Social Tug of War

How to USE dark psychology to get what you want - Powerful techniques.

// THREAD //
In a Utopian world, people would look out for each other. There would be no locks on doors, Strangers would be kind.

Unfortunately, we don't. It's a cut throat world out there.

There's always someone waiting to take advantage of you.

Learn the art of manipulation
To manipulate someone you need to have a goal to nudge them towards.

Even better, is to use their own goals to advance your own agenda.

Use irrational behaviour inherent in humans to your advantage

Start thinking objectively and try to control the flow of information.
⚔️ Carrot and the Stick

Classic approach where good behaviour is encouraged and bad behaviour is punished.

Use it to impart your own world view or improve your standing.

Find out what drives people and based on their temperament decide to use,

The carrot or a stick.
⚔️ Sentiment

Using emotions intelligently to further your plan.

The goal here is to distort the truth just enough to influence another to alter their path.

Use loss of reputation, consequences of action etc to emphasize the need for change in action.

Fabricated or real
⚔️ Guilt tripping

Form of emotional manipulation.

You try to make someone feel poorly about a decision that they've made. Or not made.

Try and inflict an emotional response due to perceived error.

Ideal outcome is to make the person feel indebted to you - for 'fixing' it.
⚔️ Intimidation

Imparting fear in a person as a catalyst for compliance with your ideals.

Greater the fear, quicker the compliance.

Self preservation is powerful

However, will not work with someone strong headed. Will result in backlash.

Wiser to go for seduction with them
⚔️ Seduction

Manipulation by presenting an object / act of desire.

Maybe physical or monetary.

Can also work by withholding the same object.

It revolves around power and the need to possess or control.

Similar to the carrot
Use this to get people to agree with you

➼ Subtly copy your target. This is a sign to their Subconscious that we are alike. Rapport building.

➼ Begin with obvious facts that don't need a lot to agree with. Repeat their own thoughts out loud.

➼ Slowly introduce your ideas
➼ Use transition words like because, then, likewise to show that the idea they agreed with leads to this conclusion.

➼ Watch their response, when copying them play with the tempo. If they speed up to match you - you're in control.

➼ Ask for a pony settle for a puppy.
➼ If you want acceptance on a radical idea, propose something even more radical. Eg, Pony and puppy.

➼ Reframe all disagreements. "I'm sorry you feel that way about what I said".

➼ Anchor an idea with one they've already agreed to. Sneak in your ideas with what they want.
⚔️ Self image manipulation

Setting a target with a self image.

Carefully choose this image you wish to imprint on their mind.

Ex - Safe driver.

This will convince them to pay extra for more safety features because they have to live up to a fake self image.
⚔️ Humility and vulnerability

Falsely advertising humility to invoke an empathetic response. This will make your target trust you

Ex - Humble Bragging, admitting you can't resist giving a discount to the elderly.

Pretending to be vulnerable - makes you seem more human.
⚔️ Forbidden fruit

Teenage Marijuana use in the Netherlands has dropped 3% since decriminalization.

It's not cool anymore as it's not forbidden.

Use the illusion of a forbidden fruit to entice people into doing your bidding.

Ex- Barbara Streisands wedding.
⚔️ Zeigarnik effect

People are more likely to remember incomplete tasks.

Ex - A waiter is more likely to remember oders to tables who haven't paid.

This is why tv shows have cliffhangers.

Tell a story with pauses. During pauses give them quick commands.

Take for example,
"You won't believe what happened yesterday. I was on a run in the woods. Halfway through I saw this strange shadow in the....can you shut the door for me?..... bushes. Turns out it was a mountain lion looking for a meal. It was terrifying I was almost .... Move here please... "
Always remember to follow these principles,

➼ Reciprocity
➼ Consistency
➼ Likeable
➼ Authoritative
➼ Scarcity
➼ Consensus

How to use these techniques is upto you.

However I strong urge you to draw the line at breaking the law or causing emotional trauma.
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For those who want to explore this further,

Start with @corporatemach essays
48 Laws of power
And also 33 Strategies of war by Robert Greene.
Craft of power by Ralph Siu
Vizier by @DentesLeo
Influence by Robert Cialdini

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21 Jul

Actionable steps on how to break free from negative habit loops

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Infinite loops

You make a habit and then the habit makes or breaks you

They are Behaviour patterns that you develop over time.

Slowly they become a part of who you are.

They trap you in an infinite loop that never stops

Unless you make a conscious effort to break free
⚔️ Desire and Belief

To break a habit loop you need to desire it.

A wishy washy effort with a vague goal will not cut it.

Remember, you are fighting yourself now.

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This is how I diagnose people who do not think for themselves.

Ignorant to believe all they've been told is true.

Arrogant to believe all they know is true.

In modern times, you must draw accurate conclusions from the facts present - objectively
Consider an average working class person.

95% of the time, he lives in a bubble feeding on a diet of mainstream media and social echo chamber groups.

Any new ideas and new approach to thinking challenges his way of life

There is no individual growth

No exchange of ideas.
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When you read this many of you will be confused.

Why would one voluntarily choose a difficult life with challenges?

The answer is because it's the only life worth living

Facing hardships and breaking through them teaches you all of life's lessons

Easy life = Weak self.
Look at every single person you admire

More likely than not, they've been through tremendous adversity

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Challenges excite them, fire up their spirit 🔥

This mindset goes parallel with success

No coincidence.
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To understand Goals, think about how it's used in the game of football.

It's the desired outcome towards which all action moves.

A purpose, for which an individual strives for.

It is the director for how we think and act.

Non-reflexive action MUST be driven by goals.
To understand and predict a person's behaviour you need to have a sense of his goals.

To have order and stability you need goals

To have a connect between your desires and their manifestation you need goals

The pursuit of these set goals is what will give your life meaning
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How to build self discipline - ZERO to SPARTAN guide

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To be disciplined is to live the way of the warrior.

You put aside momentary pleasures and stimulation,

In exchange for the manifestation of a purpose.

Disregard fleeting pleasure for a grand future & an action packed present.

And you do this voluntarily, everyday.
Being disciplined isn't hard, it's perceived to be.

To someone who has made this into a lifestyle, it's just another day at the office

You need to embrace this mentality of growth, discipline and learning.

On a day to day basis, you do this with your choices.
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Persuasion is a hard code to try and crack

When you can effectively persuade another person by influencing their thinking process,

You have the potential to influence their thought, action and world view

You can make them follow a certain idea, subscribe to a certain thought.
The most basic concept in persuasion is one where you create a need.

This need must call out to one of humanity's evolutionary needs like

nourishment, shelter, love, reproduction, self actualization or self esteem

This process begins with understanding
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