One of the things I predicted is lockdowns hurt immunity to other common viruses

Sick once in 17 months

Circulating viruses are booster shots

Lockdowns mess with the natural order

Now other viruses like Norovirus and RSV are on the rise…

None of this is expository, but it’s predictable based on our knowledge of how seasonal viruses behave

Our communal defense against all these common viruses is to let them spread so our immune systems adapt and protect us

Our health experts are playing god trying to stop C19

Again, I’m not trying to start a conspiracy theory or panic

But I think it is fair to be concerned about the sideffects of lockdowns

And no scientists/doctors of reknown are talking about this

These lockdowns represent an unintended scientific experiment on a global scale

Here’s another take on this topic from PHD @angelovalidiya


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16 Jul
Thread: New data has major implications🚨

I can’t verify the data because its in Hebrew, but I assume it’s correct

This shows that the Pfizer Vax is no longer effective at preventing infections

This isn’t shocking as we see antibody levels drop 2-3 months after infection

The question now is whether the vax will still be protective against disease and here I think the issue is about T-Cell immunity

I wrote about this exact problem months ago

Immunity via vaccine/infection decreases over time as new variants with different epitopes emerge

People who are vaccinated should have wanted to let the virus spread so that they can be exposed to new variants which serve as booster shots that update your immune memory

By suppressing the spread of the virus, they’ve actually hurt vaccinated people

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15 Jul
I want to be very direct and honest with folks

The 2020 elections cannot be overturned regardless of what audits or investigations reveal

The people selling you hope are why Jan 6th happened

Efforts to examine election integrity are about future elections

Why can’t it be overturned?

1) Even if a legal path existed, realistically no court would do so

2) Any investigation would take years making it a moot point

3) We have history/precedent of accepting elections even if fraud occurs

The Astros aren’t giving back the title 😉

But most importantly, it would open up a pandora’s box for how elections are conducted

Never ending challenges to election results would destroy the fabric of our Republic

Precedent matters

Strengthening election integrity should be the goal

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14 Jul

I’ve been watching @marclamonthill debate prominent people on the right about critical race theory

I actually appreciate that a respectful dialogue is taking place

His main argument is that people don’t understand what Critical Race Theory is

For a little context:
-@realchrisrufo has blown up on social media by highlighting that CRT is being taught in K-12
-Chris has been able to, in his own words, turn “CRT” into a brand that the right can use to rally against the radical left

@marclamonthill’s argument is that CRT is not being properly represented by the right

CRT says that racism is not just about individual hatred, but is actually encoded (unconsciously or not) into our laws, policies and institutions

So “systemic racism” is the big conclusion

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13 Jul

There’s a prevailing feeling among many Americans that the left has gone too far and that we no longer live in a society where people are treated equally

1) Law enforcement weaponized vs right
-BLM vs Jan 6th rioters
-Trump fishing
-Hillary/Hunter ignored

2) MSM just blatantly lies and are the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party
-They repeatedly lie and don’t care when they’re debunked later
-They don’t admit certain truths when confronted with facts
-They hide behind partisan “fact checkers”

3) Social media, more important for dissemination of news than MSM, has been co-opted to suppress conservative voices while promoting failing MSM
-They suppress/ban information based on political opinons, not facts (C19 origins)
-Two tiered system for application of “rules”

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16 Jun
Must Read Deep Dive by someone I don’t know (DM’d me)

Sharing with permission

My powerful analysis at the end

The text:

I grew up in SF. Left for Colorado. Now leaving Colorado to my homes in (state redacted) behind gates because of this “homeless and crime epidemic.”

Look up prop 47 in CA. Look up similar adopted policies in Seattle and Portland that are specifically lenient on Possessing drugs/dealing drugs. Even in Boulder ( a far left stronghold) the sheriff distinguishes between “homeless and addicts.”

He calls this a epidemic of heroin , opioids , meth and the crime that comes with it.

These are also the people that refuse services. So no matter how much gov pays- the 485 million tossed at it by SF last election - it never changes.

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13 Jun
My question is why have none of the scientists we trusted on C19 science, since last year, not voiced a concern against C19 vaccines?

@RWMaloneMD, Michael Yeadon and Geert Vanden Bossche are legitimate sources

But why haven’t any of the others raised this as a concern?
Luc Montagnier is added
Dr Tess Lawrie added
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