i can't believe i need to say this but regardless of how annoying young kids are it's not appropriate to joke about k/lling them or joke about them experiencing violence

and if you jump to making those jokes it's maybe a good idea to unpack your own thought process
I'm a childfree guy and I'm not going to have kids, i typically avoid young children, even those who are relatives, because I find them overstimulating, and yes, my twitter is an 18+ space

none of that means "so make jokes about killing kids in my replies", what the fuck
like yes, they're often loud, annoying, sticky, messy, etc - they are growing. they are learning. they lack impulse control, the same capacity for critical thought, and know so much less about the world than you do
joking about kids being hurt really isn't about whether you make them within their earshot?

it's about a cultural apathy we have toward children and them experiencing violence and neglect, esp bc these attitudes are most often aimed at poor kids, disabled kids, kids of colour
especially given the extent to which child abuse and parental neglect is a theme in my work, it should not be a big mental leap for you to realise that not just for ME, but for many of my followers, this is an incredibly bad ground to tread
like kids have. so little agency and so little control of their lives, it's so difficult for children to escape abusive homes and environments, kids who do manage to leave their birth families often experience even further abuse within the Foster system
our education system is underfunded with huge class sizes, kids going hungry, kids receiving little to no personal attention, forced to do exams earlier and earlier, put through rote learning processes that many of them struggle with, and with no option of escape
like yes I'll complain about the neighbours kids being louder than a plane engine

I'm NOT gonna go??? be nasty to them for having a nice time during a heat wave in the summer?

or respond kindly to ppl saying. horrible violent shit

• • •

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21 Jul
i hate genre labels at the best of times but god every time i accidentally interact or read average takes from the mainstream romance community i feel so uncomfortable and so unwelcome bc that attitude of like

"romance is an unrealistic genre where men are human" is,,,, ow
and i know that the romance genre is historically dominated by women, especially cis women, and there are absolutely really misogynistic attitudes to the romance genre
but the vibe of like, oh, men don't have feelings, men never talk about their feelings or have healthy relationships, but this is a FANTASY

ESPECIALLY when it's women talking about this fantasy while reading M/M works it's like

queer men,,,, aren't just fantasies
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21 Jul
idk how much i feel about it being An Issue, but I do often notice how some sex toy designs intended for stim of the vulva, esp for the clit, just don't seem to take into account that someone using those toys might even have pubic hair, let alone an "unusual" vulva
there's obviously such a stigma against pubic hair as a whole, with a lot of people associating pubic hair with a lack of cleanliness or neatness, despite the additional skin irritation, ingrown hairs, etc that can go along with hair removal
but for women and other people with vulvas particularly there's a much heavier stigma, to the extent that often hair is only present or discussed when it's a fetish, and like

idk just. a lot of toys just pinch or have designs that'll catch
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20 Jul
misogyny in reality television is so interesting bc like

"by accident", each series has like 1 woman to every 4 men, UNLESS they pull a "oh battle of the SEXES!!!" nonsense

and even then, the finals typically end up dominated by men

(long thoughts about #inkmaster sorry)
watching ink master is particularly interesting, I'm onto s12 there and like. ink master's misogyny stands out in the women they do pick - you'll get loads of older dudes who are veteran tattooers, but the women are typically like, under 30, are often like 25 at the oldest
the women are generally all thinner whereas the men have a wider diversity in body types; almost all the women they do bring on, even in the gendered teams, are white or light-skinned WOC
Read 43 tweets
20 Jul
it's interesting thinking about depersonalisation bc a thing that both testosterone and concerta (albeit not sure of the right dose yet) have done is make me feel more like i AM my body rather than inhabiting it

and i don't mean. emotionally

i mean... physically
like a lot of the time it feels like my body is something I pilot - there's a sense of distance but like. bc i can't trust my own senses sometimes, can't figure out what my body needs/wants except by trial and error bc i genuinely don't KNOW if I'm hungry or thirsty or anxious
and i think about how people say things that sound trite like "listen to your body" or "your body knows what it needs"

like maybe it fuckin does but much of the time it is NOT letting on
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19 Jul
watching s11 of ink master and I'm like. baffled by how they're devoting so much time to these brothers when they're so unlikeable and lack such personality? it's soaking up so much time in the show when neither of them is even that good and I'm just

why are you even still here
I've been thinking more about it and i think the main thing that the latter seasons of ink master suffer from is a lack of meaningful presence or personality from the judges, and the canvases all being like

free canvases, no negotiation
when you only see the interpersonal conflict between the contestants or whatever it just... makes them them seem less three dimensional as people bc you have far less idea how respectful or good with actual CLIENTS they are
Read 4 tweets
13 Jul
a thing i never enjoy watching adventure movies set ~abroad~, esp during particular colonial periods, is how the deaths of most of the main white characters are significant or given screen time, and meanwhile the nameless natives get mown down en masse
like obviously there's. a lot of racism and orientalism in the mummy but like

it's the death stuff that's the nastiest - esp when it's like, the brainwashed people of the city chanting and stuff and all getting killed en masse
like i don't like how omid djalili's char is treated, or how the5fucking. biggles character literally has a nameless servant who just exists to hold his umbrella etc

but its the mass killing that's the most heinous
Read 4 tweets

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