I've decided to do a couple more of Tracy's explanation of the lawsuit filed against the vaccines. These deal with informed consent. I still recommend that you follow her on telegram so you can read the full thing for yourself.

Here goes:
2. Now the lawsuit begins to direct its arguments at the propaganda campaign behind this experimental injection, and how big tech, the government, and media outlets are all facilitating the censorship of any critical view of the shot.
3. Individual doctors are being censored on social media like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, which equate to the modern day public square. Medical journals are being censored. Four of the the founding topic editors for the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal resigned
4. together because they were being hampered from sharing peer reviewed scientific data on drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID. They don't want you to have a cure.
5. Apparently doctors who conducted a study on the use of hydroxychloroquine overdosed patients, then blamed their deaths on COVID instead of the overdose.
6. The 27 people who authored that study were civilly indicted and criminally investigated, but the Journal of the American Medical Association has not retracted the article.
7. Information regarding available alternatives to the vaccines has been suppressed and censored equally with information regarding the risks of the vaccines, and the next section gets REALLY good
8. The idea of using fear to manipulate the public is not new, and is a strategy frequently deployed in public health. In June 2020, three American public health professionals, concerned about the psychological effects of the continued use of fear-based appeals to the public in
9. order to motivate compliance with extreme COVID-19 countermeasures, authored a piece for the journal Health Education and Behavior calling for an end to the fear-mongering. In doing so, they acknowledged that fear has become an accepted public health strategy,
10. and that it is being deployed aggressively in the United States in response to COVID-19: “… behavior change can result by increasing people’s perceived severity and perceived susceptibility of a health issue
11. through heightened risk appraisal coupled by raising their self-efficacy and response-efficacy
12. This is insane.. The lawsuit states: "In 1956, Dr. Alfred Biderman, a research social psychologist employed by the U.S. Air Force, published his study on techniques employed by communist captors to induce individual compliance from Air Force prisoners of war during
13. the Korean War. The study was at the time and to some extent remains the core source for capture resistance training for the armed forces. The chart below compares the techniques used by North Korean communists with the fear-based messaging
14. and COVID-19 countermeasures to which the American population has been subjected over the last year."
15. Now they discuss some of what is happening with the media promoting the shot, being funded by the government to the tune of $1 BILLION dollars. The system is reinforced by a system of "coercive rewards and penalties" that are designed to induce vaccination.
16. Some of those rewards include:
1. The Federal Gov offering incentives including free childcare.
2. OH offering entry into the "Vaxamillion" lottery with a $5m reward and a fully funded college education, while barring residents who decline vaccines.
17. 3. In NY, metro stations offer free passes to those who get the shot in the station.
4. WV is running a lottery for the vaccinated with free custom guns, trucks, lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, a free college education, and cash payments of $1.5m and $600k.
18. (cont)
5. WV was also offering a $100 Savings Bond with each injection.
6. NM residents getting the vaccine are entered into weekly drawings to take home a $250K prize, and those fully vaccinated by early August could win a grand prize of $5m
7. In Oregon, vaccinated people can win $1m, or one of 36 separate $10k prizes through the states Take Your Shot campaign.
8. Other State and local governments are partnering with fast food chains to offer free pizza, ice cream, hamburgers, and other foods to the vaccinated
20. Given how desperate many people are due to the last year of economic hardship and deprivation of freedom, the lawsuit argues they are especially vulnerable to this coercion, with penalties taking many forms, using guilt and shame, threatening the unvaccinated with false
21. fears and anxiety about COVID-19, including kids who aren't at any statistical risk, and removing the rights of the unvaccinated, including:

o Being prohibited from working
o Being prohibited from attending school or college
22. o Being limited in the ability to travel in buses, trains and planes
o Being prohibited from traveling outside the United States
o Being excluded from public and private events, such as performing arts venues.
23. They then get into the plans and public comments by Joe Biden, talking about how the administration wants to go door to door to pressure them to take the vaccine,
24. and not to provide them with all of the information they may need to make an informed decision. They reference Jen Psaki using the term "strike forces" - language typically reserved for war.
25. A study recently published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice titled "“Informed Consent Disclosure to Vaccine Trial Subjects of Risk of COVID-19 Vaccines Worsening Clinical Disease," concludes: (paraphrasing)
26. .."COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated." and concludes ..."This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing
27. COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials."
28. Now they go through the things being done to remove any possibility of informed consent.

1. the suppression and censorship of information regarding the risks of the Vaccines
2. the failure to inform the public regarding the novel and experimental nature of the mRNA Vaccines

3. the suppression and censorship of information regarding
alternative treatments
4. the failure to inform and properly educate the public that the Vaccines are not in fact “approved” by the FDA
5. the failure to inform and properly educate the public
30. that the DHHS Secretary has not determined that the Vaccines are “safe and effective” and on the contrary has merely determined that “it is reasonable to believe” that the Vaccines “may be effective” and that the benefits outweigh the risks

6. the sustained psychological manipulation
of the public through official fear-based messaging regarding COVID-19, draconian countermeasures and a system of rewards and penalties

