Since this keeps coming up.

Some genuine discussion on this.

1. If men dont understand *how* to speak to women. Prepare for a life that will not only get you disrespected, but also left

2. A man & woman's responsibility is to be a spiritual guide not a tyrant enforcer.
3. I see a serious serious problem with this kind of rhetoric when you look at the Prophetic example holistically

The *vast* majority of the *way* the Prophet peace be on him addressed women and especially his wives is somehow discarded when it comes to simply how he "stated it"
4. Why do we completely neglect how the Prophet peace be on him was *holisitically*?

Meaning have you literally taken all of the ahadith and moments of sirah on how he was a family unit, leader, husband, qawwam?


Then stop projecting this weird rhetoric habib.
5. There does not need to be a voice of anger when it comes to genuine issues that need diverse discussion.

What we do is caricaturize these discussions with ping words like "diyaatha" while not teaching the Prophetic example.

Let's learn to do better.
6. Yes, many problems we face are not only multi faceted but apply to both genders

Conflict resolution

Why are we reducing these serious topics to twitter statements that doesnt even show a semblance of practical application and just triggers people?
7. Otherwise if some young men get from this kind of tweet that you somehow police your wifes clothing daily.

You are literally going to contribute to the failure of their relationships.

As an Imam, as a teacher, as a person of spiritual standing... that is incredulous.
8. It's possibly why you have a rise in secular women sick of "scholarship" who perpetuate being oppressed and staying in abusive marriages to men who think they can rule them.

Hassam gives just one example here but it's throughout many Muslim countries

• • •

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19 Jul
Du’ā of the Righteous: ‘Arafah

Prior to every day of ‘Arafah I would sit and read of some of the stories of the righteous describing their spiritual state and the du’ā they would make in ‘Arafah. It would serve as a motivation. ...
Their stories would be a form of inspiration from the righteous of the past who came before us and traversed this life. Our Lord in His divine decree had their mention documented. ...
Such moments of their spiritual states were passed down for the divine wisdom of benefiting from them. A human being seeks comfort in knowing that there are guides on the path they traverse. ....
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6 Oct 20
Some thoughts on:

"How it started
How it ended"

1. Hasan AlBasri said
"Jealousy will burn your faith faster than a body decays after death."

- If you feel jealousy pray for them instead
- know God has something in store for you as well
2. Be happy for people finding love.
Dont sit there and judge them.

It has become increasingly harder to find someone compatible because of people's ever changing expectations and wants, the internet doesn't help, and true compatibility takes time and doesnt have a formula.
3. Save your criticism commentary :)

Everyone always has something to say. Keep it to yourself.

"Whoever believes in God and the last day, let them say good or keep silent"
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5 Oct 20

We are enraged that the forbidden satanic music we are listening to mocks my faith.


Make it make sense.
This music is itself offensive

Let's get to that core point and not talk past it. :)
"We are enraged that Quran or Sunnah is used for music in a 'degrading' way"


This is another point:
The music itself is degrading and against Quran and Sunnah.

Remember that when Muslim musicians use Islamic phrases as well.
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26 Sep 20
A reminder for whoever needs to hear it:

Finding someone compatible has become even more more complex & difficult in age of social media

There's a ton of factors including personal struggles people are battling

Dont give irrelevant advice if you're not going to be a help 😉🌹
Some factors that make it difficult:

People's standards have changed from the days of random proposals coming to your house.

Social circles *in person* have become smaller

Covid hasnt helped

The internet in general is untrustworthy and to navigate it gives people anxiety.
Maturity has become a disaster

Mentorship isnt sought nor enough qualified to give it.

Islamic concepts of Manhood and womanhood is under crisis and developing later

Gender interaction is falsely understood between two extremes of hyper sexualizing or overt laxity.
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25 Sep 20
Many theological concepts are taught to your average Muslim in a decontexualized ahistorical ideal

It becomes detrimental in lives of average Muslim who tries to make sense of how it applies in modern daily lives

Archaic elements of Kalam theology
Al Wala wa Al Bara'
Reliving in the shadows of our tradition or the confines of books that we constantly regurgitate without articulating a theology that responds to the issues of our time becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of stagnation and what AbulHasan Nadwi refers to as "intellectual sterility"
My respects to all those who are excited & rep

Ashari or Maturidi kalam, or Athari stances

But reliving the theologies that answered problems of 10th or 13th cent isnt exactly called progress

Let's stop with lazy scholarship :)

Develop something *founded* on our tradition.
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24 Sep 20
Don't overthink is actually a perfect response to people who overthink.

Look at the dozens of psychology articles about ruminating / brooding / overthinking and their psychological link to depression and anxiety.…
Im absolutely amazed at all of the ways Islam helps temper our over thinking!

🔸Reflect over the benefits and the blessings
- of opportunity, garnering experience overcoming, blessing of it not being worse than it could have!
🔸Engaging in meaningful repetition remembrance dhikr
🔸Thinking positive of the Almighty
🔸Understanding when a hardship is not a punishment but a form of elevation! The Almighty tests those whom He *loves* the most!
🔸Recognizing the real effects of sins in one's life and consequences to cease and turn back to God
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