Breakfast outside!!!
Finding an outdoor breakfast spot in downtown Boston was an adventure.

Definitely not enough outside spots in this part of town.
Given my reluctance to share inside air with strangers, I really don't see much travel in my future until we have a better handle on this pandemic.

I do have a trip to see family coming up, but other than that and 1-2 more Boston treks, you can catch me at home.
This morning I walked through Boston's Chinatown to get to breakfast, was immediately struck by how many more masked faces I saw compared to areas primarily filled w/white folks.
Even at the diner I went to, everyone who worked there was masked up.

Places I have been to where primary clientele was white, few masked faces.
Also saw mad numbers of families with little kids (under 12 set) and no masks on faces.

I will be the first to say, I am probably overly cautious but in a pandemic, slipping up doesn't seem wise.

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22 Jul
At this point, barring a legit medical reason or access issue, if you choose to not be vaxxed, I'm cool with you missing out on public life.

Your world should become small. Sit in the corner and reflect on your personal choices.
Covid is leveling up, and it's time we level up.

Your personal choice should not include the ability to sicken other people.
In a pandemic, your choices can have an adverse impact on others.

16 months into this and we are going backwards.
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22 Jul
Generally speaking if you ask someone to take you back (yet again) you might not want to go on a first date w/another woman anywhere near where the woman you just asked to take you back frequents.

Fam, it's been a day.
All I'll say is, I'm too old to be catching a case over a man, but for 30 seconds, there was that act a fool moment. He knew it, and I knew it.

Instead I'll tweet the exchange this afternoon, which even included a seagull shitting on my tatas.

You can't make this shit up.
Anyway I am back home and calm, like I said, it was a day.

As I occasionally have shared I have/had been seeing someone since the beginning of the year. We are currently in what looked to be a pause moment, though less than 2 weeks ago, he was in his take me back stage.
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20 Jul
Having left the bubble of my barrier island in Maine. I'm low key not surprised the numbers are going up.

I've seen very little mask wearing in downtown Boston.

Took the staff to lunch, place we had reservations at was packed to the gills. We ate outside in the heat/sun.
Folks are out and about, they aren't distancing, and they aren't wearing masks.

In the hotel I'm at, very few walk in with masks.

Like dude! You really out here trusting like that?
I mean come the f*ck on, this is a global pandemic, might be wise to not be living like its4 2019.

Chilling at the coffee shop, running ya mouth with nary a cover on your mouth or nose.
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20 Jul
Maine numbers are rapidly rising, stay safe fam! Might be time to put those masks on.…
By the way, it seems 73 of the 153 cases in ME were in people under 40.

Safe to say, that we are nowhere near out of the woods and need to stop playing wishful thinking.
If the numbers are doubling now, in the summer when folks can be outside, why exactly are we assuming all will be Gucci in the fall? I mean does anyone have a plan for the kids other than a return to school in a building?
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20 Jul
In reading the @MainerNewsCoop piece about the bartender fired for refusing to serve Pro*d B*ys, I was struck by the comment that the owner of the bar isn't racist, just old.

No son, he's a racist. White people, stop equating nice with not racist.
If the owner of the bar was told that he was renting the back room out to rabid racists and continued to do so, guess what? He's down with the racists too.

Stop watering this shit down.
I am not sure why, but there is a certain group of white folks that seem to think unless someone is yelling the N word or being blatant, they aren't racist.

Dude, this country runs on polite racism. That racism with a smile.
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12 Jun
The reason most discussions on race are useless is because we don't have a shared definition of what racism is, and the terms of engagement are set by the dominant culture. Without a shared vocabulary and understanding, it will always be chaos and anger.
The lack of shared vocabulary is why when a marginalized person speaks their truth it angers and offends the dominant majority.

The marginalized and POC live in a state of duality that the dominant majority can choose to never see or learn about.
The dominant majority attacks what it doesn't grasp and what makes it feel uncomfortable, case in point all these ridiculous bans on CRT.

CRT is not new, it's just new to the dominant majority outside of academic and activist spaces. The new is often uncomfortable to humans.
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