity for super spreader events
What is over riding message to public tonight?

This virus can only move as we move as people

If we stop the virus will stop and this outbreak will stop

Stay put

Stay away from anyone else

Particularly those you do not know but even in own family group
I have older mother need ing care-made decision only one person will provide that care to minimise coming and going

Stay home as much was possible

if have plenty of food at home use that food

Try and relax
Think of some hobbies to do
As I said to my husband this morning this is the day you can tidy up your sock drawer
Do some things to take your mind of being in lock down
Concerned about how widespread the exposure sites are -dotted in so many parts of Adelaide?

Reflection of fact we have been so lucky and enjoyed wonderful lifestyle in SA and people Gert out and travel around and attend these sorts of venues

Now stay home and relax
Hoping for 7 days lock downs and prepare for longer?

Think about PH as proportionate but precautionary

Have to do something quite significant like a lock down before something happens

In hindsight might be easy to say overreaction or should have gone harder
Difficult decision to make

Don't want to predict what the future holds but wish everyone a safe Wednesday evening

Phone up people

Keep in touch by social media but just stay away from everybody
New test facility in north -Ridgehaven -any reason not 24 hour facility given number of exposure sites in the area?

Think hours will be extended but need enough staff to do that

• • •

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23 Jul
PM speaking after National Cab July 23

In NSW the challenge is great as it was in Melb last year and across Vic

Delta fresh challenge and have to adapt and change how we do things

Say to Sydney we have to press on (Waffle)

Only beaten by suppressing it
Vaccines can put wind to that

Thanks NSW Permier for her candour in sharing her plans and arrangements

Was strong support for NSW

Come together and look at what we have to do

No perfect solutions (waffle and rallying cry)
NC update for step plan
Soon get advice on targets from Doherty taking Delta into account

Won't all be solved at one meeting -will meet as often as we have to
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23 Jul
Victoria Update July 23


14 new local

7 in hospital -6 local and 1 from HQ
2 in ICU
0 ventilated

10 in Q for 100% of their exposure days
3 were not but only out for about 24 hours each
1 being investigated now

<10% were in Q while infectious a week ago
75%+ now
~20000 isolating to keep others safe -I say thank you

43500 test results impressive and some confidence between the and waste water that we have a complete picture

Difficult to predict what will happen next Tuesday but trend is good
Do the right thing we will get the right outcome

Will wait for as much data as possible before make decisions but looking good
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23 Jul
NSW Update July 23


136 new local

56 infectious in community

Apparent won't be close to 0 next Friday

Crisis cabinet advised by Dr Chant and her team this morning situation is a national emergency
LGAs Cumberland and Blacktown subject to restrictions to leave unless critical workers peer the exiting list
Calling on Fed got to refocus national vaccination strategy

Distributing vaccines in SW Sydney-mico plan to get vaccines in arms and need more first doses Pfizer as young population

Want more people to have first doses to reduce transmission
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23 Jul
QLD Update July 23


3 new
2 HQ
1 new local -flight attendant possibly infectious back to July 11
Flew routes Brisbane -Longreach -Gladstone -Hervey Bay
Essential to test people on those flights urgently

If can test all passengers can get idea of risk profile

May be more locations released today
Positive sewage tests in Byron Bay and NSW not aware cases there

Monitoring it closely as Byron is in border zone

Only travel for essential reasons in border zone

If can't keep border zone safe won't be able to keep border zone open
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22 Jul
Victorian Media Release Summary July 22

28 new

26 locally acquired

2 new in HQ:
Man aged in his 30s
Woman aged in her 20s

146 active:
133 locally acquired
3 overseas acquired

5 in hospital

Total 20,865

All 26 new local cases linked to the current outbreaks

24/26 in isolation throughout the entirety of their infectious period
1 case
Initially tested negative as a Tier 2 contact at AAMI Park
Released from Q
Spent 1 day in the community before being re-classified as a Tier 1 CC

Prahran Market and Market Lane Coffee are Tier 1 exposure sites

Contacted by the Dept
Immediately isolated and tested again
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22 Jul
Victoria Update July 22


26 new local
All linked
24/26 in Q throughout their entire infectious period

2 HQ

5 in hospital

133 total in outbreak

3 days ago 6% in isolation
73% yesterday
92% today

Clock down starting to work
2 not in Q

One exposure was a single transaction at a regional petrol station as they made their way back to isolate in Melb-followed all required measures to minimise transmission
Other case related to AAMI Park and was infectious in community one day
Visited Prahran markets and Market Lane coffee
Also Saturday
9:40 am -11:15 am

Both Tier 1 sites

Over 900 checked in on QR system -if here during the times isolate, test and Q for 14 days from exposure
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