If you care about black lives and holding organizations accountable for their racism and ableism. Or if you care about me, my wellbeing and safety.

Please read, RT and comment on this thread:
Last year June I called out Otafest (an anime convention) because they were beinf racist and ableist towards me. They came on my thread calling out companies for only being performative for BLM. And called me an angry black women and made an ableist remark about me.
I called them out publicly for this and for initially only apologizing to those who happen to be white. They eventually gave a second apology in which to my knowledge they haven't kept.

None of these promises have been kept.
This June, a week before my surgery, their friend made a call out post to disparage me while trying to make Otafest look like a victim. Even though they were the ones to attack me.

It's come to my attention that Otafest staff have been talking badly about me. And want revenge.
The callout post made by their friend was an attempt to cancel me from the cosplay community to silence me for speaking up against them. They are currently harassing me and trying to deplatform me. And as a disabled person, being deplatformed would essentially kill me.
Since Twitter is the way I earn a living through my business and it's my main source of social interactions with my friends.

Anyways Otafest apology means nothing if their staff and friends are attacking me online. And I worry they won't stop until I'm dead.
This is the thread that has the screenshots and proof of their harassment of me:
They came on my thread that wasn't even about them and commented that I was angry at the world. Basically calling me an angry black women. So I defended myself.

They mentioned that I was vaguebooking them and that they've listened to my concerns about accessibility. I corrected them that they were wrong. And that me asking for accessibility shouldn't be used to make it sound like I ask for too much.

Otafest's staff and friends have been attacking my reputation in the cosplay community for MONTHS as retaliation for calling them out. Calling me a liar, telling people that I'm faking my disabilities, saying that I'm transphobic and other serious accusations.
Like I mentioned, 8 days before my surgery in June. Their friend made a callout post in which the end goal was to cancel me in the cosplay community and deplatform me. They lied that they've talked to me several times. Telling a bunch of lies and twisting situations.
Thanks to their call out post, I've been greatly harassed and have had people make threats. My reputations has been harmed greatly. It's hurt my business which is how I survive and pay for my expensive medical bills.

I shouldn't have to suffer for speaking up.
Otafest has ignored all my emails and attempts to talk to them. I was hoping that it was just a few bad staff members seeking revenge against me. But it seems the issue may be with the whole con. I won't know for sure unless they respond to my messages and tags. My DMs are open.
This thread is an example of what happens when a black disabled queer woman speaks up for themselves. This is why so many of us don't speak up. Cause of the fear of retaliation and harassment. This whole issue has greatly affected my health and safety and my business.
When the harassment was at its worse. My friends had to keep a close watch on me cause I was suicidal. I have a hard enough life with having 16+ disabilities. And to have people lie about my character and twist situations to make me look bad. And hurt my business. Was too much.
I'm speaking up even though I know they might seek to retaliate against me again cause I don't want them to do this to someone else. It's not okay for anyone let alone an organization to attack a black woman, apologize then secretely retaliate against them.
Most people and organizations that display racism, ableism, etc. Put out fake apologies to save face. They wait till the outrage dies down. Then attack their victims and try to silence and get rid of them when no one is watching.

I won't allow that to happen to me.
Anyways I love cosplay more than anything and to have them try to harm my opportunity and reputation in the cosplay community. All cause I called them out after they attacked me.

They should reflect on their actions instead of putting all the blame on me.
Again, if Otafest wanna talk to me, my DMs are open. They have my email addresses as well. Otafest's staff and their friends (which Otafest still follows) have been talking about me negatively to the point I've been harassed aggressively. I won't let them silence me.

• • •

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21 Jul

Last year Otafest apologized to me for being racist and ableist towards me. I accepted their apology. I was even gonna make a post this year about how well they responded.

Only to found out that members of their staff and friends have been talking very badly about me
It makes this apology seem empty. Otafest haven't posted anything about how they were gonna make changes.

Instead I've been attacked by their friends. One of which even made a call out post in which they lied about many things including trying to talk to me and situations.
This situation and call out post in which they tried to cancel me. Was very hurtful especially when they misrepresented what happened between me & Otafest. And it harmed my reputation. It felt like I was being punished for speaking up last year. They got the revenge they wanted.
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20 Jul
(RT please 💕)
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🌸 44% cotton, 44% polyester and 12% spandex.
🌸 Available in 3 sizes & colors (size chart below)

They give a light compression and can be worn all day!

Store details below!

#DisabledArtists #DisabilityTwitter #BuyBlack Purple fingerless compression glove worn by me.Pink fingerless compression glove worn by me.
Size chart: Size chart for fingerless compression gloves.
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19 Jul
5+ years ago I entered a cosplay contest in which I was unfairly judged so I spoke up about it. Only for the judge to criticize the way I walked. Which had nothing to do with my costume and had all to do with my foot being misformed. Which I finally had surgery for this June.
I was very upset about losing points in a contest for something that I couldn't control. Which was the way I walked.

Back then my foot issues only showed up when I exert myself. The contest was in another city so I had to drive 3+ hours and had to stand a lot.
Imagine spending 100+ hours on a costume for a contest only to be criticized for something that had nothing to do with the costume. I wasn't upset that I lost. I was upset that I didn't get a fair chance.
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8 Jul
When you advocate for human rights like disability rights. Some people don't like that because they don't want to have to be considerate of disabled people. Because they view us as lesser or broken. When what's truly broken is a society that doesn't prioritize accessibility.
Speaking up about disability rights can anger people including other disabled people who struggle with their own ableism. Often these disabled people are used to silence other disabled people. They only identify as disabled when it comes to silencing another disabled person.
When you fight for an issue that people in general don't care about like disability rights. You accrue a lot of people that dislike you. And cause they're in the majority, they feel like they're in the right. Cause they only listen to disabled people that support their points.
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8 Jul
It cost 0$ to RT!! Every RT could lead to me making a sale.

The Sakura Medical Ita Bag is for medical and everyday use! It's currently on pre-order but I should receive it within 2 weeks! Limited quantities available.

Details below!
The Sakura medical Ita bag comes with a white removable insert to put your pins on! The long removable straps will be 65" long! It also comes with a removable short handle.

Store: Bibipins.com
It comes with removable compartments! So you can organize as you'd like! A transparent pouch that can fit cards! And a mesh pouch to drop whatever you need into!!

Store: Bibipins.com
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27 May
Unfriendly reminder to please stop ASSUMING that disabled people are being taken cared of. Cause we aren't!

We don't have things "good". People are MEAN to disabled people.

People resent disabled people for existing while we're dying trying to get any type of help.
Being disabled isn't easy. We don't get things handed to us. The disability benefits process is one of the most dehuminizing and painful process that exists.

We go through it cause we're desperate for help. And even if we get it, the help is still not enough.
Disabled people go through so much. Yet a lot of people envy us cause they believe we have things "too good". Not realizing that any extra help we get is to help bring us up to a decent quality of life. That many able bodied people take for granted.
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