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21 Jul, 35 tweets, 6 min read
I've always loved the look of the Proton. It just seems like a more elegant rocket from a more civilized age.
I think it's just growing up only seeing video of saturn V and space shuttle launches, and they both have a lot messier looking exhaust, more chaotic and expanding.
Like they're a coal engine powering a train.
In comparison the Proton looks like a butane torch, a thin knife of controlled flame.
Like this isn't the best video for it (and I'm on mobile so I can't easily find a better one) but look at the last seconds of this video:
The exhaust is much more turbulent and firey.
And the second a half of this video, showing a shuttle launch.
Basically the American rockets always looked like they were powered by incredible amounts of brute force. Like "holy fucking shit, we're shoving this thing right into space", there is no throttle, no chance to change your mind, it's a firework scaled up a few hundred times.
Proton rockets look more like "yes, we're going to space, because that's what we do. We're professionals, this is routine."
I think it's mostly that I was a kid raised on scifi and as awesome as the Saturn V and Space Shuttle were, they're clearly not yet a Heinlein torchship or anything from Star Trek or Star Wars.
Protons seem like they're a little closer to that idea, even if it's just in how they look.
Amusingly while looking at the Saturn V launch video it suggested I follow it up by watching Scott Manley's video on the ignition system for the Saturn V.
It's almost like he's all over this space stuff!
Also see this video for WHY they look different.
The tl;dr being that the Saturn V launch looks like a petrol fire because IT IS: stage one is RP-1 and liquid oxygen, and RP-1 is refined kerosene.
And one reason the Proton launch looks businesslike and routine is because it is.
They've launched 425 of these over the last 56 years, it's a very successful rocket.
Possibly 426. I don't know if the Wikipedia page has been updated tor the one launched today shown in this thread.
Anyway for comparison it's running Dinitrogen tetroxide and UDMH, which is quite toxic and carcinogenic. That exhaust may look clean, but the fuel sure as fuck isn't.
Anyway the Heinlein torchship is the future of non-governmental space travel I want to see.
Not Jeff Bezos "I'm a hypercapitalist who owns half the country, so of course I can build a rocket to take me to space for 5 minutes"
But more "my brother and I have been saving up our money from doing lots of odd jobs over summer break (because we're high-school students) and we're gonna buy a broken down rocket from a junk shop on the moon and fix it up in our backyard, and then go to fucking Mars."
Is it realistic? No, probably not.
Is it awesome? Yes.
I'm all in favorite of private space travel. Individuals, being able to fly to space? That's awesome.

Bezos and Musk don't fucking count, though. They're big enough that they are governments, just not run like them.
I've joked before that there's some level of personal wealth where you stop being human and just become a Dragon (and therefore human law doesn't apply: dragon law does)
And I still don't know where the line is, but I'm pretty fucking sure it's WAY before "can afford a personal space program"
The point of human vs dragon law is about what happens if you kill them.
If you kill a human, the police are called, you go to jail, all your friends and family and former business partners disown you.
If you kill a dragon, the whole city throws you a parade and a feast, you get songs written about you, murals are painted, a bunch of princesses and princes ask for your hand in marriage, and you're nominated for sainthood
I'm not saying this means it's fine to kill rich people... Just that there's a point where you stop being a rich person and just become a Dragon.
Rich people should be worried about crossing that line.
Better get to donating millions and lobbying for taxes to be increased, before a bunch of people wearing platemail start knocking on your door with their lances
There's actually precedent for this sort of thing in law! Pirates and slavers would be declared "Hostis humani generis", literally "enemy of all mankind". You've done shit so heinous that the usual protections of law now longer apply to you.
The idea is that there's basic human rights everyone had, you can't just attack people on the sea if they're not flying the flag of a nation you're at war with.

But pirates and slavers aren't people. They're enemies of all humanity, and should be dealt with appropriately.
That's on the sea. The regular landlubber equivalent is being declared an outlaw, which in historical legal systems meant that you no longer had the protection of the law. If someone attacked you or even killed you, the law didn't care. You lost that protection.
And if anyone these days deserves that kind of punishment, it's Dragons.
So remember to be a human, not a dragon.
btw, to my furry friends, I don't mean you. You're cool.
Your kind of dragon are neat and fun and I want to hang out.
Unless you start hoarding all the gold and terrorizing the countryside. That's bad no matter what species you are.
And you shouldn't be surprised when all the peasants band together and send a bunch of armored heroes with lances and swords to take down the dreaded Horsetaur of The Shining Mountain.
That kind of mythic-dragonness transcends species.
As you should already know: we've got several "human" dragons kicking around earth right now, and St. George is nowhere to be seen.
But as I mentioned yesterday, I am a pope, so I'll definitely put a word in regarding sainthood for any knights out there who are on the Dragon-hunt.
Didn't this thread start out about rockets? I have ADHD.
(I actually do, that's not a "lol I'm so OCD!"-style misuse of medical terminology)

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22 Jul
Don't worry. I'm sure nothing's happened to the crystal. Image
hahaha best game ever Image
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22 Jul
wow. tumblr is very tumblr. they announced a new feature that's under beta testing, where you can opt-in to a patreon sort of system where some posts are marked subscriber only, and your followers can pay 4$ a month to get access to them.

That's not the Very Tumblr thing.
the very tumblr thing is that one of the people I follow was the first person to get access to this feature, as they were in the beta testing program.
This put a "verified" style checkmark on their name.
this feature has proven to be SO UNPOPULAR with the tumblr userbase that that user had to talk to tumblr support to get it removed and they're taking a break from tumblr now because of all the death threats.
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I keep seeing this golden egg thing in the Game Grumps play through of Grim Legends number (mumble), and I keep thinking DEMON CORE DEMON CORE Image
a wizard was trying to reassemble their magic ball when the wand slipped and they accidentally hit everyone within 25 feet with a Greater Fireball
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22 Jul
I once again have the "problem" that I have bought something thinking I knew what it was, then I get it home and look closer and it's different and weirder.
So the front has a channel selector, and the back has TV IF Output and RF input, plus that remote input.

So I think: oh, it's an RF modulator. You pipe video into this, it modulates it into an RF signal on a specified channel.
for example, this'd get used for a hotel: you could set up an amiga presenting a list of events happening that day, plug it into an RF modulator, modulate that onto your internal cable system. Then you can just tell guests "tune into channel 9 for info!"
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21 Jul
how the fuck does Kenmore have 4,191 models of side-by-side refrigerators?
yeah I know they've been around for 108 years but I doubt they have all those models in this parts website, and are they really averaging 38 new models a year?
I type in my model number and it says "not found"
I unselect "side by side" so I can see all fridges, and it doesn't even tell me how many there are.
it's more than 10,000, which is the limit on their search
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21 Jul
some TRS-80 software from Microsoft, which includes their Heavy Metal band logo.…
fun fact: from 1980 to 1982, Microsoft was technically a heavy metal band.
I've seen people say it looks like the Metallica logo, but that's incorrect. Microsoft adopted this logo in 1980, and Metallica didn't form until 1981.
The Metallica logo looks like the second Microsoft logo, not the other way around.
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