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The Afar Region and TPLF Leadership's Attempts to Control the Roads and the Sea🧵

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

Friday 16th February 2018
Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Another defining moment in the history of Ethiopia and its people seems to be unfolding.
Those dramatic changes that are taking place in Ethiopia now are heralding both anxiety and opportunity. All Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia have their own anxieties and uncertainties. More than any, the Afar Killil (Rakaakay in Afar-af) must have more anxiety and
worry than the rest because of obvious reasons. The TPLF Leadership's coveting for all strategic roads that lead to ports.
In all the Regions administrated by the so called "sister" (ehet") organizations in EPRDF or led by the "supporter" (Aggar) in the so called backward Regions, TPLF's wishes were always law. This is very true in the Afar Region than in any Region.
This is not only true because the region is ruled for the last 27 by "Manjus" (former child-soldiers of the TPLF), nor because it is directly controlled from Mekele, or not because of the ambitious designs of the Greater Tigray or Republic of Greater Tigray in accordance to the
TPLF Political Manifesto of 1976, but above all it is because TPLF wants to secure the control of all strategic roads that lead to Sea ports.
So, for all the above- mentioned reasons, they are coupling the destiny of the Afar Region with that of Tigray Region. All the strategic roads to and from Tigray pass through this Region. Because of the recent uprising in the Mersa and Woldia the Addis-Dessie- Alemata-Mekele
road was impassable and blocked, they had to take the new road through Samara and Abaala of the Afar region.
If TPLF wants to secure the Sea outlet to Red Sea which they denied 100 million strong Ethiopian nation open to Tigray. So, TPLF leaders not only consider Afar Region as their backyard but their High Priest Sibhat Negga even dared to say, "if Tigray secedes, Afar Region
will follow suite in 2009 VOA". Indeed, Afars can be victims of their Geo-strategic positions but, will never be an accomplice to TPLF leadership's sinister designs and conspiracies against the unity of Ethiopia.
Ethiopians were used to speak about our country being on the brink of a civil war, on cross roads but this statement seems to be more true than any time in the last 27 years. Ethiopians who used to talk about the upper hand of Tigrian elite represented by TPLF are now talking
about National Dialogue, National Consensus and even of All-inclusive Government of National Unity but, the intransigent and uncompromising leaders of TPLF are still thinking of old-fashioned tricks and even sinister designs, such as their talk of "Plan B" to prolong their
supremacy. The Ethiopian people would never allow that a minority group commands the destiny of Ethiopian people. That is why they are in the process of changing the balance of force in their favours.
That recent developments are leading us to the final decisive point. But, in spite of all those developments, those processes will not be free from fears and anxieties.
The divisive politics of the last 27 years has left not only mistrust among Ethiopians but also divided them along ethnic lines. Transfiguring those fears into an opportunity in order to strengthen internal unity is a must.
Coordinating the scattered upheavals and upraising under one leadership is the forth coming step that the Ethiopians look forward to.
It is not time to be doubtful about the future of Ethiopia but it is also time to be guarded and vigilant. Learning lessons from our failed experiences is a must too.
We in Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front(ARDUF) are more than ready to contribute our share in this demanding, challenging arduous process of coalition buildings and undergoing compromises ahead of the Ethiopian people in general and the Ethiopian oppositions in particular
Victory to Ethiopian People!
Victory to the freedom fighter of ARDUF

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Information Desk of ARDUF
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

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22 Jul
Breaking news From Afar region 🧵

22nd July 2021

TPLF have started from Yallo and keep pushing into other towns. If we ask why they are in Afar, they want to create a government for themselves that includes Afar region. They have raised their flag in our lands.
TPLF are saying we will reach Mille and control Afar Region. TPLF wants to destroy Afar identity & wants to rule Afar people, they see no Afar government but only under TPLF rule. TPLF do not want Afar people to have government of their own. TPLF wants to do what they did before.
Before tplf used to claim lands that was “apparently” taken by Amhara that belonged to Tigray but they never claimed Yallo and its surroundings in Afar region but now they have their flag in our lands and this touched our integrity. The fact tplf junta wants to control our lands.
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21 Jul
ARDUF condemns TPLF’s heinous crimes against the Qafar people and other ethnic groups 🧵

July 22, 2016

As feared and forewarned for the last 26 years by many forces and quarters in Ethiopia the smoldering identity issues seem to have reached the boiling point and are about to
erupt into a national insurrection against the murderous regime of TPLF. The first is what everybody feared and second or the collective reaction is what everybody wished.
As Afars, the systematic incorporating of traditionally owned land by TPLF is not new to us. The 1976 TPLF’s Political Manifesto for Republic of Greater Tigray proclaimed the ownership of Afar land.We can say that TPLF started this expropriating process first in Afar land in 1978
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21 Jul
Tigray invaded Afar Region because they want to control our region and kill Afar people.
Otherwise they wouldn’t invade Afar if they didn’t want to use and control our lands. They didn’t invade to visit us. They invaded to kill Afar, destroy our identity, land grab our lands.
They want to do what they did for the last 27 years in Afar Region, kill afar civilians, steal our resources.
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20 Jul
Rapid Update: Tigray Defense Force taking roads and towns in central west of Afar region, Ethiopia 🧵

July 20th, 2021

As of July 16th, TDF broke into Afar Region through Yallo adjacent to Allamatta in Tigray.
They quickly took the town of Yallo and moved on to take the town of Kalwaan in Guulina district just 37 kilometers away. Town and adjacent rural communities immediately fled in all directions: to Magaale north, To Teeru, To Awra, Uwwa and Sifra and on to Logya – in all,
the majority of those fleeing have gone to rural areas to shelter with other Afar. Around 7,000 have spent up to 4 days on the road coming south and are living in the town of Allale Subla in Uwwa, in Sifra and are trying to move on –
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20 Jul
I came back on Twitter and I see Tigray monkeys dictating who he is Afar and who can’t be Afar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

When Afars are against them they try say they are not Afar but if delusional person blindly falls for them they are suddenly “Afar”.

Lol delusional monkeys 😭
Just few weeks ago they were crying about #TigrayGenocide now they are celebrating the tplf attacking Afar people in Afar Region and dictating who’s Afar and who can’t be Afar 💀💀💀
Tigray monkeys have always been hypocrites, when they don’t get supports from other ethnic groups they start making propaganda and fake love links between others.
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9 Jul
@kombiyuter @inkaarqabto Before 1960s, the French allied with Issa until the Issa were influenced by Somali nationalism and wanted to annex the whole of Djibouti into greater Somalia hence why French decided to support the Afar between 1963-1967...
@kombiyuter @inkaarqabto On 1976, the French decided to support the issas because the Afar leaders rejected their claims which had no interest for Afar people.
@kombiyuter @inkaarqabto Afar leaders and people wanted and accepted independence of Djibouti 🇩🇯 instead of their homeland to be annexed into greater Somalia.
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