What if I told you the vaccine hesitancy was because of the performance of the vaccine…it’s a confusing message.

“Get vaccinated, but it doesn’t work like other vaccines.. not FDA approved either. It also has side effects but we haven’t completed trials so trust us.. “
“Oh, we aren’t going to acknowledge how much we and the media have gotten it wrong while acting like you didn’t hear it… don’t worry this time isn’t like that those times. Lab leak, amirite”
“Fauci would never have funded gain of function research… I know he did say he thought that the research was worth the risk to humanity but he was probably joking”
“Big Pharma is bad, fucking opiate crisis and Epi pens … but yeah they got this other thing they do ethically and you should totally trust them.”
“The shopping cart theory is nothing like mailing ballots to millions of randoms and expecting them to do the right thing when they know zero oversight exists.”
“Mostly peaceful protests, bro!”
“Let me tell you why inflation is a good thing but also it’s like totally not happening either. But if it did we wouldn’t be mad, it works like this money … printer … we own one, zero risk bro, the more we print the more we have who cares about the price of things.”
“Weird government connected buildings blowing up in cities is chill man… totally normal, move on. Bumpstocks, remember they were only teasing us about his gov connections. House fires are common?”
“I know we said elections were vulnerable from 2000-2019… Senate testimony and all those speeches about voting machine concerns or mail in ballots were just us joshing around.. 2020 was just like every election. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION IT!!”
“81 million votes… before nap time.”
“Think of the gov going door to door encouraging experimental drugs with a list like social work.. first offering prizes and handouts but if you exercise your rights we will threaten you.

Gosh. I’m so thankful we don’t have that fascist Trump in office.”
“I couldn’t imagine being stuck in an abusive relationship and suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

I know gov may have funded the lab that caused this with your money but it’s your fault so obey the power structure that represents systemic racism that we need to tear down.”
“Those guys over there with the God complex, they would never lead us astray.

Fauci is such a stud. He would never contradict himself or lead us on.”
“If you ask questions you are a fascist and you wouldn’t want that.. right, racist?”

• • •

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21 Apr
“0.26 percent of interactions between police and civilians involve an officer drawing a weapon; 0.02 percent involve using a baton. These are rare events.”

“Partitioning the data in myriad ways, we find no evidence of racial discrimination in officer-involved shootings.”

“The data does more to provide a compelling case that there is no discrimination in officer involved shootings than it does to illuminate the reasons behind racial differences in non-lethal use of force.”

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11 Feb
Fuck your Capitol building.

Nothing is more sacred about the halls of the Capitol then the small businesses nationwide that were burned, looted, and ravaged during the Dem condoned protests of the summer.

The political classes disconnect from everyday America is ...

... is on full display, betraying their own delusion of their importance.

That we should hold them on a pedestal with some sort of reverence.

That somehow we should give a damn when protests went to the doors of their place of work.

.. they didn’t give a damn when your place of employment was shuddered.

They didn’t give a damn when your kids couldn’t go to school.

They didn’t give a damn when your place of worship closed.

They didn’t give a damn when your small business cratered.

Even now..

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10 Feb
Republicans lost the plot when they were complicit in allowing the Democrats to resist the first 3 years of Trump’s Presidency.

The trick has been convincing you the last 3 months of his Presidency happened in a vacuum.

Imagine expecting loyalty from him and his supporters.
Not being united behind Trump only strengthened the Dems & Est. that don’t want whats best for the future of this country.

The selfish interests of politicos undermined their own willingness to fight for the American people in the face of CoViD..

The righteous among us ...
.. abandoned the people to retain power.

To what end?

You reap what you sow.

The McCain’s, Ryan’s, Flakes, Romney’s, Burr’s, Warner’s, Collin’s, Murkowski’s etc... of the party are how we got here.

They want you to forget 2017-2019..
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