Very real MD testimony from frontlines of COVID19

"We were incubating the 90th strong healthy man on my shift ravaged by COVID. His last words, 'Why didn’t I take vax & wear a mask? Listen to Fauci. China is right. There was no voter fraud.'"

Just another day on the frontlines.
h/t @14fists
Next patients roll in. 6 of them. All 25 yrs old. All in perfect physical condition. They say in unison:

"Trump is a Russian agent. Lockdowns work. Epstein killed himself. We need to stop the spread of misinformation b4 it's too late. Facebook should listen to the Biden Admin."
Yes, I meant intubating in the first tweet 😂😂

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21 Jul
I'll take things that didn't happen for $400, Alex.
If you read her statement carefully, it's clear that she's lying (she considers this a noble lie. There are no noble lies). Not the reference to "they" as if this is a regular thing. It's total nonsense.
The idea that young healthy people are arriving in the hospital in droves due to COVID is an idea that is completely disconnected with reality and 18 months of hard data. If an MD is making this claim without evidence, that MD is *lying* to advance an agenda. It's that simple.
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20 Jul
Japan was doing fine until it embraced the COVID testing regime (due to the olympics). Now it's full on panic in Tokyo. Manufactured hysteria on display for the world to see.
Japan's "secret formula" pre olympics was simply to live with COVID. They never embraced the testing madness until now. It has backfired so much that the politicians and citizens of Japan are forced to accommodate COVID Mania. All downhill from here.
They still have a ways to go. Only 1/10 Japanese have been tested for COVID. In America, that number is, incredibly, 1.5 tests for every citizen here (we've done over 500 million COVID tests lol $$$$). If Japan continues to embrace the testing regime, they are in for a shitshow.
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15 Jul
You might not see it in the press, but "Zero COVID" nations are seeing explosions in COVID cases across the board. Zero COVID has failed, & govts are responding by locking down their nations. Total catastrophe in the works. "Public health experts" refuse to admit they were wrong.
Thailand: new record
South Korea: new record
Australia: new record

Zero COVID is for authoritarians and/or idiots. Again, the people who instituted this stuff are human rights criminals, and sadly, it will only get worse if they continue on this track.
New Zealand, which is sealed off from the world, has no plans of ever exiting self siege. They currently have no COVID (for now), but their hospitals are at a breaking point. Nurses and Drs says worst they've ever seen. A lesson in failed risk management:…
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13 Jul
Here's where I'm at on Cuba.
1) Sanctions against Cuba are pointless
2) There should be no U.S. military action here either
3) Everyone who loves freedom should support the Cuban people's basic human rights
No, the U.S. has had sanctions on Cuba for 60 years. They have done nothing productive whatsoever.
Sanctions should only be considered against a hostile power that poses a threat to your nation's sovereignty. Cuba does not come close to fitting that category.
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11 Jul
The only good reason to join our military today is that it may offer financial relief & econ opportunity to disadvantaged kids. Other than that, you would have to be insane to support the regime that is running the show in D.C. and at the Pentagon these days.
Instead of joining US mil, young Americans should learn to code & get prepared for Econ challenges of tomorrow. US mil will soon become a force for institutional wokeness. & there are too many unknowns, including potentially being thrown into another devastating, useless war.
Some of the best and bravest people of my gen joined the military shortly after 9/11, only to be treated like absolute garbage and subject to one boondoggle after another. The same people are in charge today. Just not worth it.
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8 Jul
My read of @jonathanvswan scoop about NSA intercepting Tucker comms:

My guess is his team reached out to a registered foreign agent in US for Russia. These are traditionally the ppl who book US media appearances for foreign leaders.

NSA spying on these folks is a big problem.
This quickly becomes a slippery slope problem with 1A, especially if these individuals are American citizens.
We should be encouraging the FARA system as much as possible, and it should be free from espionage. The alternative is what has become popular in D.C., which is shadowy operatives operating on behalf of foreign regimes while denying that they do so.
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