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whenever yoongi and jimin go on a vacation together, it works as a reminder of why they don't travel often

today's prompt is vacation, and like last year's yoonmin week, i want to write small drabbles for all of my yoonmins! so you can quote this with one of my aus, and I will write a small drabble in the same scenario: 'vacation went wrong, but we're still having a good time.'
"I think you took the wrong turn, babe," Jimin mumbles while watching his phone. Yoongi only taps the steering wheel, growing frustrated.

"Well, I've taken the wrong turn many times in my life." Jimin glances at him, and Yoongi catches it through the rearview mirror.
"You have to take a U-turn in the next exit, so we return to the highway," Jimin murmurs.

Yoongi grumbles. "Why are they even building a second highway? I don't get it- this is so stupid." Yoongi knows why they're doing it, but he's been driving for hours, and he's angry.
"We return to the new highway, and then we have to enter the old one and take an exit left-"

"And then there's a sand path, and we have to go down there, and the beach is at the end."

Yoongi sighs. "This beach better be a dream, Jimin."

"It looked nice on the website."
"We're going to have a small cabin for us, and there's the white party tonight!"

"What was that again?"

"A party on the beach where everyone dresses in white clothes, and it's all fancy. Don't worry about your outfit; I packed white clothes for you too." Yoongi hums.
"I'm worried about how you were in charge of packing our bags," Yoongi says while turning on his lights before taking the U-turn.

Jimin rolls his eyes. "But you wrote the list, and I packed! I'm not that disorganized."

"Mmh," Yoongi doesn't argue, but Jimin still smacks him.
"Ouch!" The smack didn't hurt, but Yoongi still whines loudly. "Jimin, no smacking when I'm driving!" Jimin glares for a long moment before leaning down and kissing Yoongi's upper arm, right where he had hit a moment ago. "And unfortunately, no kissing while I'm driving either."
"I did a good job with our bags!" Jimin complains. "But you're a control freak, so you're anxious because you didn't fold your shirts color-coded."

"A control freak?" Yoongi repeats. "Me!? You didn't let me prepare anything for this vacation; of course, I'm anxious."
"Because this is a vacation for you to relax!" Jimin says. "If you had organized it, you would have gone mad."

"I've taken the wrong turn two times already; I'm not relaxing."

"Well, wait until we get to our cabin, and we hear the sea waves, and we cuddle in our fancy bed."
That sounds kind of nice, so Yoongi sighs. He hopes he's taking the right exit towards the old highway, and he's tense until he sees the sand path after some minutes. "You know, Jimin, I like the woods better than the beach."

"Yoongi shut the fuck up," Jimin says.
"Sand makes my skin feel itchy, and the sun makes me dizzy."


"And crabs are scary sometimes, and sea spiders- God."

"Yoongi, stop it! You're getting all these things in your head and predisposing yourself not to like the awesome beach vacation I organized."
It's annoying how well Jimin knows him. "I'll protect you from scary crabs and sea spiders, okay, baby? Let's enjoy these days for us and relax." Yoongi nods slowly, and they share a faint smile before they fall silent again. "Shit, I think you took the wrong turn."

"Where are we going?" Jimin shrieks. "Where? Where?"

The corners of Yoongi's lips curl into a smile as he drives. "It's a surprise, petal."

"Mmh," Jimin grumbles in his seat, crossing his arms and staring outside. "I'm so curious."

"I think you're going to like it."
However, when they reach the beach and Yoongi opens Jimin's door, and the fairy stands up to see, his eyes widen in horror. "That's a very big lake, Yoongi."

"That's the sea," Yoongi informs him.

Jimin frowns and lifts his tiny fists to Yoongi's shirt, twisting the fabric.
"You don't think it's pretty?"

"It's angry," Jimin whispers before burying his face in Yoongi's neck.

"Is it?" Yoongi lowers his hand to Jimin's waist, he's wearing a pale yellow sundress today, and it was perfect for a beach day, but Jimin seems scared of the tide.
"I'm sure we can find a rocky part where the water is tamer," Yoongi recalls. "Or we can just walk on the pier or on the seashore." Yoongi searches for Jimin's cheeks to cup his face and meet his eyes. "Or do you want us to go back home?"

