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21 Jul, 5 tweets, 2 min read
I guess "elites are actually stupid and have no overarching plans" is the latest cope in vogue
>repeatedly tell everyone your plan to create a world government
>implement it pretty effectively using the strategies you announced decades ago
>your enemies call you bumbling planless fools who destroy society by accident via stupid policy decisions
elites when political dissidents repeat msm propaganda and call them all a bunch of useless bumbling idiots
hiding their agendas in plain sight makes them seem less nefarious. but the books are mostly intended for intellectual elites to read, the plebs get the stuff about drumpf being a kkk nazi
turns out this guy was just jewish all along

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22 Jul
japan is gonna get destroyed from within by libtard r*cem*xers and hapas from new york
apparently the UK uses its embassy to break japanese law (g*y marriage is illegal)
tokyo seems to be filled with radical leftist j*wish academics
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16 Jul
thread: info on Proto-Indo-European (Yamnaya, Corded Ware) genetics, phenotype, etc

too much disinfo being posted by crazed br*wn people, claiming that Indo-EUROPEANS from Eastern EUROPE looked like subcontinental Indians

I'll try to keep this TL;DR(ish)
how PIE population was formed:

1. Ancient North Eurasians expand west, mix with locals, form new populations
- Eastern Euro HG 75% ANE (25% West Euro HG)
- Caucasus HG 35% ANE

2. EHG (mostly men) and CHG (mostly women) mix, form PIE population in location labeled Yamnaya, img 3
thanks to haplogroup info, which tracks male and female genetic lineages over many thousands of years, we know that PIE languages were likely of EHG origin. PIE was an extremely patriarchal culture and PIE males carried almost entirely EHG-derived haplogroups (r1a, r1b, and i)
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14 Jul
Council on Foreign Relations: "Biden admin should promote LGBT as a foreign policy priority"

Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality - founded by World Economic Forum & United Nations weforum.org/projects/accel…

I could list a lot more but u get the point
agendas of globalism:
- turn everyone g*y
- destroy (white) nation-states w/ immigration
- global technocracy (micromanagement of all world resources & life)
- transhumanism (to micromanage you, personally)
- declare world govt official
- crown the anti-christ as world monarch
I write "turn everyone g*y" but I think their actual agenda is the total abolition of sex altogether, turning humanity into an androgynous species, like baphomet

no race, no sex, no ethnicity, total abolition of all human distinctions
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14 Jul
kvetching about anti-CRT is off the charts

maybe we should start using CRT retroactively and applying it to civil rights movement in general. they already link it to WEB du Bois

"MLK was the first leader of critical race theory"
leftists invented literally all of those terms
this is bc leftists use obfuscatory names for their society-destroying cancer ideologies. when ppl work out what the names actually mean, they start using them as a pejorative and the names lose their purpose. so leftists have to constantly invent new ones
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12 Jul
defending socialism is this goober's #1 agenda

wokeness is a direct product of western marxist theory of the frankfurt school. "civil rights" was also commie subversion, MLK's handlers were marxists

there was no libertarian "long march through institutions", academia is marxist
more accurately its all ***ish subversion (which is why lolbergs also believe this stuff) but ur not allowed to say that, obviously

all of these anti-white, anti-family theories were developed by scheming socialists who injected them into society via academia and media
I'm extremely suspicious of anyone who pulls this "SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM DINDU NUFFIN" bullshit, when the same shit that happened in South Africa is happening in America (and all over the west) right now Image
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11 Jul
looks like diversity wasnt England's greatest strength after all
never seen such an obvious psyop fail this spectacularly
all of this meticulous anti-white narrative building destroyed by their own agenda. absolutely poetic
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