People who wonder why such a lot of us don't want an injection for Covid might like to know some of our reasons.
The obvious lies - the 'vaccine' is 100% safe is repeated constantly but every doctor will tell you no medication is 100% safe.
Falsification of death certificates...
...that was a biggie. Died within 28 days of a test that is only 3% accurate 😕
And how about the deaths of elderly by midazolam and dehydration? Many of these people may have been saved with proper treatment. In 2005 Dr.Fauci confirmed hydroxychloroquine was very effective...2
Now we find that ivermectin has also been found in trials to be very effective but it is still being withheld from patients. It's just a bit suspicious. Why were people not given any treatment or advice other than isolate and see if you die or recover?
As @DevorguillaScot just pointed out, there has been a suspicious effort to deny adverse reactions from the injections. We are constantly being told symptoms, blood clots, blindness, miscarriages etc are all coincidences happening within a short time after the injections...4
Any death within 28 days of a certain injection are coincidences, but any death within 28 days of an uncertain PCR test are confirmed as Covid? It's just too suspicious. ...5
The lies and lunatic contradictory regulations have continued with alarming authoritarian zeal. Police confiscating peoples shopping baskets. Scotch eggs are OK but not Easter eggs? Walking OK but coffee makes it a picnic? Have you forgotten all the insanity of that already?...6
And don't even start me on facemasks. For goodness sake! Take a look at what is worn in a level 4 virus biosecurity lab. The virus escaped that but faith has been put in a scrap of cloth on your face! Really? 🤔...7
There are so many obvious lies and contradictions to list, and it's clear the doctors and politicians didn't believe any of them either or so many of them wouldn't have broken their own pathetic little rules...8
But now we expected to believe in some injections, made by companies that have already been prosecuted for crimes of fraud, disinformation and neglect? A 'new' type of vaccine that was in production from around the late 1990s? One that killed all the test animals? ...9
A 'vaccine' that doctors are proving causes blood clotting in around 62% of patients (Dr Charles Hoffe), doesn't prevent transmission or infection and may actually cause variants (Dr Geert van den Bossche)? ...10
A 'vaccine' that causes children and young adults irreversible damage to their hearts and can make them infertile? Is it the action of a wise and responsible government to roll out a drug to the entire population while it is still in experimental trials?...11
Furthermore, there is the sinister creep of communism, racial division, cashless society, collusion with a foreign power in the form of the World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab... 12
It is against the Bill of Rights that a foreign power or religion can be superior to our own laws and constitutions. Yet the WEF appears to be calling the shots with their Build Back Better mantra repeated by governments across the globe ...13
We know of their depopulation agenda. We know of their plans to remove our homes and property from us, to control all the worlds money and decide how we are allowed to spend it. They boast about it. They mean us harm. Very serious real harm, indeed....14
The depopulation agenda really hits home when you study the Deagel forecasts for 2025. The western world is predicted to be the most severely culled by hook or by crook.
Our culture, history and traditions are to be removed forever if WEF have their way...15
Who knows how they will achieve their ambitions to cull the human species, it might even be with a virus or a certain type of injection. You decide for yourself and allow others the same consideration...16

• • •

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