"We could stay," he murmurs.
Jimin grabs Yoongi's hand as he takes out his backpack from the car and locks the doors. He doesn't let go as they walk down the pier towards the sea; on the contrary, he squeezes Yoongi's hand. "It's so loud!" Jimin presses himself to Yoongi, afraid of the sea waves.
They take off their sandals when they're going to walk on the seashore, but whenever the water gets too close, Jimin pulls away, gasping cutely. "It's just a little water on your feet!" Yoongi laughs, but Jimin stares at it in horror.

"It's so cold, Yoongi!"

"That's true."
But eventually, Jimin relaxes a little and lets water cover up to his ankles, but he still makes a funny face when the waves crash close to them, and Yoongi smiles at his adorable grimace. He thought Jimin would be more excited about the beach, but this is good too.
When they arrive at the rocky part, where the waves crash outside the rocks, so the water has settled into a small pond, Jimin seems more relaxed. "Yoongi," Jimin whispers suddenly. "Yoongi, come here."

"What is it?"

"You have to cover me," he says.

"Why, flower?"
"Because I don't want humans to see me," Jimin replies.

Yoongi is confused, but he plays along, "alright." Jimin drags him near a large rock, and he crouches there. He gestures at Yoongi to crouch next to him, covering Jimin's side from people around them. "What are you doing?"
Jimin only beams at him before he cups some water in his hands; the water turns golden, and then Jimin lets it go, but it doesn't turn liquid and returns to the sea when he drops the water. Instead, it grows into a small flower- a water lily.

Yoongi is speechless.
Like Hoseok summons sunflowers and Jungkook summons baby breath. Jimin needs water to summon his flowers. "That's your-"

"A gift for the sea, so it's not so angry anymore," Jimin explains before he summons another water lily.

The tide isn't as strong when they leave the beach.
"I'm sorry," Jimin murmurs before he kisses Yoongi's neck. Usually, his boyfriend would purr at the affection, but now his tail only lays lifeless next to him.

"It's okay, Jimin."

His voice is void of tenderness, and Jimin sighs. "You're angry."

"I'm not angry, Jimin."
"We could go if you want," Jimin tries again.

"But you said you love the beach."

"But I don't want you to be upset." Jimin had convinced Yoongi to come to the beach with him, but he should have expected something was wrong when he saw his boyfriend dressed all in black.
Evidently, he didn't want to come to the beach, but Jimin wanted to, and they were here, and it was all good until Jimin got close to the water and Yoongi came after him, but he hissed when the water reached him, his tail going straight and his cheeks red because of his reaction.
And now, he's sitting on Jimin's pastel yellow towel, with his black bucket hat covering his ears and his black shirt and his black ripped jeans. Yoongi gets upset when he has kitten-like reactions. "I hate water."

"I can tell," Jimin murmurs, caressing his face softly.
Jimin looks around. "There aren't any cat hybrids around either. I should have noticed kittens don't like the sea."

"It's cold," Yoongi grumbles, and Jimin gets close to him, falling on Yoongi's shoulder.

"You want us to go?"

"You were happy about coming to the beach."
"Yes, but I'd be happier knowing you're comfortable."

Yoongi frowns, and he searches for Jimin's hand and plays with his fingers. "Why don't we go to one of those restaurants on the pier? So we don't have to drive back home so quickly. Let's wait until sunset."
"The sunset on the beach is pretty," Yoongi says. Jimin nods quickly, agreeing because it's a good idea; they can stay and both be content- However, he can't control his words when he rubs Yoongi's chin.

"My kitten wants to eat fish?"

"Jimin, I'll scratch your pretty face."
Jimin gasps. "You would never!"

"No, I would never," Yoongi lets go of the empty threat with no fight. "But, yes, I'm craving fish; it smells so good around here." Jimin giggles and grabs Yoongi's hand to help him stand up as well.

"Okay then, let's go get you a big fish."
"With bones, please," Yoongi grumbles while folding Jimin's towel.

"Huh, now, you're going to tell me you want to eat a raw fish."

Absentmindedly, Yoongi licks his lips. "I just want to lick fish bones; those are tasty."

