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22 Jul, 78 tweets, 10 min read
SA Update July 22


Presser at 11 or 1130 each day unless urgent update required

Very grateful went into lock down or would be in very different situation

Massive increase in test capacity and will again today

2 new linked to winery -siblings in their 20s
Cautiously optimistic from huge number of test results that came in but still huge number to come in and a large number in Q

Also concerned re MH and well being

Know anxiety has increased
Many different ways peopler can help looking after each other -stay in contact , eat well and exercise
1800 632 27 53
8am -8 pm
Beyond Blue
1800 512 348

SA Health MH care centre fully operational
Why tests so low compared to Parafield-Nov 20 17400 tests?

Keep in mind we report tests that are back

17592 results
Huge queues ot test?

Pulling every lever possible to increase capacity

Can go on website and check locations

Dealing with 3 separate surges in last 3 weeks

Coming to end of those who need to be tested on return from NSW and Vic so that will ease pressure
71 exposure sites

Will take some off when safe to do so but expect it to increase at the moment

QR code rally reduces time for contact tracing so use strictly

If don't need to then don't leave home
Lot 14 fired up yet?

High priority people were getting hard to test so new dedicate site in centre of Adelaide for rapid testing

Don't have capacity but don't think ther tis a constraint
Shutting down clinics and losing capacity?

No because stood up mass testing clinics
Apologise for delays in testing?

Certainly apologise

Demand increased beyond supply but hope to get it back into balance

Seen this before and see it interstate

State record testing yesterday an expect it higher tomorrow
Some won't go back for a test?

Think people know we only have one shot at this

Apologise for delay but SAHealth and Path workingmen quickly to surge testing

Expect all to do the right thing to protect selves and state
Extend hours at new clinic and wait times on line?

Looking expand times and looking at all sites to flex and surge capacity

Yes-need to better job on telling people wait times

Sa Police looking to see how they can provide better info to people on queues
Queues improving at Vic Park improving but still long

Expect wait to keep dropping
Prioritised approach to testing contacts and their contacts and putting them into Q

some realty in getting all results

Can process 18000 a day plus private labs and can flex up using interstate help
Best defence is slowing movement

This disease doesn't move by itself as Prof Spurrier

Only go out when you need to
Family lost a loved one and parent can not visit morgue?

We are cognisant of MH and well being concerns

Within the directions there is sensible movement on care and compassion and extended that last night as are concerned about people who are isolated
Being as flexible as we can but need people to understand we are trying to reduce mobility

Can visit family for care and compassion but in regards to morgue the police commissioner can provide info after
Doing anything more for MH apart from hotlines?

Was more in the budget and also help for homelessness and family violence

Good govt and NGO support but best to show concern for family and friends and reach out to them and speak to someone
Financial support?

Announced package yesterday
Pressure on small business. providing record ?

Overwhelmed by support from providers at exposure sites sharing records
Some elements of construction starts work Monday mainly govt ones?

Not personally involved in this

Some minor leniency on essential work on EDs, roads, schools

Have requested help and initial positive response and 3 team assisting

Also redirecting other resources to free up staff from blood collection etc
Ask people to rally behind businesses who are exposure sites ?

Lots of great acts in SA of people supporting local businesses

People are rising to the challenge

Working together in SA

Show kindness to businesses affected as exposure sites
Lock downs cost 300m a day in Aust -do you take responsibility for effect on economy?

No doubt a heavy toll but balance that against cost of letting it run
Lock down be extended?

too early to say

2 cases overnight -encouraging no explosion but likely to be more cases but cases already in Q or in people in lock down and not moving much
How much capacity after flexing up?

18000 specimens a day at SA Path and more in private and can use offered from other states to help

Family bereaved with loved one die and ability to visit the body

Even if not in directions there is a health exemptions process -that is something team can organise

Even if someone in Q can organise a sterile corridor and eld of life visits and that is in same category
2 new cases

Counted for today and haven't got to the end of today so full number will be tomorrow

Brother and sister in their 20s who attended winery as did their parents who are negative at this stage
7 cases at Winery are not all linked or related -dining indoors at different tables

Will look at CCTV

Key problem getting everyone from The Greek and winery to get tested
The two new cases were informed in early hours of this morning and interviews being down now

Both went into Q Monday night so there will be exposure sites from Monday
14 cases in total in Modbury cluster

Orginal case-male in his 80s is stable in RAH

No further cases transferred to hospital-all remain at Toms Court

71 exposure sites but will increase

Hope all SAs watching website 3 times a day-morning, lunchtime and evening as it updates
Exposure site at Seacliff

Child care centre

Child less than 5 (from The Greek) attended centre Monday morning

Detected last night but didn't want to pull little ones out of bed so organising their testing this morning
Number of people who have been at exposure sites

Tier 1 high risk had transmission
Tier 2 high but no transmission at the site
Tier 3
Tier 4 eg going in a park where a park has been so not very high risk

