Hold up. The CEO of @telegram lives in the UAE??
Holy fuck.

So 15% of this is accounted for? Who gave the other $850M?
Bullshit. This thing does not make a dime. That was never what it was for.
Erik Prince has done business with the Emiratis for years.
Tom Barrack too. 🤔

Oh, Erik lives in the UAE.
Reminder: Pedophile George Nader — who brokered the deal with PsyGroup — worked for the UAE.

• • •

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21 Jul
Ur-fascism 🧵
Umberto Eco (Foucault’s Pendulum) grew up under Mussolini. Eco knew fascism personally and his work is incredibly prescient and relevant.

In 1995, he wrote a piece for NY Books. In it he spelled out 14 features of “Eternal Fascism.”
1) The concept of syncretism comes up over and over in these gnostic belief systems. Consider the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons or the Theosophical Society.

By mixing other ideas and religions, the group becomes an oracle of secret knowledge rather than a search for truth.
The most famous fan of Italian fascist Julius Evola is Steve Bannon — which is the reason Bannon tried to set up a fascist Summer Camp in Italy from which he could attack the Catholic Church.

Not coincidentally, syncretism is also a defining feature of New Age / New Thought.
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20 Jul
Flynn admits his entire sickening agenda in this clip.

He is still butthurt that he got bounced from DIA a year early and admits it caused him to “get into politics” which included visiting Putin in 2015.

The real point he says is to defeat “hardcore Marxists.”
Flynn attacks CRT and says the trust between the military and American citizens is “fraying.” And that we must be “very, very careful” about this “social experiment.”
This is where Flynn starts toward prime facie Seditious Incitement. He frames it as optional that military leadership should take orders from the Commander in Chief who he pointedly calls “the administrator.”

Read 5 tweets
20 Jul
In the six months since 1/6 the nazi indoctrination program has exploded on @telegram. This is not hyperbole.

QAnon+ cultists are the primary source of new recruits and the pipeline is getting bigger and more efficient every day.

@Apple and @Google #RemoveTelegram
To my knowledge, this is the most dangerous movement on the planet right now. There are hundreds of channels with millions of subscribers.

It must be shut down. It’s an emergency.
Read 5 tweets
20 Jul
OK, I may need to go to this because this is such a museum-quality fascist astroturf.

Didn’t you guys platform a literal nazi? Yes you did.
Why? Because your actual goal is to connect nihilistic leftists with right-wing ops.

You. Don’t. Care. About. Anyone’s. Health. 🖕
It says “plagues” as if they had no idea what they were doing.
Of COURSE they did.
This is literally the point. 👇
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18 Jul
I checked in on the “ReAwaken” Tour and literally the first few seconds is “it is our DUTY to throw off this government.”
And we have yet another goalpost: 11/15/21 😐
By the way the guy calling for a revolution is a disgusting racist criminal piece of shit who stole money meant for a friend with cancer.

In a nutshell, these are Flynn’s friends.
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18 Jul
The British government thought Mme. Helena Blavatsky was a spy for the Tsars when she brought theosophy to India in 1873. That’s still a debate among historians.

In any case she was a straight up fraud.
The reason I’m reaching all the way back to Blavatsky is this. Michael Beckwith who overtly mixes “I AM” cult theosophy in with his woo woo New Age bullshit.

It’s also notable that he named his spiritual center “Agapé”
The Agape Lodge was best known as the last surviving California lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientus or OTO, a Rosicrucian / Freemason inspired occult group focused on sex magick started by Aleister Crowley after studying under Blavatsky.
Read 10 tweets

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