This message is for my sisters over 50.

I am NOT one to typically give out lifestyle advice, but I have come across 3 bits of knowledge/wisdom that have been GAME-CHANGERS for me.

So I thought I would share:

#1. Your body is a machine, like a car. The single most
important thing you do to maintain it is to put in the correct fuel.

But unlike a car, we can put all kinds of stuff in our body that is NOT fuel, and for a while, it will feel Ok.

So, tip one is to understand the difference between FUEL (stuff your body uses to run); STUFF
YOU EAT (things that taste good but don’t actually help the machine run); and POISON (things you eat that are harmful to & taxing on the machine).

If most of what you eat is not fuel, but stuff you eat or poison, don’t be surprised if your machine doesn’t run well.
#2. If you are gaining weight or can’t lose weight, it is because you are introducing additional calories into your body while it hadn’t used up the calories from the last meal.

So, rather than completing the processing & burning up of the last meal’s calories, it stores
that fuel as fat and starts working on the new meal.

The way to stop that process is to GIVE YOUR MACHINE TIME to actually burn through what you last ate before you eat again.

How much time depends on how much you ate and your metabolism. But the point is, you will NEVER
lose weight if there is ALWAYS too much fuel in the system.

You’ve got to let circulating fuel run out & then let your body start burning stored fuel for a while, to see reduction in fuel stores (fat areas).

#3. If what makes people look and feel old is frailty, FIGHT
frailty NOW!

Frailty is loss of muscle mass & bone density.

For women in particular, make muscle mass and bone strength your TOP workout priority.

That’s accomplished by WEIGHT LIFTING LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

I don’t mean small hand weights. I mean as heavy a load as you can
handle, for every muscle group, especially abs and back.

Stop obsessing about lean muscle or yoga or Pilates, all great, but NOT the point.

Pilates and yoga (with few exceptions) DO NOT build MASS in the muscles, even if they do build tensile strength.

Again, it’s sheer
mass and density that will keep you strong, stable & supple over the coming years.

So get on YouTube or go to the gym, and start PUMPING IRON like a fiend!

The heavier the better.

Yes,it will make you LOOK great too. But best of all, it will make you FEEL powerful & amazing!

• • •

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23 Jul
To: @FBI Director Chris Wray:

From: Rational America

cc: @WHCOS @TheJusticeDept @POTUS @VP

Subject: Your Mid-Term Review

This missive constitutes your mid-term review. To summarize: You are the worst FBI Director in our history who failed at the single most scared obligation
you have, and you should resign.

Director Wray, America is well aware that you were selected to your position for your malleable ethics and loyalty to conservative causes, or more accurately, conservative people.

Your defense of the sickening Bridge-gate fiasco for Chris
Christie is no doubt something you are proud of, but the rest of us find odious.

You were the perfect man for Trump because all his henchmen knew you would look the other way while he pissed all over the rule of law.

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Three years ago, many politicians (including many Dems) insisted that the following agenda was “radical”:

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*Aggressive action on climate change
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*Massive investment in
infrastructure including sustainable transportation systems
*Legal protections for LGBTQ+ Americans
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*Taxing the rich to remedy income inequality
*Protecting women’s reproductive rights
our forever war in Afghanistan
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Question: What part of that agenda was actually “radical?”

We need to take stock of how easy it was to manipulate people into hating ideas because they came from folks viewed as “destabilizing.”
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Not only are bionically self-absorbed & gullible anti-vaxxers walking incubation pods for virus mutations that risk everything we have done & invested in beating COVID,

not only are they putting children under 12 and those who cannot get vaccinated at risk, of death & the
rest of us at risk of illness of which we have no clue what the long-term consequences may be,

not only is their petulance making it too risky to move about without masks, and causing millions of us who want to go back to concerts, movies and other activities hesitant to do so,
thus hampering our economic recovery,

but they are also
JACKING UP EVERYONE’S health care costs with extended costly hospital stays, and by hogging up ICU & emergency room capacity when they get sick.

It is COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL at this point to indulge their churlishness.
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Looks like the oil company bots have decided to chime in with the “I can’t afford it…” line!

Again… my tweet makes clear government subsidies & help would be involved.

But we KNOW game is being played because of the overplay of the “hybrids cost too much” card.
Hybrid cost less to make than gas cars!

They cost us more because… WE AREN’T REGULATING & taxing car sales appropriately.

We are allowing car manufacturers to disincentivize hybrids& e cars by marketing them as a luxury upgrade, because it pads PROFIT margins!

Oil & gas
isn’t just manipulating the market, it’s manipulating the PERCEPTION of the market to push back against what hurts them financially, but could SAVE THE PLANET!!!

Hybrid and e cars are NOT more expensive to make, gas cars CAN be converted to hybrid or electric, government CAN
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21 Jul
Actually Palmer, NO!

Not quiet at all!

Barrack is a DISTRACTION that has no impact whatsoever on our problem with seditionists in Congress.

First, Garland decided to HONOR and follow through on a BULLSHIT partisan call from Bill Barr on Ross, which he was under no
obligation to do!

When you carry-on & enable an immoral decision that you had the power to reverse, you OWN that immoral decision.

And while people are looking at the shiny object of the Barrack arrest (for something that had NOTHING to do with the attack on our country),
Garland was asking a federal court to HIDE the Mueller Grand Jury records from us for the NEXT 50 YEARS!

Question: Who benefits from THAT?!🤔

Not the American people, that’s for damned sure!

Every time the pressure starts to ramp-up on Garland, he will throw out a little
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19 Jul

I hope you had an excellent #NationalIceCreamDay yesterday.

Today is Monday & the rule of law in America is a shambles.

I’m one of the 58% of Americans who approve of your performance, but that poll doesn’t mean we are OK with how things are going on the justice

Chris Wray’s Congressional testimony was both eye opening and deeply disturbing.

I simply cannot reach any other conclusion that he is either incredibly incompetent or compromised.

After what we have been through, we deserve leaders at DOJ & FBI whom we trust and in
whom we have absolute confidence with respect to courage & competence.

Garland & Wray wholly miss the mark.

As a citizen and supporter, I am asking you to remove them BOTH, and appoint people we know are morally sound, like Eric Holder and Sally Yates, to take over & CLEAN
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