1. Fair @theJeremyVine question ~ found responses very interesting

On one hand @ShelaghFogarty in attack mode

On other @beverleyturner suggesting listening + respect

...a pretty good reflection of how opposing sides approach the madness - judge for yourself

@amyvoce in middle
2. @theJeremyVine @ShelaghFogarty @beverleyturner @amyvoce ~ have you looked at difference between relative + absolute risk reduction? (Drug Co. estimates based on trials)

WHY DOES NO ONE talk about ARR (absolute) 🤔

ARR = 1% (benefit re risk of +ve test post 💉) ~ only 1%
3. Are 💉 effective; what does 🌍 evidence show? @theJeremyVine

Israel is most advanced drug trial - shows +ve cases proportional to jabbed/not jabbed ratio

U.K. ~ more +ve cases in jabbed vs not jabbed (ZOE data)

U.K. ~ more dying with delta jabbed (63% @PHE_uk) than not j
4. Are 💉 safe? @theJeremyVine @ShelaghFogarty @beverleyturner @amyvoce

Government databases around 🌍 show high adverse reactions

🇬🇧: 1m+ injuries/deaths #YellowCard

🇺🇸: c11,000 deaths #VAERS

🇪🇺: 18,000+ deaths #eudravigilance

Gov systems UNDER report...
5. ...are 💉 safe? @theJeremyVine @ShelaghFogarty @beverleyturner @amyvoce

Given 1m+ million injuries/deaths on #YellowCard in 🇬🇧 on gov’s own reporting system + post jab deaths running 169 times 10 year post jab average WHY has NO ONE in Parliament mentioned #YellowCard 🤔

• • •

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21 Jul


This is a short note to everyone.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been jabbed or not; the vaccine passport debate can not be ignored.
2. It also can not be ignored that all data/evidence shows clearly that whether someone has had the vaccine or not doesn’t stop that person from catching covid and passing covid on (Public Health England, ZOE data, Israel, drug companies own research show overwhelming evidence).
3. Everyone has to answer ONE question: are you ok with preventing one of your family members (could be a parent, a child, a cousin, a brother, a sister, an uncle, a niece, a grandparent, a grandchild) or one of your friends or neighbours or work colleagues or team mates...
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20 Jul
1. James - reading your piece below re kid jabs in 🇬🇧; I can’t see any mention that these are trial gene drugs or that any approval is on an “emergency use basis”; can you confirm pls on both counts ~ people can’t have #InformedConsent without

Thanks 🙏

2. ...also there is no mention of the U.K. government’s #YellowCard system where there are now more than one million injuries/deaths reported; people can’t have #InformedConsent without this

3. ...last; have you looked at difference between relative risk reduction + absolute risk reduction? The former had given efficacy of c90-95% to “vaccines”; but latter is ONLY 1% (benefit relating to testing +ve)

Real 🌍 evidence = these numbers too high

Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
1. Happy #MaskFreeMonday 😃

To those not wearing a mask for 1st time in while take it easy + remember

- NO case of outdoor transmission anywhere in 🌍

- masks = theatre rather than effective intervention

- masks collect dangerous pathogens + harmful

#TakeOffYourMask Image
2. ...but, but masks work; do they? Ask Dr Bridle if his 5 masks (15 mask layers) stop 🦠 carrying aerosols from getting through the gaps between the mask fibres

Check the 🎥 to see for yourself

#MaskFreeMonday #TakeOffYourMask
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18 Jul
Very few know the answer is 1%

What is the question?

Question = what is the ABSOLUTE risk reduction relating to reduced risk of testing positive for 🦠 according to drug companies own trials?

1% ~ yes, just 1% benefit

Next ask why NO ONE in government discusses 1% 🤔

#ARR Image
...but then as more real world data comes to light it becomes quickly evident that even this 1% number doesn’t appear correct

Take #Israel 🇮🇱 where those testing positive for 🦠 currently doing so in exact % split of jabbed + unjabbed across all age groups Image
...and the 1% absolute risk reduction relates to risk of testing positive for 🦠; not for getting ill, being hospitalised or dying

To calculate ARR for these you need to do some simple maths and you quickly move from 1% to 0.0%; yes zero

= ALL jabs are MIS-SOLD Image
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12 Jul
1. @CMO_England telling the country that the jabs are very effective...let’s have a look at that quickly shall we?
2. 63% of those who have died “with Delta” had ALREADY BEEN JABBED according to @PHE_uk

How does that tell us that the jabs work and are effective?
3. There is rapid growth currently of positive test results in those who have ALREADY BEEN JABBED; again, how does that tell us that jabs work + are effective?
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11 Jul
1. If you haven’t watched Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich then it will blow your mind; check @pjhlaw for full interview...it’s long but worth it

Here on “We made SARS...and ‘we’ patented it before any alleged outbreak in Asia” holy 🐄
2. You know that ‘novel’ SARS-CoV-2 🦠...do you know how ‘novel’ it is? Well, there are 73 patents filed on the ‘novel’ bits

When were the 73 patents filed?

Answer: between 2008-19

= NOT ‘novel’ + strangely already patented years ahead of time

Hello, you what!! 🤔
3. So what is the origin of 🦠?

Animal 🤔
Lab leak 🤔

= red herrings

Not a lab leak; worse

Worrying, very worrying
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