Too many people take regime-change too casually. They never think to look at all the "necessary evil" that goes with it.

The only reason you have not died of Cholera is because the government has a drainage system and a water purifying system.

And guess what gets bombed? Image
When that happens, people don't get clean water coming out of their tap anymore. So..they go to the nearest source to fetch it. Also..because the sewage is bombed... you inevitably have people die of Cholera. Image
This is just one water plant and it put 10,000 kids at risk of dying of Cholera. How many did they bomb in total?
We will never know. Image
Then, invariably they will bomb a power line and the power will go out. Image
The minute the power goes out... everyone who is on a ventillator, pacemaker and/or any medical equipment that needs batteries will die. ImageImage
Immediately, all the food starts rotting because there is no power. Image
Because the money is backed by the government, whatever cash they had... it's now just a printed coupon.

If this doesn't break your heart.. I don't know what to say. Image
Garbage collectors won't be around to collect garbage anymore.

Basra before Freedom and after freedom. ImageImage
What about school?

oopsie daisy! The teachers were all classified as "baath party members" and therefore fired.... No school. Image
As for the water.. the US government just gave Bechtel the contract to "rebuild" water plants. The price of water just went up by 60% Image
And sometimes.. even the rain..…
One in 25 Iraqi child dies before the age of 5. How many grieving mothers is that?? Image
I forgot.. the schools are privatized and the teachers don't get paid anymore. ImageImage
The phones are also gone..and soon to be privatized. Image
Let's give our donors a contract to rebuild what we destroyed.... so Bechtel made lots and lots of money. Image
Also, Bechtel essentially gets to decide which Iraqis get hard currency..which ones don't.... That's the opposite of Democracy. Image
Bechtel also gets to decide who is eating dinner and who isn't Image
In 2002, Iraq's food production was at $25 Billion. US essentially destroyed that and only offered $200 million worth of food aid. Image
It was months before they printed new money... so people had to deal with 6 months of.... god knows what. Image
you'd be surprised at how quickly people run out of food when you bomb all the farms... devalue their money.... and destroy their infrastructure. Image
No Jobs... no food.. and a feed makes you easy target for exploitation. Image
Weird that they got contracts for building junk food new US military bases so quickly after the war.. Image
We are not even talking about the excessive violence and sadism yet... this is just assuming the troops are angels... and "normal course of business"

If there is one thing you expect Iraq not to have a shortage of is... oil...

But... they managed to do that! you know why?

It's really hard to transport oil from place to place if you bomb the roads and trains! Image
How do you get an oil shortage in Iraq? Image
500,000 tons of sewage has to be dumped ... and this makes people very sick. Image
Water apartheid. Image
Farmers used to get seeds from the Iraqi government... US got Monsanto a contract...and the farmers physically had less seeds so...they physically could not Image
Now this man has no home... probably cannot farm and/or grow food and god knows what happened to hiim. Image
Under Saddam Hussein, they got almost free seeds... now, they were under the axe of Monsanto! Image
We all have heard of the fake horror of "incubator babies"

but how many of you have heard of the real horror of "seed patents... can't grow food cause my tractor has no fuel" ? Image
The US deliberately destroyed seeds in Iraq to protect Monsanto! Holy god.…
"He left school after fifth grade and he has forgotten how to read and write" Image
1.3 million children had to do child labor in Iraq. Image
"Blood is in such short supply that doctors have to donate their own to patients lying in front of them" ImageImage
You have more people who are injured because they are getting bombed... but you have fewer hospitals cause they are getting bombed.. and the hospitals you do have.... they don't have much to help you with... Image
No new hospitals were built.. and some that existed never recovered... Image
Imagine some psychotic American shoots you...and the doctor has to operate on you without anesthesia because there is no anesthesia anywhere in the city left. Image
Also.. .y ou can't cook because your stove doesn't have gas because US bombed the gas lines.

People have to stand in line for hours to get those cylinders for gas... but those are small cylinders and god knows how many sessions they last! Image
They literally had to return to the same methods of making a stove as in ancient Babylon or Sumeria... Image
The school had to be turned into a morgue.… Image
Iraqis were banned from the green zone.
American soldiers got to live it up and party.

Iraqis didn't even have water to drink. ImageImage
Seriously??? Are they this stupid???? ImageImage
"Magic fairies" Image
Saddam Hussein spent 20% of the GDP for public schools and Iraq had 100% primary school attendance.

After... .well.. many were bombed.

The literacy rates have never recovered and the schools have never recovered. ImageImage
Private schools were banned under Saddam Hussein and everyone got education.

The post-invasion led to massive wave of privatization. ImageImage
Here is this thread in article format:…

• • •

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