These above serve to remove any possibility that Vaccine
32. recipients are giving voluntary informed consent to the Vaccines. They have no real option to accept or refuse the Vaccines. They are unwitting, unwilling participants in a large scale, ongoing non-consensual human experiment.
33. The next section of the lawsuit addresses the monitoring and reporting of adverse events. VAERS, the system everyone knows about now, was established in 1986 to facilitate public access to information regarding adverse reactions to vaccines.
34. The system is inadequate, as per the lawsuit. They give some examples concerning anaphylaxis after the vaccine.
35. Here is something folks may not have been aware of. For COVID-19, the CDC has developed a parallel reporting system called "V-SAFE". V-Safe is an app to be installed on a smart phone that allow people to report adverse reactions to the vaccine. No one can access V-Safe data
36. since it is controlled exclusively by the CDC. I personally doubt the accuracy of it, given that few know it exists, but as the lawsuit states, this goes against the congressional intent when they created VAERS.
37. AFLD cites the inaccuracy of VAERS as one of the reasons Americans can not give informed consent. AFLD states that VAERS and other systems help inform the public of risk, and the fact that the data is both inaccurate and hidden concurrently makes that impossible
38. The Under-18 Category:

In the US, children under 18 accounted for only 1.7% of all COVID cases. Essentially, no severe cases of COVID were observed in the 10-18 year age bracket. The American Academy of Pediatrics stated: …these studies underscore the importance of clearly
39. distinguishing between children hospitalized with SARS-Co-V-2 found on universal testing
versus those hospitalized for COVID-19 disease. Both demonstrate that reported hospitalization rates greatly overestimate the true burden of COVID-19 disease in
40. Further the lawsuit cites an infectious disease expert that states the mortality risks from the vaccine are 20X greater below the age of 20 than ACTUALLY GETTING THE VIRUS.
41. AFLD expert Dr. Angelina Farella shared some shocking information many parents are not being informed of. She states: Vaccines take years to safely test. It's not only the number of people tested but the length of time that is important when creating new vaccines.
42. Emergency Use Authorization was granted prematurely for adolescents, before ANY trials were completed. Moderna is scheduled to complete trials on October 31, 2022, and Pfizer is scheduled to complete trials on April 27, 2023. There were no trial patients under the age of 18
43. The FDA & these pharma companies are currently allowing children 12 years old to receive this shot, when they were never studied in the trials.

Never before in history have we given medications that were not FDA approved to people who were not initially studied in the trial
44. We then move on to discuss why a CHILD can not give informed consent, and a lot of that comes back to the maturity of their mind, what development is happening in their brains, and how susceptible they are to PEER PRESSURE from kids and adults.
45. The lawsuit goes on to now discuss people previously infected with COVID-19. It cites a recent Cleveland Clinic study showing that natural immunity acquired through prior infection with COVID is stronger than the benefits one could receive from a vaccine, rendering
46. the vaccine unnecessary. Previously infected individuals had 96.4% immune protection from COVID-19, versus 94.4% in those injected with the Vaccine.

In Israel, less than 1% of new cases are in people who had previously been infected with COVID. By contrast, 40% of new COVID
47. cases are in those who were infected for the first time, in spite of being vaccinated, and to me, this explains why they changed reporting specifications at the CDC to eliminate reporting breakthrough cases.
48. Vaccine Driven Disease Enhancement. Yup, that's a thing. A person who had COVID, and then received a vaccine, mounts an immune response that is between 10-20% stronger than the response of a previously uninfected person. A study published in the New England Journal
49. of Medicine noted antibody titers 10-45 times higher in those with preexisting COVID-19 immunity after the first Vaccine injection, with 89% of those seropositive reporting adverse side-effects.44 This substantial risk is suppressed in mainstream national news
50. Whistleblower testimony: AFLD has a "Jane Doe" witness, who is a programmer in the healthcare data analytics field, and has access to Medicare and Medicaid data maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). She writes fraud detection algorithms.
51. In her expert opinion, VAERS under-reports deaths
caused by the Vaccines by a conservative factor of at least 5. As of July 9, 2021, VAERS reported 9,048 deaths associated with the Vaccines. Jane Doe queried data from CMS medical
claims, and has determined that the number of
52. deaths occurring with 3 days of injection with the Vaccines exceeds those reported by VAERS by a factor of at least 5, indicating that the true number of deaths caused by the Vaccines is at least 45,000.
53. This part in particular I have so many questions about-- and it is important that I share the footnote with you here as well. You have to commend people willing to step up in cases like this. She is absolutely aware that there is a good chance her name will be exposed and
54. she will be identified, and she still signed an affidavit anyway. Bravery is so rare these days. I do have a couple of questions:
1. Was this information obtained legally?
2. Do we know that all of these people died from the vaccine?
55. (I know it's easy to assume that given proximity)

OPINION ALERT! I also think that given how absolutely BRILLIANT this lawsuit is, the early "sensationalizing" of this one paragraph in an otherwise voluminous lawsuit was a bit short-sighted on behalf of whoever was behind
56. that - and it wasn't necessarily the attorney. I just think that while this claim adds validity to the concern posed about the accuracy of VAERS and how that could lead to an inability to give informed consent, the way it was hyped takes away from
57. the other VERY important points in the suit-- including how people left injured, but alive, will suffer.
58. The rest of the lawsuit is legal argument, which I am happy to break down, but it is basically just precedent to prove why they have standing and can win the case using others as examples and going over the law. In my opinion, this is one of the single most important
59. lawsuits we have seen filed in the COVID crisis so far, from a scope perspective and outside of the "liberty" sorts of lawsuits about worshipping etc. Everything they have presented is backed up meticulously with citations, and there are no bombastic claims here. At the end
60. of the day, the government and defendants are going to have to argue — in what I guess will be a motion to dismiss — that there is no standing, or the venue is wrong or there's some technicality - but they will have to also address some of the claims here. That puts them in
61. a precarious position, because at the end of the day, when it comes to liability or whatever other horrible atrocity occurs as a result of this campaign, their responses are on the record in a court proceeding forever.
62. I don't see how they can argue against the points being made, because the data doesn't exist for them to do it.
Again... I really appreciate Tracy doing all this and I highly recommend you follow her on telegram. Her link is below.

• • •

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