In the UK, almost 99% of new cases are the Delta variant. New infection cases may be headed towards a pandemic high....yet as you can see in the chart below, the death rate has plummeted to almost the seasonal flu levels!
During the UK peak, there was an average of 61,237 recorded COVID Infections, 19 days later we saw a peak of 1,359 deaths (mortality factor of 2.21%).

On July 1st, we saw an average of 26,526 infections, w/ a corresponding 47 deaths, 19 days later (mortality factor of 0.2%).
The UK recently made the decision to fully reopen it's society based on this information. This despite a surging number of Delta infections.

They have also rejected vaccinating children, based on the evidence.
Even if we made the assumption that all those who died during the latest UK wave were children (I can assure you they were not). It still would not necessitate vaccinations for their age group. This is absolute insanity.
As the hysteria of Delta builds here in the US, what is clear, is that we no longer follow the science (real world data)....we follow the money. God save us.

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20 Jul
Is the Delta variant of COVID-19 less deadly?

Recent data from the UK seems to suggest it is.

The data also seems to show that the risk of death between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated is almost identical, at 1 or 2 in a 1,000 infections.

Terrific news if it holds true! 1/6
Consider that the risk of death was closer to 34 in a 1,000 infections with the original variant. 3.4% vs 0.1%

If the UK data holds, then the mortality factor of the Delta variant is only 0.1%, which is similar to the typical flu season. 2/6
What about the Delta survival rate being higher among the Unvaccinated?

I think that's just an anomaly based on confounding factors. Most of the vaccinated are in the high risk category, and that will naturally have a higher mortality. 3/6
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11 May
The rats are starting to scamper for cover. Under Tony Fauci's tooliage, the NIH funded Ecohealth to fund the Gain of Function research in China. Fauci's word play on not funding Wuhan directly, is sure to not only be repeated in the media, but also not be investigated.
Just a reminder that this was uncovered by several publications, including Newsweek long ago.…
Ecohealth was also a player in Event 201. A pandemic exercise in the fall of 2019, informing corporations and media how they should react "if" a pandemic was to occur.
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24 Oct 20
Lets revisit the COVID-19 Mortality analysis on a state by state basis. What was true early on, is still true today.

On average, you are ~50% less likely to die from COVID-19 by living in a Republican state than a Democratic state.
Back in March, Trump was attacked for suggesting that he would mandate how states should tackle this virus. Governors from Democratic states protested, and said that he lacked such authority...with some Democratic governors even saying he wasn't a King. /2…
There is no federal statute that gives the president the authority to override state decisions. The states that ignored the president's suggestions & instituted draconian measures such as lockdowns and mask mandates....own some of the worst mortality rates in America. /3
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15 Oct 20
I'm changing my moniker today from "Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc", to "Zinc & Vitamin D3". Partially b/c Hydroxychloroquine has been poisoned by the media, and partially because of the growing evidence for D3 and it's role in keeping up healthy.

Thread 1/6
Since we know that there are other methods to get Zinc into the human cell, including Quercetin & EGCg...this is an opportunity to start focusing on the other natural supplement that can make a difference in this battle against COVID-19.…

The relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 Mortality is becoming quite obvious. There is good reason to believe that the correlation is tilted towards causation. See studies in the link provided below 3/6
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22 Jul 20
The NIH owns some of the patent rights on the Moderna Vaccine. You can bet the US taxpayers will not see any savings here, instead one or more of the shady characters in the NIH and it's cohorts will likely benefit. (thread) 1/6…
With the cast of characters backing it, you can rest assured that this will be the vaccine that will be chosen here in the US, despite potentially being harmful or inferior to other vaccines being developed.
ht: @Twittlebit_adis 2/6…
The media darling and Medical Establishment kingpin, Dr. Tony Fauci has been at this shell game for a long time. If you followed the AIDs epidemic, you know that accomplished playright and AIDS activist Larry Kramer never stopped calling Tony Fauci "a murderous fraud". 3/6 Image
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17 Jul 20
The Annals of Internal (Corrupt) Medicine, has published the 2nd Boulware U. Minn trials on Hydroxychloroquine. This study takes a look at early/mild stage HCQ usage.

Their Conclusion vs. the Actual results could not be more Divergent & Scandalous. 1/8…
These graphs are lifted directly from the published study. The first graph shows HCQ reducing symptoms, in a significantly greater fashion, especially in the 10-14 day range. 2/8
The second graph once again shows a significant difference and improvement with HCQ over the Placebo. Even though Zinc was not included with HCQ in the therapy. 3/8
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