13610 from all Tiers
In Q -Tier 1 and 2

May vary as risk assessments are done

Tier 1 -assume you have disease and already infecting family

Tier 2 -not such a high risk and need to be able to Q safely away from family

Definitions on website
Impressed with level of testing -saw lines as drove passed Vic Park on the way home

Very empathetic and grateful for those sitting in cars

Had the urge to jump out and thank them all personally but didn't want to cause more traffic problems
Been in touch with Hospital Research Foundation to have free coffee for people and put care packages together recognising time people are waiting but hope it will resolve
Looked at Lot 14 and weather and need a new place even though it is close to the lab
Looking at another solution for priority test site
Concerned about winery and the Greek on Halifax

91 from Greek on Halifax and 53 tested so far -over 50% but not 100%

Winery- 125 identified -only 34 tests in the system so far
May be some overnight

Very critical so moving all the people into a medihotel
Checking we have capacity and we do have it

Those people are the same of slightly higher risk of getting COVID as international travellers and treating them th same way

Also have nurses there to test them
Apologise to anyone in that category listening to this-hopefully you have had a phone call

Hotel quality is fantastic and you will be looked after really well there and you can relax ad will be given excellent health and MH care
Concern identify them but not in contact?

No been able to contact 125 so that is fine but concerned haven't done testing and assume some may have had problems getting testing done so easier to transfer them to a hotel
Reason sites are high risk as already have significant transmission within them

206 people-91 from The Greek and 125 from winery (216) moved to hotel today?

Happening immediately
Shopping centres and other sites able to whittle down times?

Team looking at risk assessment and anywhere there has been ac case in poorly ventilated area for long periods and update on website
How many of 14 have been vaccinated?

NSW had (West) Hoxton party and everyone there just about became infected except those who were vaccinated

When we do calls ask the vaccination status and also have registry data -important but not key thing right now
Isn't it first questions asked?

First question is who have you been in contact with

We ask it but not collated for you

Actually first question is -are you ok, do you have any symptoms?

Need to be mindful they are a case
Then who are your close contacts
Did you consult people who have to go into hotel? Did lOt 14 open or did it have leaky roof?

Understand it did open
It looks like needed close because of whether an panning second site now

No unfortunately people were not consulted before hand -this is a PH direction
They will need to be shifted to a medihotel
Bad weather can close test sites -send those resources eg fromPort Adelaide to other sites if it needs to close?

Excellent planners for ADF who helped set up path clinics before and have good understanding of what sites are available
WA has vaccine lottery -if people haven't turned up for Pfizer you can get it if go to sites?

WA not in lockdown so we don't wan to have long lines waiting around but interested to see how it goes for when new do open up
Now we are in lockdown consider one up vaccination guidelines to those who have to work in the lock down eg in retail?

Have had vaccine for essential workers

Always happy to relook at vaccine rollout

Some contrasts on supply
Yesterday Premier said still 700 appointments available open them to essential workers or under 40?

Look at all options-team look specifically at vaccine rollout
Those going into hotels - is it with their families also?

Yes absolutely

Tier 1 assume HH is already infected
206 and families-total figure?

That is the figure given and not sure if it is with families but that is number going into hotels
Lot 14 for high risk people-is that Tier 1?

Tier 1 and Tier 2 but prioritising Tier 1

Capacity-heard only 40 a day ?

100 a day and probably about right

But only a single lane so can't increase capacity so looking at other site
More hopeful today than yesterday?

About the same situation as yesterday

More comfortable when get negative results in

Comforted by number testing and generally SA s do the right thing
Did ZOOM with multicultural leaders last night

When did that last year had about 40 people

Had 200 last night and so pleased to see the interesting
Yesterday took your advice to organise sock drawer -what is your advice today?

Dear Husband had lot of friends email and ask how he was going

He is very tidy and talented in many ways

He is in lockdown s business is closed
Has many drawers to tidy and sheds -many can appreciate husbands shed can be an interesting place
Kids showed me meme of Wheres Wally because of my red and white jacket

Though it was great to put on FB as that is what we trying to do -find this virus

In the Where's Wally photo everyone is stationary

I want you all to stay stationary while my team find the virus
Grant Stevens

Confusion around new direction of single people visiting-only if don't have spouse -can you visit partners if live in share house?

Intent to allow people to live partners who don't live under same roof
Also extended to this who live on their own and need support from another person

Previous direction did allow people to give care for mental or physical care but extended them
One arrest -woman asked to put on mask and refused and was arrested

People are wearing masks and most doing right thing

If requested to do so by retail worker do the right thing
11 formal cautions for breaches

How people getting food if in Q?

Others can live their home to support those in Q -intend your will reach out to others or order on line or if need to contact SA Health and will put supports
People who live alone visit a friend ?

One other person

Not a free for all

If a person lives in a share house and partner lives in another share house -can they visit them?

They are not on their own and isolated and risk bringing virus in
Complex directions and try to consider contingencies but over arching principle is to reduce contact

If can't understand it contact police or health
Thebarton barracks -close contact there -how quickly people notified and any secrecy?

