1/ From Telegram, Dr Mike Yeadon's response to a piece in the FT saying that lifting restrictions here is 'a threat to the world' according to some scientists, as it will create a breeding ground for new variants 👇
2/ "Utter balderdash.

People. Respiratory viruses have well defined seasons. They don’t have a choice & it’s not up to the virus.
What you’re being told are “cases” now (& in fact for months) are false positives deliberately being generated by criminal elements in the private...
3/...lighthouse labs.
Not inspected. Not accredited. Not using skills of NHS pathology labs.
Why not?
So they can cheat, out of sight.
I knew they’d do this the moment I heard of their set up.

4/...Do not believe this BS. If you do, you’re complicit in flushing your society round the U-bend of history.

Check open states & countries all around the world, including those places much less vaccinated than U.K.

5/...The explanation is that we’re being lied to. But if you prefer the citadel of comfortable lies, be my guest.

Best wishes & better thinking to you,

Dr Mike Yeadon"

• • •

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23 Jul
From Telegram, another long one, scroll to end to see video of Ivan Sincic.

1/ Subject: Message from Mike Yeadon to Ivan Vilibor Sincic...\e: introduction to Member of EU parliament Mr Ivan Vilibor Sincic:

"Thank you, Senta....
2/...Mr Sincic, my hat is off to you, sir! Let me say that your understanding matches mine.

What is happening now, regardless of its origins, is solely aimed at control and not health in any way.

As a simple research scientist, I can only keep telling those who will listen...
3/...that every part of the driving narratives about this virus, measures etc is a lie. I say 'lie' and not 'mistake', because many of the speakers of these narrative points were educated at the same time as I was, in the same university system and worked in the same...
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30 Jun
From Robin Monotti on Telegram, a good summation:
1/ "Given all evidence, the probability is that the following took place and is still taking place:
1 Bill Gates bought the WHO
2 The US pharmaceutical-industrial complex subcontracted the creation of a bioweapon, now called SARSCoV2 to the Wuhan Lab.
3 The pathogen was released during the US Presidential campaign so the pharmaceutical industrial complex's puppet President, Joe Biden, could be installed and do whatever he is asked to do by them. Trump was only partially, not fully compliant to Bill Gates & the WHO esp...
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20 Jun
From Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
1/ "I urge everyone to read this cool essay on the yawning gap between what’s expected per regulatory guidelines on regulatory development of a vaccine vs what has actually occurred.
2/ ...I will tell you that, having formal training in mechanisms of toxicity as well as having learned & practised pharmacokinetics (drug disposition after administration including where it distributes and how it’s transformed) and pharmacodynamics...
3/... (what does it do wherever it is & how long does it do it for), I was absolutely certain that there was never the faintest chance the vaccine dose would remain at the injection site. None whatsoever.
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20 Jun
From Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
1/ "Hello!
I’ve just watched this 20 minute video of inspirational lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich.
He explains so clearly what is happening, that a deliberately bad test, the PCR test, has been widely used round the world to mislabel people...
2/ ..as having, or dying with, a virus that’s really rather ordinary in its objective effects.
The results of this faked testing is a faked pandemic. If ever there was one, it’s long passed.
It’s vital that people see & share this.
Those having doubts will find they suddenly..
3/..understand that what’s happening is so extraordinary, so horrifying & so devastating for the very future of humanity that they may struggle to accept it.
But it’s true: this is an attempt to take over control of humanity.
It will succeed if we are passive....
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10 Jun
From Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
1/ SAGE has some modelling of deaths especially the fully vaccinated.

Sounds scary, yes? BUT the modelling is based on an ASSUMPTION. An assumption that variants arise which “escapes immunity”.

2/ In other words, they’ve no idea whether anything untoward will happen.

If their “guess” about variants isn’t correct, bin the whole thing.

And will a variant that “escapes immunity” arise?

The empirical data speaks strongly AGAINST it.

3/ We’re still at around 0.3% total mutation away from the original sequence.

In 18 months.

So, around 0.2% per YEAR.

Recall that those infected by & left immune to SARS in 2003?

They all had cross-immunity to SARS-CoV-2, which is 22% different.

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4 Jun
On Telegram, Mike Yeadon:
1/ "Dr Zelenko was developing a hydroxychloroquine based protocol in NY I believe during spring last year, Prof Raoult in Marseilles ditto. Think he added zinc.
Then the censors fell on them.
2/ Pierre Kory & Tess Lawrie, others struggled to get the news about ivermectin out. Repeatedly censored. One journal accepted a detailed review only to deny publication at the 11th hour. The entire review staff resigned in protest.
3/ Dr Peter McCullough is a very senior cardiorenal physician in the US, perhaps the top in his field. We’re fortunate that he chose to get involved.
The treatment protocol on that website has a lot to do with his courage & leadership.
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