Jimin can't control his laughter. "Sure, kitten."
"Yoongi! There's a crab on the kitchen, oh my God!" Jimin yells from the room.

"What?" Yoongi yells back from the shower. He was just about to enter, but then he whimpers. "Shit, the water is cold!"

"A crab!" Jimin shrieks one more time before he stands on the bed.
Jimin's phone is outside, so he doesn't know what to do. "Yoongi!"

Yoongi opens the bathroom door while he's still wrapping the towel around his hips. "The water heater isn't working; we need to call reception."

"Love, love, be careful of the crab!"

"What crab, Jimin?"
"There's a crab in the kitchen, and you're not wearing shoes; come here!" Jimin jumps on the bed.

"Why are you standing on the bed?" Yoongi asks, pushing his hair off his forehead. His hair is damp because he stopped his shower quickly. Yoongi hates showering with cold water.
"It's going to attack you!" Jimin yells again, and Yoongi finally stands on the bed with him. Jimin hugs him tightly. "Ah Yoongi, it appeared from between the wood planks of the kitchen while I was cooking. I swear I saw his pincers going like-" Jimin gestures with his hands.
"Jimin, a crab, won't hurt you," Yoongi tries to reason.

"How do you know?" Jimin retorts. "We're invading his territory by staying at a resort on the beach; humans built their small houses near his house; he hates the entire human race."

Yoongi laughs a little, gummy smile.
"Where is he?"

"Kitchen!" Jimin repeats.

"Okay. I'm going to go there and call reception to tell them there's no hot water and that an angry crab tried attacking my boyfriend while cooking dinner." Jimin nods, but then he frowns.

"He could grip your ankles while you're there!"
Yoongi cups Jimin's face. "Baby, I'd fight all the crabs in the world for you."

Jimin rolls his eyes. "You mean to get the water heater working." Yoongi laughs, but he doesn't deny his reasons.

"I'll be right back," Yoongi says while fixing the towel wrapped around his hips.
However, when Yoongi walks to the kitchen, the light from their room starts tickling, and suddenly, all the light from the small resort suite is gone. When everything is dark, Jimin shrieks. Before he can say Yoongi's name, he listens to Yoongi running to their room. "Shit!"
Yoongi joins Jimin on the bed, both standing on the mattress, and Yoongi hugs him. "They cut off the light from the rooms?" Jimin asks in disbelief. It's only eight pm.

"It was suddenly so dark out there, and I heard that motherfucker clicking his pincers together."
A shiver goes down Jimin's spine. "Oh, God! I bet he cut off the light connection with his pincers, so he'd keep us in the dark."

Jimin makes Yoongi laugh loudly. "And the water heater as well, to take revenge from the occupation of his land." Jimin giggles and nods.
"We're just going to stay here until the light returns?" Jimin wonders.

"I think we're safe as long as we're on the bed. He can't climb here."

Jimin leans in for a quick peck, and before the kiss grows into something more, Jimin laughs. "Yoongi, I think the resort scammed us."
Yoongi groans before he grabs Jimin's waist. "I know! We paid for hot water, and for light all day, and definitely for protection against revengeful crabs." Jimin laughs. "But now, let's see if their beds are strong. Otherwise, I'd have to add that to my complaint tomorrow."
Jimin falls on his knees on the bed, and Yoongi follows him, then manhandles him until he's lying on his back so Yoongi can kiss his lips, but during it, Jimin whines. "If I hear that crab clicking his claws while you're fucking me, I'll cry."

"Mmh, I'll protect you."

"Baby, stay still," Jimin says.

"I'm squirming because it hurts!" Yoongi whines.

"I know it does, but now you know why you have to apply sunscreen every two or four hours." Yoongi rolls his eyes as Jimin spreads the aloe vera on his back. "Your skin is very sensitive."
"I know I have to use sunscreen. You know why I didn't apply it in the morning."

The tips of Jimin's ears are red. "In my defense, we rarely do it in missionary so I can't help it but scratch when we do."

"Scratch? You clawed at my skin; the sunscreen burnt over the marks."
"You're talking as if it's my fault that you got sunburnt!"