Advice provided virtually immediately

Individual put in Q and those working with them sent home until person in Q had a negative test
Police and other staff impacted

Lucky in 7 days lock down so suppresses activity in community

Daily work force meeting to determine priorities
Hw will you handle freedom protest ?

Won't allow people to blatantly disregard lock down

Will handle it as it rolls out

But should not be out as breaking the law
As of 6:30 pm -115 police in Q at home

3 sites: Thebarton barracks
An admin site
Police academy but concern there alleviated almost immediately
Moving house?

If must move then that is permissible but must do ti safely

If can defer it then please do while in lock down

Strict rules to conduct activity in COVID safe

Small number of projects allowed to continue to allow critical infrastructure projects because greater risk if they don't
Controlling queues at test sites?

Deployed a small group of officers to see if can remedy immediate issues of queuing while Sa Health comes with permanent solution to long waits
Freight workers?

Testing drivers -must have evidence of test in 48 hours or having one in 24 hours -caused significant disruption to freight industry so will be signing amendment today that reverts back to 7 day testing of truck drivers

Any closer to identify where the original case was infected?

Do need to find that out and should be able to update later in the week
Someone in Q ordered food online and then had close interaction with delivery driver who now needs to Q
Same happened with miner and his children

If in Q and someone dropping something off -tell them to leave under cover or plastic and they text you and leave
Does the 4000in Q include families?

Not absolutely sure but ~ 4000 and gives you idea of size of this
In terms of child care centre was there most of the day so long exposure but may have been early in incubation so important site but have good records of who was there
School-also has classroom for children with a range of disability so that a was of concern to us

Two classrooms teacher teaches in and they are Tier 1

Also was on yard duty Monday so rest of school is Tier 2

• • •

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24 Jul
Victorian Update July 24


12 new local
0 HQ
159 cases in 12 days in outbreak

10 in hospital
1 ventilated

19281 vaccines

39846 tests
Encouraging trend down in numbers although not a huge trend down

Cases overwhelming in home Q while infectious

Number infectious in community trending down-critical part of stopping virus
10 of 12 in Q while infectious
2 in community only active for < 1 day and only small number of retail sites in Camberwell, Hawthorn and Newport listed as a result
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24 Jul
SA Update July 24

1 new case linked to winery but was in Q

23410 tests
Wait times down - no more than one hour wait

Thanks SA Path for massive flex up
Dr Tom Dodd and his wife were both out helping testing
Vic Park -temporary closure for flooding

Mile End set open at Netball courts and Warradale site will open this weekend

Trial of online booking at Waterworld
Just debugging system
Wrote to PM to cancel some international flights into SA and flights on Mon and Tuesday cancelled

On track to leave lock down on Tuesday for students to go back to school on Wed
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24 Jul
NSW Update July 24


93900 tests

163 new local

A few days ago case numbers were in the 70s

continuing and growing problem in W andSW Sydney

Family members getting together and in shops and workplace increasing transmission
Of the new cases
66 HH contacts
25 CC

Very worryingly 45 infectious in the community
Major areas with cases

Canterbury-Bankstown -44
Cumberland -26
Blacktown -15
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23 Jul
It is hard to know without individual data the average time from exposure to hospitalisation/ICU with Delta

All cases in the recent Vic outbreak were exposed on or after July 8

Hospitalisations began to tick up on July 19 and ICU on July 22

~10-12 day interval
10-12 days ago in Sydney
707-840 local cases and around 38 active HQ cases

If todays hospitalisations better reflect those numbers and:
Hospitalisation rate ~ 16%
ICU ~3.8%
(rubbery figures obviously)

~1600 local and HQ cases July 22
Predicts in ~10 days
256 Hospital
60 ICU
More conservative estimate 12 % and 3%

Hospital 192
ICU 48
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23 Jul
On July 23 the NSW Premier finally acknowledged that Delta was a national emergency in order to declare that NSW needed a change to the national vaccination roll out

COVID was a a national emergency when the PM declared a human biosecurity emergency on March 18 2020

Delta was a national emergency when it raged through India killing millions

It was a national emergency when the Delta cases appeared in Sydney in June 2021 and when it spread to WA prompting a lockdown there on June 27

Delta was a very visible national emergency as Greater Darwin locked down on June 28 followed by Alice Springs

It was most certainly a national emergency when Delta seeded into Victoria and SA forcing lock downs there

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23 Jul
SA Update July 23 (highlights only)


1 new case
Linked to winery and has been in Q

Day 3 of 7 day lockdown and continue to monitor situation

23572 tests returned yesterday

No blow out in test turnaround -around 12 hours mark
New test site
Netball SA at Mile End

Be in place in for coming weeks

First of 40 ADF staff deployed to help with testing facilities

Increased opening times of a number of sites to 7:30 pm:
Waterworld Ridgehaven
Repat Site
Port Adelaide site open to 5 pm

ADF establishing new test site at Warradale Army Barracks over the weekend
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