I don't think China is quite on par with Germany or the Soviets in the 30's/40's, but when I watch the appeasing behavior of Western elites towards them, I know their value system hasn't changed enough between that period and now.
Who am I being contrary to, the CCP? It's just a normal, human response to seeing a repressive government brutalize and cleanse a minority group. The Biden administration deemed it genocide. They're not neoconservatives.
One of the funniest things about social media is when you express a view like 80 percent of normal people believe and someone with posters of Xi Jingping on their wall is like, "What edgelord contrarianism!"

• • •

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23 Jul
A group of countries signed a letter criticizing China's internment of Uighurs, and a group of countries signed a letter supporting it. The division is really countries rich enough to be somewhat independent of China and those poor and dependent on it: thediplomat.com/2019/07/which-… Image
The religious identity of the countries doesn't matter at all. It's all economics and reliance on China trade/aid jamestown.org/program/the-22… Image
You can see how China flexes its influence right now, they have gotten countries that are >99% Muslim to come out in favor of China suppressing its Muslim minority. And just remember China is only a new superpower. It will be much stronger in the near future.
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22 Jul
From 1994 Image
Which aligned with the reality of the exposure to crime (cameo from David Axelrod) Image
This whole history has gotten retconned in the past few years as 1990's crime crusade was purely cynicism. It was actually demanded by the very populations impacted by crime. Couple of good books about this: us.macmillan.com/books/97803745…
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22 Jul
The Great Awokening: mission accomplished. Image
It's dropping on both sides: Image
"A house divided against itself cannot stand." abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/speech…
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21 Jul
The number of people who commit violent crimes is small even in neighborhoods where they occur the most. Left of center people have to realize this so they can stop thinking that arresting these people is some kind of imposition on communities. The crimes are the imposition.
Yeah, there are tons of repeat offenders. The average person is not a violent criminal but the people who have the proclivity tend to do it over and over
This comes from a presentation given at DOJ, it shows how a small portion of the population is responsible for most of the violence even in cities with elevated violence levels humanevents.com/2021/07/16/sco…
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21 Jul
What is the most comical Israel controversy we will have before the conflict is over? Maybe Nintendo will decide to stop selling in settlements and Naftali Bennett will denounce Mario, break a Switch on his knee in a press conference
"Now Sonic the Hedgehog, he believed in full sovereignty over Judea and Samaria! Princess Peach, she must rule over the United Nations..."
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20 Jul
World Values Survey asks people who they wouldn't want to live next to:
They do this in several waves, with the first wave taking place in the 1980's. So you can see how it's changed over time too worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSContents.jsp
Some people are always going to respond to surveys like this by arguing that respondents aren't being totally honest, there's "hidden racism," Robin DiAngelo stuff. Well, what do you think is less racist, a society like that or one where people are open and proud about it?
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