Actionable steps on how to break free from negative habit loops

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Infinite loops

You make a habit and then the habit makes or breaks you

They are Behaviour patterns that you develop over time.

Slowly they become a part of who you are.

They trap you in an infinite loop that never stops

Unless you make a conscious effort to break free
⚔️ Desire and Belief

To break a habit loop you need to desire it.

A wishy washy effort with a vague goal will not cut it.

Remember, you are fighting yourself now.

You need a burning desire for change and a firm belief that it is possible to break free.
You are a product of your habits and routines.

All lasting change in personality or lifestyle begin with breaking habit loops or replacing them with productive ones.

Researchers from MIT identified this loop as having 3 components

➼ Trigger
➼ Routine
➼ Reward
⚔️ Find the snake

Step 1 - Identify and accept you have a problem. Denial prolongs suffering.

Use first principles thinking to get to the root of your misery and figure out which habit is causing this

You can break a habit loop once you identify it and understand the why.
Step 2 - Understand the components.

Once you identify the problem, figure out,

➼ Trigger - The spark that cues your negative action.

➼ Routine - The action itself that forms a part of your daily activities.

➼ Reward - The momentary sense of fulfillment you get on acting.
⚔️ Confrontation

To break a habit, first break the routine.

Do you smoke at lunch? Skip lunch for 2 weeks. It won't kill you.

Identify your triggers - Socialize during cigarette breaks? Avoid. Everybody will understand. All smokers want to quit. They will admire you.
Ask yourself,

➼ Why am i doing this?
➼ What do I get out of this?
➼ What will I lose because of this?
➼ What will I gain if I stop this?

Replace the reward in your head.

A momentary boost due to nicotine vs A lifetime of breathing better.

Focus on benefits
⚔️ Rubber band technique

I saw this one in a Mark Wahlberg movie -

Take a rubber band and wrap it around your wrist.

Snap the band whenever you feel the trigger or crave to indulge in your habit

A short tinge of pain will immediately re focus your attention.
Follow this to be in the right state of mind throughout the day,

➼ Be relaxed. Stress causes triggers.
Practice some form of meditation.

➼ Concentrate on the task at hand. Don't let your mind wander or be bored.

➼ Be vigilant, let cravings come. Don't act. Let it pass.
⚔️ Strength

This journey doesn't have to be lonely. Seek strength in any shape or form.

Work out, meditate, pray, read, family - anything that makes you feel strong and supported.

Interact with close friends and family to get your mind off the constant pangs of cravings.
⚔️ Guidance

You aren't the first person to embark on this journey. Millions have done it successfully.

Study them, read about them, immerse yourself in it.

See what worked for them, adopt it, improve upon it.

Build a concrete system that works for your personality.
⚔️ Persistence

Most habits are like cockroaches hard to kill - not impossible.

With the right tools and mindset you can get started.

But, persistence will take it to conclusion.

Your resolve and desire to quit will be tested here.

Reaffirm why you want to quit.
⚔️ Play for time

Your cravings are most powerful at the start. Be smart now. Play for time.

Trick your mind to ride out the withdrawal period.

Distract yourself, create something, immerse in a hobby.

All you have to do is wait it out.

You are essentially starving the habit
⚔️ Escape

The fight is not over yet. A habit never dies, it's just dormant - weak and in the shadows.

Ensure you never feed it again.

Once simple lapse could give it the strength to raise its head again

When you're strong enough and have broken free,

Resolve - NEVER AGAIN.
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