I often wonder what it would have been like if all the cartoonists had been united in defending our rights, freedoms, children and fundamental moral principles.

I initially felt confused and shocked that most did the opposite.

Now I just feel disappointed. And disgusted.
I really do feel sad about this. I think that had there been a united opposition to this from cartoonists (which you would have thought was fairly probable), a lot of the government messaging and propaganda would have been significantly weakened. More could have woken up sooner.
I have gained a lot of attention (not all good) as well as over 30,000 followers due to the fact that so few in my profession have taken this side. I would honestly rather I still had only 5000 followers and was just one of many cartoonists fighting against this madness.

• • •

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20 Jul
Politicians in high office don't like having difficult problems to solve. They operate on the basis of doing the very bare minimum in terms of addressing those problems while simultaneously doing all they can to generate a perception of the public that the problem isn't very big.
If an opportunity presents itself to get out of solving the problem, a way of saying, "Look, it's not as bad as we thought." or, "We can't carry on doing x because the cost of y is too great." they will take that opportunity every time. They aren't motivated by a genuine concern
for the health and wellbeing of those they govern. They want to LOOK like they care while ensuring they remain in power for as long as possible. The past 17 months have provided so many opportunities for politicians all over the world to do just that. To wriggle out of it.
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29 Jun
The vast, vast, vast majority of people who die of (not with) Covid-19 are around 82 years old AND have two or three very serious pre-existing health conditions.
Yes, there may have been others who were younger or who did not have other illnesses. I don't deny that. However, the
numbers of such people are simply not large enough to warrant any of the extreme and drastic actions taken against this disease. And they are certainly not large enough to justify licensing an emergency vaccine.
So when we talk about 'saving lives', in the context of both the
lockdowns and the vaccines, it is these very elderly and very sick people we should have in mind.
So, let's imagine I am an 85 year old man with late-stage terminal cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease. I am already in a palliative care ward in hospital. My prognosis is that I
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27 Jun
I want to share a story from yesterday's march. Something that happened that I've been reflecting on today.
Outside the gates of Downing Street the crowd became tightly packed together as people jostled to get close to the gates in order to throw tennis balls over them.
The mood for most of the day had been one of celebration and positivity. But here, understandably, it shifted to anger. There was palpable tension in the air as balls were hurled at the death-eaters / police officers in Downing St. Several protesters had loud hailers, through
which to shout their messages of defiance. I suddenly noticed a woman rushing through the crowd looking unbelievably distressed. It quickly became clear that she had lost sight of her son. He was seven years old and they had been separated. Immediately, the people
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22 Jun
Four hour round trip to Bristol Royal Children's Hospital yesterday with my daughter to see her orthopaedic consultant. Very few other patients there. Waiting room had been emptied of all toys, books etc. Pairs of chairs spaced apart all facing the same way, pointed at a TV...
screen playing government fear propaganda and vaccine coercion on a loop. A mother with a wheelchair-bound daughter who was about 16 was negotiating with staff to allow her husband to come in because she wasn't able to lift her out of the chair by herself. Signs up everywhere...
stating that all patients over 12 must wear a surgical face mask at all times. This despite the fact that most of the patients in attendance will be disabled and therefore likely to be exempt. All the staff were wearing these superstitious nappies on their faces.

Thank you NHS.
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14 Jun
"I understand that there are still people in this country who are concerned about the virus and its variants. I know there are questions over the number of people vaccinated and the degree of protection offered by those vaccines. However, there is no doubt that these measures...
these lockdowns, are destroying people's lives. They are killing people. Another four weeks of lockdown means thousands of people who are at no risk whatsoever from the virus being condemned to death. Now, if I were to say, as Prime Minister, that we were going to round up...
several thousand people and shoot them on live television in order to protect others from a virus, I have no doubt that every single person in Britain would be totally opposed to it. Well, ethically this is no different. The only difference is those deaths will happen over...
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10 Jun
Boris Johnson and Joe Biden visited a small Cornish fishing village earlier today. Everyone there refused to speak to them and they were generally made to feel very unwelcome. The only friendly greeting they got was from a stray dog who decided to accompany them as they walked.
They decided to stop in at the village pub for refreshments. Johnson and Biden sat on stools at the bar, having smothered themselves in alcohol gel, and intermittently pulled down their face masks to sip the local ale. The dog lay down on the carpet between them.
There was nobody else in the pub apart from the landlord. After a while, a local resident came in and approached the two men. Saying nothing, he bent down and looked under the dog's tail. Then he left.
Soon after that, an elderly lady came in and did exactly the same thing.
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