"It's your fault!" Yoongi complains. "My back was aching in the morning, and I winced when I tried to put on the sunscreen because you're wild. "

"Wild! Okay, but who fell asleep on the beach? That wasn't me!"
"Technically, your fault because you made me stay awake all night, so I was tired in the morning."

"I made you!" Jimin gaps, offended. "You were the one who started it!"

"Because you looked sexy, it's your fault," Yoongi pouts before burying his face on the pillow.
"My crime is being sexy," Jimin scoffs. He glances at Yoongi's back, and he leans down to kiss his nape, where the skin is pale as usual instead of red. Jimin lays next to him. "We won't be able to do much now until your back gets better." Yoongi grumbles, annoyed.
"No pool or beach tomorrow," Jimin decides. "Or well, if it doesn't annoy you to use a shirt, we could go take photos, you'd like that?"

Yoongi hums. "Yeah, that sounds nice. You'll be my model, right?"

Jimin giggles before leaving a peck on Yoongi's nape again. "Always."
"Beomgyu, come here!" Yoongi can hear Jimin's voice as he organizes the many dishes on their table. They're in the Hotel's pool, and the place is packed, so finally, they've got the food they ordered. But Beomgyu is still in the children's pool. "Gyu!" Jimin calls again.
"I can see him," Jimin complains, sitting on the table again. "I know he's listening; he's ignoring me."

Yoongi glances at the pool and sees Beomgyu playing with a ball, and Yoongi is sure he didn't buy a beach ball for Beomgyu even if he asked when they arrived at the Hotel.
Yoongi watches him for longer and then notices he's still playing with other kids. "He's made friends."

Jimin looks at the pool before grabbing a shrimp and munching on it. "Friends from a summer vacation, with expiration due of just one day." It makes Yoongi smile fondly.
"We should let him play longer," Yoongi suggests, and he plops a shrimp in his mouth.

"His food will get cold," Jimin scolds before turning to see Beomgyu. "Well, it's up to you. I called him, and he ignored me, so if you want him to eat lunch on time, you'll have to get him."
"But he looks so happy," Yoongi sighs. "And if he eats, he'll have to wait half an hour before he goes into the pool again, and then it'll be too late for him to stay with his summer friends he'll never see again." Jimin snorts.

"You're too soft on him."

"You're mean."
"Me?" Jimin gasps with indignation before he digs on the rice, giving up on waiting for Beomgyu to join them. Yoongi doesn't add anything, only sips from his cold beer. "Well, someone has to be the strict parent because evidently, it isn't you," Jimin mumbles.

Yoongi smiles.
"Erase that dumb smile of your face, Min Yoongi," Jimin covers his mouth while eating rice.

"No," Yoongi says. "I love it so much when you say you're his parent."

Jimin rolls his eyes, but his cheeks are pink, maybe because of the sun, hopefully, because of Yoongi's words.
Jimin shakes his head, though, and he starts serving some rice and seafood on Beomgyu's empty plate, so it's all ready for him when he decides to join them. "The strict and doting parent," Yoongi teases some more.

"I'm the doting one? Who will buy him ice cream later?"
Yoongi smiles. "I am guilty of that but come on, who doesn't want ice cream in the middle of a summer night, at a vacation. I know you do too." Jimin smiles.

"Well, yes, I do like midnight ice cream."

"See? I'm not only doting one of my babies."

Jimin laughs. "You're cringy."
Jimin glances at Beomgyu again and sighs. "His thumbs are going to look like raisings, and he's going to get a stomach ache because of eating too late."

"Jimin ah!" Yoongi complains. "We're on vacation; relax a little bit. I'll cuddle him until his stomach stops aching."
Jimin rolls his eyes. "That's not how you cure stomach aches."

"I'm a father, I know how to cure my son," Yoongi jokes, and it causes Jimin to laugh.

"You'll cuddle me too, or I have to pretend I have a stomach ache?" Jimin pouts.

"I'll cuddle you anytime," Yoongi flirts.
When Beomgyu finally runs to their table, he whines because his food is cold, and Jimin laughs, and Yoongi only stares at him in disbelief. "I thought you were with your new friends!"

"But the rice is cold now, daddy!"

"Oh, Gyu. Daddy will buy you ice cream," Jimin tries.

• • •

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