Tracy Beanz:
I’ve read the lawsuit from AFLD. Even outside of the whistleblower it’s a very powerful lawsuit. I will break it down for folks today with screen shots :)
And incoming for my thread detailing the new AFLD lawsuit requesting a Preliminary Injunction for the COVID gene therapy! You can read the lawsuit yourself here:… And, I am going to attempt an old school twitter thread here on Telegram.
3. The lawsuit argues for a preliminary injunction against Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, to stop them from continuing to operate under the EUA, and prohibiting the FDA Approval for people in the categories they list below:
4. They start off by discussion about the Emergency declaration, which is what gives anyone the right to rush through these "vaccines" in the first place.
5. I think it's great that they footnote their lawsuit with the following to hammer it home that this group of physicians don't consider these shots to be vaccines.
6. AFLD first goes for the jugular on the fact that there isn't even actually an underlying emergency when it comes to COVID.
7. I will stress again, this lawsuit serves as almost a textbook you can use to dispute COVID tactics from start to finish-- using ACTUAL science and data to back it up. It's beautiful to read.
8. Next, they argue that the CDC changed rules on coding for COVID-19 fatalities, citing CDC data that 95% of deaths classified as "COVID-19" were actually in individuals with FOUR or more co-morbidities.
9. (An aside, I know YOU all know this already, but having it documented in a complaint before a court is important. This is almost like the "idiots" guide to the COVID crisis)
10. Next up? The PCR test-- First AFLD discusses the case count for COVID. They begin by arguing that the case count is actually far lower than the reported number, stating that the PCR test manufacturers even state in their inserts that the tests should NOT be used to diagnose
11. COVID infection, stating "“[t]he FDA has not determined that the test is
safe or effective for the detection of SARS-Co-V-2."
12. Following this, the AFLD begins to argue that CT Value is important, and use Fauci's own words to demonstrate that Cycle Threshold value over 35 is too sensitive and will present non replicating viral components. (It gets really good from here) UncoverDC has extensively
13. documented all of this-- we have several articles, including one recently documenting CT. We were one of the first outlets to discuss the PCR tests back in early April of 2020. I am SO GLAD everyone talks about this. I will share that work shortly, as it is illuminating.
14. A false positivity rate as high as 97% with a CT of 35?? And the US running testing at cycle thresholds of 35-45?? Seems pretty legit (insert eye roll)
16. Next, they show a chart of the testing manufacturers and what their recommended cycle threshold is- none are below 35 cycles. It's interesting to separately note, that recently the CDC changed the cycle threshold - presumably once vaccination started- in order to represent
17. lower case counts. They also decided they would no longer report AT ALL, case counts in vaccinated individuals that didn't result in hospitalization or death. Next, they AFLD target asymptomatic spread, or the fact that it just doesn't exist.
18. Wanted to just drop a little Fauci tid bit they included:
19. Now they start getting into some more meat and potatoes about the EUA-- They are stating there isn't an emergency at all, let alone one that would require the abandonment of all of the safety checks and balances put in place under the law for such an undertaking:
20. I am so in awe of the team at AFLD. They didn't miss a BEAT. Here they discuss the issues with the "vaccines" from a few other angles. They don't stop disease, they counted over 10k "breakthrough" cases before they stopped counting. Further, deaths from COVID-19 in those who
21. have received the recommended dosages of the vaccines increased from 160 in April, to 535 as of 6/1. (There's a question on whether these are even accurate numbers... more on that in a second)
22. Now we start to get a little more "science-y" and particular, but this information is definitely worth the exploration. The ARR, ARR compares the impact of treatment by comparing the outcomes of a treated group and an untreated group. From that number you can devise the need
23. to vaccinate, or NNV. The NNV signifies the number of people who need the vaccine before any one person benefits from the vaccine being given at all. What is the point of a "vaccine" that does not even prevent disease?
24. The next point here is telling. One of the worlds largest ever studies on asymptomatic spread (that was ignored by legacy media, corrupt politicians, and corrupt doctors and scientists, because, "follow the science, but only when it bolsters my narrative") detailed that
25. asymptomatic carriers don't even spread COVID within their own FAMILY- NEVER infecting anyone. Since they don't spread COVID, they don't need the vaccine.
26. Now we start getting into the science behind the risks of the vaccine. This is the sort of stuff that keeps me up at night, because people refuse to acknowledge it. First they lay out the law, and how vaccines are typically created. They discuss how animal trials were
27. terminated early, studies were deemed unnecessary and important tests to determine single dose toxicity, toxicokinetic, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, prenatal and postnatal development, offspring, local tolerance,
28. teratogenic and postnatal toxicity and fertility were NOT DONE. Then they go on to reference why this eliminates informed consent.. Wow
29. The reason this lawsuit is well done is because of how stringently they lay out the complaint. No, I am not an attorney, but having read what amounts to probably tens of thousands of pages of lawsuits at this point, I have a good idea of how a solid complaint looks.
30. No drama, no hyperbole, logical explanations, good citations, clear evidence of wrongdoing and why, and layman's language. It's really well done.
31. The AFLD team now states that they have analyzed the risk data and they can report the following risks with this "vaccine".

1. Migration of the "Spike Protein": The spike protein isn't just a simple passive structure, but it is pathogenic, ie: a toxin that causes damage.
32. It binds to human cells, causing harm to the cell. If "pure" spike protein is injected into the blood of research animals, it causes serious damage to the animal. Because the COVID vaccine isn't a typical vaccine, and we know that it leaves the injection site and goes beyond
33. the lymph node nearby, known as the "draining" lymph node, that makes it more dangerous. If it did NOT migrate, the damage the toxic spike protein that actively binds tightly to cells could have been more limited.
34. 1a. The problem is, the vaccines were authorized without any studies demonstrating where these spike proteins travel in the body following the shot, how long they last for (hence the constant waffling on the need for boosters) and what they even DO once they are in there.
35. Recently, something called a "biodistribution study" on mRNA vaccines has become available. Japanese regulators provided this study. UncoverDC did a piece on a Canadian doctor who "blew the whistle" on this, and was subsequently tarred, feathered, excommunicated, and maimed
36. by his gutless peers. (You can read that piece and hear the interview here:…)
37. 1a (cont): That study revealed that unlike traditional vaccines, the spike protein enters the blood stream and circulates through the body over several days post vax- it accumulates in tissues, such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and ovaries. It fuses with
38. receptors on our blood platelets, and also with cells lining our blood vessels. It can cause platelets to clump leading to clotting, bleeding and heart inflammation. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage. It can be transferred to infants through
39. breast milk. There are VAERS reports of injuries to babies. Ask Jenny Psaki how she knows that the jab DOES NOT cause infertility or problems. See what she circles back to.
40. (There are 67 pages to this suit. I am on page 12.. Yes, it's that bad)
41. at this point I will let you find Tracy on telegram.…

• • •

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